Children's clothing suits for fishing hunting buy in the online store Belarus

Children's clothing suits for fishing hunting buy in the online store Belarus

A suit for fishing during the demi-season allows you to feel comfortable in any weather. The membrane material of three layers will protect you from rain, sleet and wind, and also guarantee an optimal microclimate inside the product. The suit is distinguished by good functionality, modern design and minimal weight. Country of origin - China.

The membrane suit is designed for seated feeder fishing, as well as for float fishing. The set consists of an elongated jacket, semi-overalls and an anti-mud apron. The apron covers the stomach and legs to the knee. Perfect for off-season and late autumn. Operating temperature up to - 10 degrees. Review the Norfin Feeder suit here.

The Norfin Verity Black Demi Suit can be categorized as a Spring/Fall Fishing Suit. Very lightweight and suitable for an average temperature of -10 degrees. Due to the excellent properties of the membrane, Nortex Breathable (10000/8000) does not allow water to pass through and breathes perfectly. Also perfect for active sports such as snowboarding.

The Norfin Light Summer Fishing Suit It was very compact. Made of 5000/8000 membrane fabric. Well suited for those who do not like many pockets and actively move around, you can also always take it with you and use it as a raincoat. The set comes with a small case, in which it can be easily hidden.

The Norfin Scandic 2 Summer Fishing Suit is made of Nortex Breathable membrane material. The breathability, waterproofness and taped seams will keep you protected from the rain. The set includes a jacket and trousers with suspenders. Read the full PRODUCT overview Here.

Novatex PRIDE Suit Cobra Autumn, fleece suitable for hunting and outdoor activities. It is made of silent Alova material with a water-repellent membrane. Good wind protection and warmth keeping. Nice soft fleece lining.

Norfin VERITY Limited Edition Blue is a limited edition suit designed to be the most water resistant kit in its segment. It is made of high-quality membrane fabric with a layer of insulation and glued seams technology. Designed for demi-season fishing. Withstands temperatures down to -10 ° C. Review of the Norfin suit.

The Norfin ALPHA fishing suit is a novelty in 2019 from a European manufacturer of fishing equipment. It is made of high quality three-layer membrane fabric, which provides high moisture resistance and breathability. The split suit of jacket and trousers is made in a modern design and is lightweight and compact c.

The FEEDER CONCEPT suit is a novelty from Norfin for mid-season fishing down to -10 ° C. The thoughtful composition of materials and design make this set of equipment ideal for feeder or float fishing. Jacket and trousers provide protection from rain, wind and cold. The set includes an apron. For an overview of the Norfin Feeder Concept suit, read Here.

The NORFIN SPIRIT BLUE fishing suit made of waterproof and breathable membrane fabric is a stylish novelty for fans and fans of outdoor activities. High quality materials and smart construction provide reliable protection from rain and wind. Elastic, adjustable parts guarantee a comfortable fit and total freedom of movement. V.

Graff hunting demi-season suit (olive) - a separate set for hunting and fishing in the autumn-spring season. Includes a hooded jacket and trousers with detachable shoulder straps. It is made of non-rustling BRATEX membrane fabric with excellent moisture resistance and vapor permeability. Adjustable details and functional pockets for more.

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Children's clothing for fishing and hunting buy in the online store in Belarus

Hunting and fishing clothes are made of high quality materials that are resistant to wear, dirt, durable and hypoallergenic. Such clothes are convenient for outdoor activities, sports and just for everyday wear. You can safely recommend clothes for fishing and hunting to children and teenagers - they will not be able to tear it and you will not have any problems with washing it. And your children will be delighted with such a fashionable gift. In our online store there are products from the best Ivanovo textile manufacturers, no counterfeit products, only high-quality products. Especially for our clients, we constantly add new items, conduct bonus programs, and there is also a system of cumulative discounts that allows you to update your wardrobe at very competitive prices. At the moment, we have a special offer: when buying from the Treasure Island online store, we provide a 5% discount on all textiles.

How to buy teenage clothes for fishing and hunting in an online store in Belarus?

With the help of a filter, the buyer can quickly search for options for children's clothing according to the given characteristics: type of product, height, size, price, name and color of fabric, manufacturer and other characteristics. You look through the options you like, choose a product, specify the size, add the product to the basket and place an order. Our manager will call you back, confirm the acceptance of the order, answer all your questions, specify the methods of payment and delivery, specify the applied discounts. Orders are formed and shipped usually within 1-14 days, depending on the availability of goods in the warehouse and production plans. You can track information on the status of the order in your personal account. Before shipment, the staff will call you back and inform you about the time and cost of delivery, then they will send a track to track the movement of the cargo.

The prices for the product are indicated on the site, in some cases, products of large sizes are more expensive than small sizes. This information is listed on the page of each product. We take into account the conditions of the manufacturers' pricing policy, therefore, discounts apply to a number of products. Discounts are provided for prepayment: for 100% - 5%, for 50% -3%. There is no minimum order quantity. Orders less than 700 rubles and more than 5000 rubles are shipped on a prepaid basis. Details about the payment methods.

You can buy wholesale children's clothing in the section of the WHOLESALE website. Wholesale orders are formed from the amount of 10,000 rubles, at the wholesale prices indicated on the product pages of the wholesale site.

Delivery of orders for teenage clothing for hunting and fishing to Belarus is carried out: a) by courier or self-pickup from the point of issue of orders in Belarus and regional centers: Baranovichi, Bobruisk, Borisov, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Lida, Minsk, Mogilev, Mozyr, Novopolotsk, Orsha, Pinsk, Soligorsk; b) By Russian Post throughout the territory of the Russian Federation (with cash on delivery - up to 5,000 rubles, orders for up to 700 rubles and more than 5,000 rubles, goods for sale with promotions are shipped on a prepaid basis). The cost of delivery depends on your location - the delivery region, which is determined automatically, as well as on the weight and volume of a particular order. You can select the delivery region in the Your region field:

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