Childbirth in the USA: new rules for issuing visas for pregnant women

Top most famous sights in the USA

Summer studies in the USA are chosen by students from all over the world. This is not only an opportunity to get a high-quality and full-fledged education, significantly improve language and communication skills, but also a chance to get acquainted with vibrant and distinctive cities, find new friends or master a new sport. Rest and study in the United States in the summer allows students to walk along city streets and squares, visit theaters, museums and galleries, shopping centers and restaurants, and go on excursions to historical or cultural attractions. Trips to large amusement parks or national parks are very popular among participants in summer vacations in the United States, where you can spend an exciting and interesting whole day.

Many language courses in the USA, especially those located in Miami, Los Angeles, Malibu, San Francisco and New York, provide students with the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant beach holiday: many kilometers of golden sand and gentle sea cannot leave you indifferent ! Students go in for sports, master new kinds of sports - for example, surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, beach volleyball.

Our specialist is ready to help you choose the best option for a summer school in the USA for children: in the list below you can familiarize yourself with the description of schools, training programs and their prices, read student reviews.

Summer education in America - about the country, culture, education

Summer study in America will give you an unforgettable experience and solid knowledge. The United States captures the spirit of culture, nature, business and entertainment for many foreigners, including Russians. This colorful country will be interesting in any of the 50 states - the most beautiful cities on the planet are spread across America: New York, Boston, Washington, Massachusetts, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle. Due to the high level of education, each city has its own legend in the field of education: the oldest, most popular and top-rated schools, universities and centers are another reason to visit this country.

So, Boston, San Francisco and New York are included in the TOP-3 best cities in the USA for students. Boston is rightfully considered a real student city: there is a huge number of educational institutions, and life is largely subordinated to young people. San Francisco has become another haven for students from all over the world, with its wide opportunities in the study of art, programming, medicine and other sciences. And, of course, no rating can do without iconic New York, recognized as one of the main capitals of the world.

One of the most important ideas inherent in American culture is minted on coins: E pluribus Unum, or "one in diversity", which reflects American society very well. People of different nationalities, languages, beliefs live here, and therefore 4 principles become especially important: informality, openness, independence and equality. This communication style is reflected in the educational environment. Thus, students who have arrived from abroad will certainly feel the difference in the atmosphere in the classroom, as well as "strange" teachers who do not build hierarchical, distance relationships with students and behave quite naturally.

Summer study in the USA for foreigners: is it worth going to America in the summer?

You can travel around the United States all year round, but summer study in the United States opens up even more opportunities for foreigners. California, Los Angeles and San Francisco are sunny places washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and delighting with endless celebration. Florida is an equally enviable place washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Many students prefer the world of Miami hangouts, and schoolchildren go to Orlando, because here they can plunge into the universes of Harry Potter, Walt Disney and Universal Studios. The list of places to visit in the summer is endless, as the cities of the States have good reasons for visiting them: great weather, great beaches, interesting culture and endless entertainment.

The climatic portrait of the States is difficult to compile, since each region has weather characteristics. The northeastern part of the country is characterized by hot summers and frequent precipitation, in the southeast the temperature is expected to be higher, and in the northwest and west of the country a semi-arid and alpine climate awaits you.

Thanks to the indisputable merits of the States, thousands of students come here in the summer, intending to gain a rich experience of life in a beautiful country to improve their language.

The so-called "maternity tourism" in the United States has already become a tradition for thousands of Russian women. This is due to the peculiarities of the American Constitution. In 1868, the 14th amendment to the basic law was adopted, which automatically gives the right to citizenship to all those born in the territory of the States. From January 24, 2020, the rules for entering the country for pregnant women will be tightened.

New visa rules for childbirth in the United States

The US State Department announced the introduction of new rules for issuing visas to pregnant women from January 24, 2020. The statement said that travel for the purpose of childbirth and obtaining a child of American citizenship is an inadmissible basis for a tourist visa.

The so-called right of soil - by place of birth - is valid not only in the United States, but in the vast majority of countries in the Western Hemisphere. Including give citizenship to those born in neighboring states - Canada and Mexico.

