Children's books about tourism

Children's books about tourism

Travel books help to captivate the child with reading. They teach friendship to believe in oneself and in a dream. The reader, together with the same young travelers as he himself, discovers the world, overcome obstacles on the way to the cherished goal.

Scientific and educational books

A. Usachev's books help to tell the youngest children about the structure of the earth, continents and countries:

  • “Interesting geography. Russia, Europe ".
  • “Interesting geography. Asia, America, Africa ".
  • “Merry geography. Travels, events, unscientific discoveries ”.

Funny poems, riddles, mini-tasks make the learning process a game. Children learn "adult" material faster and easier.

Older children will love the book by M. Ilyin "Memories and Extraordinary Travels of Zakhar Zagadkin."

With her help, the child will get acquainted with the geography of the world. Small fascinating stories in an accessible language tell about the structure of the Earth.

Books about travel and travelers, geographical discoveries for schoolchildren can replace "dry" encyclopedias.

One of such scientific and educational books is “How people discovered their land” by A. Tomilin. It tells how a person came up with a map, a globe, and made his first geographical discoveries.


Travel and adventure have always occupied a special place in children's literature. Books with an exciting plot have always been loved by children of all ages. They opened a big and bright world to young readers, taught them to believe in themselves and friendship.

For the little ones

Books about travel and travelers introduce kids to the world. The plots, although simple, but fascinating, will not leave indifferent either the child or the parent.

Illustrated books about travel and travelers for children

Book books are bursting with a variety of children's books, but what exactly to buy - try to figure it out. Lisa Birger has compiled a guide to the best children's publishing houses in Russia, which should be followed by parents. And I also chose the most interesting books from each.


What they publish. Modern world classics, mainly European, about the existence of which without "Samokat" in Russia, no one knew and would not know, and children's stories of modern and almost modern Russian writers.

  • Best New Book - the best of modern children's prose. In this series, readers first discovered Ulf Stark (Freaks and Bores), Maria Parr (Waffle Heart), Maury Nilsson (a series of books about Tsatziki and his amazing mother) and many others.
  • "Oncoming Traffic" - books for teenagers with sympathetic and serious answers to difficult and main questions.

Business card. Alexandra Litvina, Anna Desnitskaya "History of an old apartment" The history of the last century is shown here by the example of one Moscow apartment - snapshots from 1902, 1914, 1927 and so on, right up to the present day.

Pink Giraffe

What they publish. Mostly American classics for all ages, from cardboard books to teen romances.

Most notable episodes. "This is a book!" - novels for teenagers, which have already become foreign classics, are of those that are read in childhood and will be remembered for a lifetime.

Business card. Eric Karl "Bear, brown bear, what's ahead?" The cardboard books by the American artist Eric Carl are not just funny drawn - each of them is a cognitive explosion in the hands of a child: there are colors, and numbers, and time, and the life of animals.

  • Preschoolers. Maurice Sendak "Where the monsters live". Boy Max behaved horribly and was sent to his room without supper. From there he sailed to the island where the monsters live, became their king and managed to return home for a warm dinner on the table. An absolute classic, which fits in one short picture book all the hardships of childhood, and the entire XX century.
  • Junior classes. Stephen and Lucy Hawking, books about George. Cosmology in pictures and plots from the main physicist of the world.
  • Teenagers. Gary Schmidt, Wednesday Battles. One very important year in the life of a teenager, whom the teacher forced to read Shakespeare after school - and in the yard is 1967.

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber (MYTH)

Books about travel, great geographical discoveries and travelers: scientific, educational, artistic for children of different ages.

Family is a feeling of comfort and warmth, support and acceptance. Thanks to the experience gained in the family, the child develops a basic trust in the world, on the basis of which a person can fully mature.

Children love to read books about families. There they see a familiar, pacifying picture of everyday life, where the heroes overcome the same difficulties as the readers, master the same skills. Books about family values ​​broadcast and form a respectful attitude towards loved ones, the ability to carefully and lovingly get out of conflict situations. Thanks to books about family, warm family relationships are perceived as the norm of life.

Catherine LeBlanc "Too big, too small!"

Martin the bear is angry: sometimes he is too big or too small for mom and dad. "Well, that's enough!" - the kid decided and began to make comments to the parents. The mother bear was too big to dip her finger in the chocolate paste and lick it. Daddy-bear could not get the jar from the top shelf, which means he is small.

