Children's club of water tourism azimuth

Children's club of water tourism azimuth

Conquering the peaks, reaching the horizon!

Climbing the peaks, reaching the horizon!

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We invite you to rafting on the Upper Katun River (Gorny Altai) - (fourth) category of difficulty - July

Part of the group passes the Katun tributaries: Argut, Chuya, Kadrin, Ursul - 5 (fifth) category of difficulty. Experience of participation in hikes of at least 3-4 categories of difficulty.

Inquiries by phone: ---- (Victor Ivanovich)

On January 25, at 6 pm, a meeting will be held on the 3 rd water trip. to the South Urals.

The meeting will be held at the Azimut club at Cosmonauts 36.

Head - Dmitry Kashlyavik, tel. 89090272680.

A new “Classification of tourist water routes (categorization of the route and its defining obstacles and factors) for 2016-2017” has been adopted. "Approved" by the Presidium of the FSTR on January 26, 2016. The classification will be included in the updated Regulation on Sports Tourism on Tourist Sports Routes 2016. Published on the FSTR website 04. 4. 016 . u/water/spp/mkk/1715/

"School of water tourism of the highest level Upper Bashkaus - Lower Chulyshman" From 01. 8. 016 to 11. 8. 016, the Novosibirsk branch of the Federation of Sports Tourism of Russia (NO FSTR, NO TSSR) holds the "SHVU Upper Bashkaus - Nizhny Chulyshman - 2016 ″ Anyone over 18 years old who have experience of participating in water trips of at least the 3rd category of complexity can be students of the School. The goal of the school is to give the knowledge necessary for passing water routes of the highest categories of complexity, share the accumulated experience, and ensure the growth of the technical and tactical skills of the students. Particular attention will be paid to the safety of water tourist routes.

Climbing the peaks, reaching the horizon!

Climbing the peaks, reaching the horizon!

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In order to identify and suppress the facts of finding children in places where they may harm their health, including adolescents under 16 at night in public places without the accompaniment of legal representatives of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Sverdlovsk Region it is planned to carry out on the territory of the city of Nizhny Tagil in the period from 04. 1. 021 to 07. 1. 021 preventive measures under the code name "Commandant's patrol".

Over the past few decades, there has been an increase in demand for energy-efficient products. Progress does not stand still, and now scientists have brought the efficiency of energy-saving technologies to a higher level - they have created LED lamps. Nowadays, energy-saving lighting is in great demand. It replaces traditional costly light sources in all areas of the economy and everyday life. Advantages of LED lamps:

- They don't pollute the environment. Unlike conventional fluorescent lamps, which contain mercury vapor, LED lamps are environmentally friendly; Unlike traditional light sources, which generate a lot of heat during operation, LED lamps do not heat up, and all the electricity is used to generate light. This achieves significant savings in electricity and, accordingly, money; - The LED lights do not make any sound. This is why they are perfect for use in libraries, offices, hospitals, etc .; Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lamps do not emit ultraviolet light. In addition, the emission spectrum of LED lamps is close to that of the sun. Also, the LED lamp can be adjusted to the desired color temperature: from warm to cold white; - Voltage changes frequently in the network. Traditional lamps usually fail. And LED lamps can handle it - they have an operating voltage range of 80 to 230 volts. At low voltage, the LED light will of course work, but the luminous flux emitted by it will be less bright. Reducing the supply voltage serves to adjust the illumination of LED lamps; - Unlike conventional lamps, LED luminaires consume 60-70% less electricity. In addition, they are much more durable - their service life is many times longer. After the lapse of time, the main characteristics of LED lamps remain practically unchanged - both the luminous intensity and the luminous flux. LED luminaires do not require maintenance and replacement of components throughout their entire service life. All this allows for significant savings. - As you know, fluorescent lamps are made of ordinary glass, and therefore they are very fragile. In contrast, the body of LED lamps is made of polycarbonate plastic, and its strength characteristics are much higher than that of glass. The cast monolithic luminaire body made of aluminum alloy endows the device with high mechanical strength, vibration resistance and long-term reliability. Such positive characteristics are also explained by the absence of a filament.

We also suggest that you use the calculator for calculating the economic effect of switching to LED lighting, we also attach an example of such a calculation for your reference. Calculator 2. (1)

Property taxes are approaching

Individuals must pay land, transport and property taxes no later than December 2, 2019.

Since 2019, the details for transferring taxes to the budgetary system of the Russian Federation are indicated in the form of a tax notification. In this case, a separate payment document (receipt) is not sent.

A tax notice can be sent to an individual (his authorized representative) in person against receipt, sent by registered mail or transmitted electronically via telecommunication channels or through the “Personal account of the taxpayer”. If a tax notification is sent by registered mail, the tax notification is deemed to have been received six days after the date of the registered mail.

