Children's camps in Russia at sea 2021

Children's camps in Russia at sea 2021

Resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation dated 30. 6. 020 No. 16 "On approval of sanitary and epidemiological rules SP 3./2. 3598-20" Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the structure, maintenance and organization of work of educational organizations and others social infrastructure facilities for children and youth amid the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) "

(Registered 03.7.020 No. 58824)

Recreation of children and their recovery in organizations for recreation of children and their recovery should be organized within the constituent entity of the Russian Federation at the place of their actual residence, with the exception of recreation and recovery of children actually living in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. The organization of recreation and health improvement for children actually living in cities of federal significance can be carried out in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation bordering on them.

Summer holidays with the GRANIE project is a time that will change the idea of ​​children and adolescents about themselves

Holidays with the GRANI project are: - Author's programs for children from 6 to 17 years old, which develop soft skills - qualities necessary for successful study, teamwork and self-realization - A permanent team of psychologists and coaches works with children , teachers and specialists in working with children. The presenters combine professionalism, authority and a friendly approach to communicating with children and use methods that have been confirmed by 14 years of work experience - Participants become more self-confident, organized, feel the strength and courage to express themselves, find new friends and become part of the team, in which it is easy to communicate and develop - During the holidays, a friendly and supportive atmosphere between participants and presenters - communication on an equal footing without evaluations and criticism - Children are divided into groups: 6-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13-17 years old - Each age group a group is 15-20 people and 1-2 presenters

What the programs consist of - Courses, game assignments, teamwork - each group has its own - Entertainment: shows, parties, quests, performances - Sports: football, volleyball, pool, crossfit, fitness, capoera, trampoline - Creative workshops: drawing, design, DJing, dancing from invited masters - Psychologist consultations, heart-to-heart conversations, project traditions that are carefully preserved by the leading and regular participants

Project Dates:

  • August 2 - August 14
  • August 17 - August 29
  • Cost: 59,000 rubles
  • little ones - medical support of a pediatrician - night duty

Voila Children's Art Camp invites boys and girls to spend their holidays together! And, as always, it will be fun, interesting and exciting! The camp program is interesting and rich, specially designed for children aged 9-13 years. Each season in Voila is themed. For each season, a theme is chosen that is interesting for children of this age: adventure, inventive, detective, quest seasons and others.

Shift dates: 02. 8 - 15.8.020 18.8 - 31.8.020 Price for a voucher from 42 500 rubles.

All children are by nature active, energetic and greedy for new experiences. During the summer holidays, when there are no classes at school, their energy gushing in all directions especially needs to be applied. It is not always possible to go to the sea with the whole family; not everyone has grandparents in the village either. Therefore, professionals in the field of children's leisure - summer recreation camps - come to the rescue. The main thing from all the abundance of proposals is to be able to choose the right one. For example, after reading reviews, carefully studying the camp site, photos. Fortunately, it is now easy to choose a cool kids' camp online. Immediately book it, find out the necessary list of documents and prepare the dear child for the trip.

It is believed that the world's first children's holiday camp was organized by Pastor Hermann Walter Bion in 1876. Leaving for a modest village in the Swiss Alps, he took with him the children and several parents who volunteered to look after them. Children were encouraged to help with household chores, and they were also occupied with hikes and excursions. Being in the fresh air had a positive effect on children's well-being, and subsequently children's recreation camps became widespread throughout the world.

Just 30 years ago, children's camps practically did not differ from each other: a similar program, the same entertainment and approximately the same teaching staff. Today, you can choose a camp for a child with absolutely any bias: from learning Japanese to a school for young Robinsons.

English with Native Speaker,

comfortable accommodation, 5 meals a day, age groups,

all-inclusive voucher, medical care, security, insurance, transfer from Moscow.

Popular destinations for children's recreation in the camp

Day Camps

As a rule, such camps are located within the city and are organized on the basis of schools, kindergartens, children's entertainment centers, etc. Children are there from morning to evening, while their parents are at work. Children are taken on excursions, to the cinema, to summer picnics, they organize sports competitions, and those who need it are helped in an entertaining way to improve their knowledge of school subjects, for example, in English.

Health Camps

Usually located outside the city, on the basis of boarding houses or medical centers. Children are sent there to improve their health, recover from an injury, or simply strengthen their immunity as a preventive measure before the long winter. Perhaps all this sounds dreary, but of course, leisure activities there are not limited to medical procedures, and an entertainment program is also present.