This story ended with general joy and laughter. The book will help toddlers to understand that for some things it may really be too early. And that's okay.

Recommended age: 2+ years old.

Giovanna Zoboli "Mice are a close-knit family"

A large friendly family of mice does the same thing as we humans. This is probably why kids like to read this book. The illustrations here are gentle, homely cozy - they perfectly complement the simple text.

In addition to the description of everyday life, the book has a developmental aspect: you can repeat the names of plants, clothes, food, transport with your baby.

Recommended age: 2+ years old.

Rotraut Suzanne Berner, Karlchen book series

Beautifully designed children's books for every taste are littered with bookstores. But to find in this stream a book that will really interest a child - no matter whether a kindergartener or a teenager - is an almost impossible task. You can rely on luck and try looking for a needle in a haystack. But it's better to use our recommendations. Mel publishes a list of the 100 best new books for children aged 17 to 17, presented by Gaidar Children's Library.

The Arkady Gaidar Moscow City Children's Library has released the next annual catalog “100 best new books for children and adolescents-2016”. The library staff, together with experts from the Samokat and Grand Fair publishing houses, selected the highest quality book novelties - reprints and very recent works - in order to guide parents in the literature market. Among them are collections of poems, comic books, artistic and scientific and educational works of Russian and foreign authors. Mel has studied this catalog, divided it into age categories, supplemented it with information from online bookstores and presents it to its readers.

Age: - years

1. Silverstein walked. Generous tree. Publishing house "Melik-Pashayev"

There was a boy in the world. Every day he came to play in the clearing where the wild apple tree grew. The boy climbed up its trunk, swayed on the branches and ate its fruits. The apple tree gave the boy everything he needed to be happy. But as time went on, the boy grew up, and for happiness he needed much more: money, a house of his own, a strong boat ... And the apple tree gave herself all without a trace, if only the boy would fulfill his dreams and be happy.

This bright parable about true love, which requires nothing in return, was first published in 1964 and has been traveling the world for half a century. The book has long been in the ratings of world bestsellers, translated into more than 30 languages, and its total circulation over the years has exceeded eight million copies.

Shel Silverstein was a versatile person: musician, artist, screenwriter, playwright, writer and poet. His musical compositions won a Grammy Award and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Soundtrack. But the world fame Silverstein was brought primarily by his children's books, which he himself illustrated.

3. Vadim Levin. Poems with mustard. Samokat Publishing House

4. Marina Boroditskaya. The collection of poems "Maikin's book". Clover Media Group Publishing House

5. Anastasia Orlova. This is a truck, and this is a trailer. Rosman Publishing House

6. Christina Andres. How to tame wolves. Rare Bird Publishing House

7. Rafik Shami, Katrin Scherer. Myshkin's fears. Rare Bird Publishing House

The previous collection included adventure books for preschoolers. But what about older children? After all, they also want a gambling, exciting reading, but so that the problems raised are deep, and the plot is more complicated.

We offer you a selection of books that are guaranteed to captivate your child.

Alexander Krestinsky "Boys from the blockade"

This is an autobiographical book about the blockade. Calm narration, without strain, but with reflections, fixation of events and feelings. Shows the life of the courtyard boys on the eve, and then during the war. Truthfully and simply, the author tells about things close to adolescents: about boyish friendship and first love, about parental self-sacrifice and the difficulties of mutual understanding, about strength, nobility and human weakness, baseness. In short, the book shows life. It's just the life of the guys who, by the will of fate, turned out to be residents of the besieged Leningrad.

Recommended age: 7+.

Ekaterina Boyarskikh "Hey is becoming an adult"

Historical story-tale about a boy named Hey The action takes place in the Stone Age. Hey goes on a dangerous journey to grow up, find himself and not be afraid of anything. Everywhere he is accompanied by the magical mice Timka and Tinka, who happened to be in the Stone Age. Children will learn what initiation is, why tribes had totems, who the Fox People are, and how primitive people made cave paintings.

Recommended age: 7+.

Leonid Zavalnyuk "Kolya, Olya and Archimedes"

Boys sometimes have such things in their pockets. The girl Olya was terribly indignant when she found a screw in the washing machine that had fallen out of the clothes of her brother Kolya.

To this Kolya replied that in his pockets he carries not just anything, but the inventions of the great ancient Greek scientist and inventor Archimedes.

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