Children's club - in the summer: how to make money? 5 types of occupations and 6 more sources of income

Children's club - in the summer: how to make money? 5 types of occupations and 6 more sources of income

How to plan the summer kids club? Parent Survey, Summer Schedule and Advertising - in April

Sofya Timofeeva teacher, founder of a network of children's clubs, business consultant

Classes in the children's club in the summer are a necessary thing for many parents who have nowhere to send their children from the city, and absolutely necessary - for the children's club itself, which needs to continue to earn money. How to combine the interests of both parties? The advice of the director of a successful kids club will be useful to both her colleagues and potential clients.

Summer is the most difficult time for a kids club. Everyone wants to have a rest in the summer, but the children's club, oddly enough, wants to work: it is impossible to live for 3 months without profit. It is especially difficult for those who do not have their own premises - rent eats up a lot, and this is especially felt when money for developing activities stops coming. What to do in the summer? How can you make money?

Let's first understand what causes the summer club trouble. An analysis of the causes always helps to find a solution. It would seem that everything is simple - there are no children in the summer. But, first of all, not at all, it’s just that many people leave. Someone for all 3 months, someone for a month, but there are also children who stay in the city for almost the entire summer, with the exception of just two weeks. The permanent groups that formed during the academic year - from September to May - break up. Let's remember this. You can't say that there are no children. There is no consistency in groups. This is important for understanding how summer work is organized.

By the way, it is worth noting that such an insane decline in work in the summer does not occur in all cities, but only in large ones (Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.). In the rest, there is simply impermanence. And there are cities that are just lucky in the summer - the influx of children to them is extraordinary.

I myself am from Novorossiysk and every summer I see a lot of children who come from all over the country to the southern cities. I know for sure that many, in addition to the sea, visit development centers at lunchtime and in the evenings. Smart club directors advertise themselves well on the beaches: “we will teach you to read quickly”, “we will easily and playfully learn the multiplication table” (a purely summer version), “we will quickly prepare for school”, etc.

In addition to the lack of consistency in visiting the center, there are really fewer children. Now I am writing about Moscow. Many kids are taken away - to the dacha for the whole summer, to other cities to see their grandmothers (even a city, but not Moscow with its smog!), Etc. Kindergartens and playgrounds are empty. Let's remember this too. This circumstance will also be useful for us to understand what types of activities can serve us well.

Questionnaire - in April

The reasons for the summer instability are understood - it is necessary to move on to mitigate their impact on the activities of the club. To begin with, we need to understand which of the club children will be able to visit us and when. After all, not everyone will leave immediately! If your club is attended by at least 100 children, then some of them will definitely be in the city in some summer months.

In order to understand which of the clients and when will be able to visit the club, it is imperative to conduct a survey among them. The questionnaire will contain several questions, but the first one is who is leaving and when. You can specify months (include May and September for completeness) and customers simply check the box. In the notes, they can indicate possible departure dates - this will bring specifics. After all, they often leave for just a week, and not for the whole month. We will conduct a survey in April!

The second question will certainly be directed to clarify the desire to visit the club in the summer. It also happens that the child does not leave, the parents just decide not to drive him in the summer - "let him rest."

In the questionnaire, be sure to ask what classes the parents would like to take their children to in the summer. You can also make a list where to check the boxes and leave blank space for suggestions. In the list, you must immediately indicate the summer courses, if they are provided in your club.

The all-round development of a child, the identification of his talents play a significant role in the upbringing of a gifted and creative person. State preschool and general education institutions, the primary goal of which is to educate children, pay little attention to this issue. Therefore, the opening of the Centers for Child Development and Creativity has now become an urgent line of business, where, with the assistance of competent teachers and mentors, children learn to sing, dance, draw, play music, perceive and understand beauty and art.

Most of these organizations are private institutions whose leaders understand and love children and have a teacher training. Considering this project as an option for developing your own business, it is worth noting the high demand and profitability of the enterprise. In some cities, the demand for such a service significantly exceeds the supply.

Ways and options for opening a Children's Creativity Center

You can start a kids club or studio from scratch by purchasing a franchise. The second option is to open your own business and register it with the Federal Tax Service as an individual entrepreneur or LLC. Each method has its own pros and cons.

Buying a Franchise

Currently, there are a large number of world-renowned continuing education programs that offer to buy a franchise and open a children's leisure studio in their city under the brand of a well-known and well-known company. This way of organizing a business has several advantages:

  • Availability of a ready-made developmental program, methodological literature and a proven upbringing plan necessary for opening a Center for Children's Leisure and Creativity.
  • The promoted brand of the company, which helps to minimize advertising costs, the ability to use a well-known name, logo.
  • Training activities in management and pedagogy.] Information about the internal structure of the company - personnel structure, accounting, necessary documentation.
  • Consulting on all matters of doing business.
  • Assistance in the selection of premises, a ready-made design project.

When buying a franchise from a network of children's development organizations, it is necessary to take into account that the acquisition of such a program will require an initial (lump-sum) contribution from the entrepreneur, in addition, depending on the terms of the contract, the franchisee pays monthly contributions (royalties).

Opening a franchise business means losing some of its freedom, since the franchisor rigidly prescribes the rules for the operation of each studio and limits the possibility of introducing other, author's training programs.

List of promoted children's development organizations offering to open a franchise business:

  • Sema is a competitive down payment, provides benefits for the purchase of equipment, has an effective training system. The program is designed for kids from six months and children up to 11 years old.
  • Point of growth - offers partners a complete package of documents required to open their own business and several options for cooperation. One of them is a play area for kids' entertainment and recreation.
  • IQ 007 is a family club that organizes leisure activities for children and parents. Offers an author's program that develops all types of memory.
  • I AM YOURSELF - the program is designed for preschoolers. The company offers discounts on the products of the brand of the same name; there are no royalties in the agreement.

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