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About the company

SIDO-TOUR is a tour operator for children and family holidays in Bulgaria, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece and Russia, offers its tourists:

  • exclusive children's camps in 2021 in Bulgaria (Camp "Beginning") and Montenegro (Camp "Prestige Camp");
  • sports camps for groups and programs for creative teams in Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Turkey and Russia;
  • the annual children's excursion train "Winter Express to Veliky Ustyug" from St. Petersburg
  • children's excursion tours and vacation trips ;
  • city breaks - quick weekend tours from St. Petersburg and Moscow
  • camp shifts for the holidays;
  • family and children's trips.




Children's rest falls on the shoulders of the staff of educational institutions or, of course, their parents, who certainly want to see their child rested, learned a lot of new things and, of course, strengthened their immunity.

Entertainment programs for children and school tours, one-day tours and weekend tours according to the standard program, but we can also offer to create original material.

This approach gives a lot of useful knowledge and always helps to assimilate the material, our company organizes author's excursions for schoolchildren for this very purpose. Every year, among the variety of services offered, new routes and directions appear, the presentation of material and topics, this gives us the opportunity to show our tourists the city from a different, every time a new side.

Interesting excursions for children or unusual excursions for schoolchildren are in great demand. School trips are always attached to the curriculum taught at the school. There are also excursions for children for the little ones, they are usually short and pedestrian.

Schools, applying new methods, order thematic excursions for schoolchildren, thus, there is a connection with the school curriculum. You can study history, geography, literature, but without visiting the places of writing of works, where poets and creators of a particular era lived, you will not be able to feel the spirit of another time when this work was created.

Excursion tours for children to Moscow or tours for schoolchildren to St. Petersburg are always the most demanding and exciting, the cities of Russia each differ in their history and in some of them there are even buildings that have remained from ancient times. Excursions for children to the Moscow Kremlin can be included in the program both as one-day tours, as well as in multi-day excursions for schoolchildren. During such a walk, the guys will be able to visit the Kremlin, take pictures with the Tsar with a cannon and a bell.

In addition to sightseeing trips, we send children to summer camps, to children's sports, language and teenage camps; at the end of the shift, all children return home by transfer. School holidays for many children do not pass in a completely favorable way, we take on all the hassle of organizing and of course we make discounts, therefore, we recommend ordering tours for the holidays, so the children will get to know their peers and take a break from the familiar environment. The cost of the trips will surprise you, bus tours for schoolchildren have become very affordable and attractive.

One-day excursions for schoolchildren are usually the hit of the season, as children learn and weekend excursions for children can be optimal. Interesting and popular excursions for schoolchildren are: excursions for schoolchildren to production, wildlife, master classes for schoolchildren.

School trips to factories have become a hit relatively recently and continue to delight our customers. Excursions to production for schoolchildren are an opportunity to understand technological processes, methods of manufacturing various products, as well as food. Excursions for schoolchildren have been popular at all times, the craving for travel and new discoveries is the key to the emergence of new specialists in various fields.

There is no adult who, when he mentions a happy childhood, would not start talking about the pioneer camp. Today, those camps with morning horns are no longer there, but the traditions of cool and fun recreation on the Black and Azov Seas remain.

Regime of the day, competition - whose squad is the best, kefir for afternoon tea, excursions to the dolphinarium and arboretums, evening movie screenings, pranks after lights out and friendship forever - isn't this what your child will remember all year later? p>

Modern children's camps in Russia at sea in 2021 offer an excellent training base and a different format of entertainment, constantly investing in sports infrastructure, medical equipment and room comfort.

Many children's camps in Russia by the sea in 2021 have schools, swimming pools and heated buildings so that children can come and improve their health even during the school year.

Popular children's camps

Krasnodar Territory

When to go to the camp by the sea

Black Sea

The most popular children's health resorts in Russia are Anapa and Sochi. The first summer shift here starts from June 1, by which time the sea has already had time to warm up well. However, more than half of the camps operate year-round.

So, in Anapa, health camps aimed at treating endocrinological problems, allergic reactions and diseases of the upper respiratory tract function regardless of the season. Heated pools, indoor courts, heated rooms and schooling make kids feel comfortable here at all times.

Half of the Sochi camps are working in the same way. Recently, bootcamp camps have become very popular here, where a child can come to improve their sports skills. They are also open all year round.

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