For users of the Taxpayer's Personal Account, the tax notification is posted in the Taxpayer's Personal Account and is not duplicated by the mail message, except for cases when the user of the Taxpayer's Personal Account receives a notification about the need to receive documents in hard copy.

In the “Personal account of a taxpayer of an individual”, the number of days remaining until the due date for the payment of property taxes is counted daily, so that taxpayers can fulfill their obligation to pay within the established time frame.

Climbing the peaks, reaching the horizon!

Climbing the peaks, reaching the horizon!

Archive headings: Alpinizim

Shihan Ice Climbing Position

Mountain club "Tagil" March 9 in the city youth creativity house holds a mountaineering competition "Dombai Ligaments" and invite everyone to take part.

New Year's Ala-Archa.

Five Tagil climbers from the mountain school of the Tourist Club "Azimut" spent the New Year holidays (or rather 16 days) in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, in the alpinist camp "Ala-archa", which is 38 km away. from the city of Bishkek.

At this time, the Tyumen Mountaineering Federation held open training mountaineering camps in that area. The experienced instructor staff transferred a lot of technical knowledge to the participants and provided each participant with an individual approach, in accordance with their personal experience.

For the first week, the guys in the base camp at a low altitude were trained in climbing techniques, working with a rope and organizing belaying on rocky terrain, climbing first in a bundle and working in a group. At the same time, we got good acclimatization. In the second week, we moved to live in a high-altitude camp, where they conducted classes in ice climbing techniques, after which they began to climb mountain peaks.

The unique area of ​​Ala-archa delighted with good weather, surrounded by beautiful mountains with heights of five thousand meters, short approaches to the routes. In the area there are a lot of ice routes of different steepness, length from 100 meters to a kilometer of various categories of difficulty.

As a result, ascents were made on routes from 1B to 5A of the complexity category, exams in rescue work in a group and in doubles were passed, one participant closed the next sports category, the rest received sports experience and official marks in the climber's personal book at the expense of the next digits. And also everyone got unforgettable good impressions, excellent mood, physical shape. Well, one cannot fail to note the excellent Kyrgyz cuisine with huge dishes and ridiculous prices.

Participants: Vostryagov Anton, Mitin Vitaly, Panchenko Roman, Maryshev Denis, Buchkov Nikolay

On February 10, at 14:00, the 3rd stage of the city ice climbing open cup will take place (Krasnokamenskiy Shchikhan).

Orienteering and tourism club "Azimut" in Mytishchi, Moscow region.

phones: 89773477130 (E. Kotkova) 89164733803 (E. Kotkova) Show completely. 89164793263 (V. Zhuchkov)

Head: Masters of sports in orienteering Kotkova Elvira Vasilievna, Zhuchkov Vladimir Gennadievich

In the club 6 people have completed 1 category in sports. orienteering: Aleksey Zhuchkov, Daria Esipova, Nadezhda Turbina, Irina Nesterova, Nikita Stepanov, Stanislav Fedorov, and there are also guys and parents who have 2, 3 categories and 1 youth category.

Esipova D., Stepanov N., Fedorov S. - members of the Moscow region national team, many club members - winners and prize-winners of regional and all-Russian competitions, to which we often go.

In November 2016, a team of older girls consisting of N. Urbina, D. Sipova, E. Maltseva and A. Fedorova took 1st place at the Russian Sports Tourism Championship (1st grade), and the guys - Zhuchkov A ., Ryzhov A., Stepanov N. and Fedorov S. - 5th place, having completed the 3rd category in sports tourism.

We have a rich cultural life, meeting interesting people. Come to us and bring your parents!

Club Council: Ermachkovs, Esipovs, Stepanovs, Kurdyukovs, Fedorovs, Golovkins and others.

Created in May 2014 with the assistance of the Department of Sports and Youth Work in Mytishchi.

From those who take an example from you!

We invite you to rafting on the Upper Katun River (Gorny Altai) - (fourth) category of difficulty - July

Part of the group passes the Katun tributaries: Argut, Chuya, Kadrin, Ursul - 5 (fifth) category of difficulty. Experience of participation in hikes of at least 3-4 categories of difficulty.

Inquiries by phone: ---- (Victor Ivanovich)

Every third Sunday of the month

The first meeting will take place on October 18 at 11:00 at st. Uralskaya, 16

Registration for the traditional Tagil walk opens. Due to restrictive measures, the format of the event will be changed. On September 19, there will be cycling and hiking for 28 kilometers, and on September 20, only walking for a distance of 2 and 9 kilometers.

Events - Summer

This time we will go towards the Perm Territory, to explore the new expanses of the Ural region. We start on June 29 from Nizhny Tagil, return on July 7. Kilometer - 500 km Registration for the bike ride: . l/forms/sW7h5FzSfrgNnYZg1 Cycling route Kachkanar 7 | Stone Belt 5 | GPSies

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