There is no direct travel ban for pregnant women. Interview officers are prohibited from asking about pregnancy or requesting test results. However, now, if a consular officer suspects that there is a purpose related to childbirth, he has every reason to reject the application. The burden of proof to the contrary lies with the applicant.

The waiver does not apply to emergency medical care in the United States, but this must also be justified by an appropriate medical report. In this case, the expectant mother will have to prove that she has enough funds for this. The question remains: how the immigration officer will determine the true intentions of the tourist. However, by tradition, the US Embassy never comments on its decisions.

Why Trump is against maternity tourism

The motive for toughening entry rules is the need to combat illegal immigration. In accordance with the American Constitution, a child born in the United States is automatically granted citizenship. Trump has repeatedly expressed his intention to celebrate this rule and stop the practice of "birth tourism". This was one of the points of his election program. His words sounded like this: “We are the only country in the world to which a person can come, give birth to a child, and this child will have US citizenship with all its privileges. It's just ridiculous and it has to end. " Trump called this opportunity "The Greatest Magnet for Illegal Immigration."

In October 2018, the President issued a statement of intent to repeal Amendment 14 by his decree. Its text states that all persons born in the United States are citizens of the country. At the same time, Trump's lawyers assured that the abolition of the amendment would not require a complicated procedure for changing the Constitution, but could be introduced by a simple presidential decree.

Trump opposes Constitutional amendment 14

Up to 40 thousand children of foreigners are born in the United States annually, who automatically receive American citizenship. A significant part of them are children of Chinese, Russians and Nigerians. According to indirect data, the number of people who came from the Russian Federation reaches 1200-1300 per year. Most of them fly here to give birth on purpose so that their children receive citizenship. But there are those who give birth in America solely for medical reasons.

The reasons are the advantages of the local education system, health care, climate, high standard of living. Newborn citizens receive all rights and privileges, access to the social insurance system, the opportunity to work, be elected and be elected, etc.

A family trip to interesting places in the USA is a great opportunity to see something new, add bright photos to your home archive. As a result, children will gain the experience of traveling across a large country, replenish their knowledge base, and examine in detail the sights of the United States, which are "familiar" from books or pictures from the Internet.

Manhattan is the most iconic place in the USA

The whole area is a big attraction, a part of the USA that is interesting for walking. Walking around the neighborhood, the child with his parents will feel the historical spirit of the old part, which gave rise to the big city. Weather permitting, experts recommend starting your acquaintance with the popular New York borough by walking along the famous Brooklyn Bridge. The road is not tiring, from the water everyone can see the monumental skyscrapers of the USA.

An international landmark, Madame Tussauds in the USA, opens its doors every day, offering to look at wax copies of famous people. The road to the Manhattan Children's Museum has been polished by millions of feet and legs hurrying to the most gambling establishment in the United States. They give children's performances, interactive rooms, teach in master classes.

Children can't just walk past a three-story dream shop selling colorful chocolate. "The World of M & M's" is not yet considered a US landmark, but only from an official point of view. After all, here, in addition to multi-colored dragees, figurines of advertising heroes, products in the form of Star Wars characters are sold.

Statue of Liberty

"Green Lady" - this is how tourists affectionately call the most recognizable landmark in the United States. The lady is located on a miniature island, you can get to the foot only by water. Travelers usually arrive as part of an organized tour.

Cruise ships with tourists on board start from Manhattan, usually they go around the bridge, go towards the statue. The duration of the cruise is 60 minutes, the child will be able to withstand such a walk. The ship offers stunning views, and in the evening you can see the beautiful sunset and the sights of New York against its backdrop. This is the easiest option to get a closer look at the Statue of Liberty.

The option of climbing to the crown of the statue is more difficult and not only in physical terms. Whether the child will be able to cope with climbing the stairs is up to parents to decide. To go upstairs, you also need to buy tickets, and given the popularity of the facility in the United States and around the world, you need to buy them in advance. And still stand a long, but fast-moving line to the attraction. During the tour, they give out English-language audio guides telling about the statue, they offer to take professional photos, capturing yourself against the background of the attraction.

Experts recommend another walk option. It turns out that if you take a ferry for residents, departing from the Manhattan pier and rushing towards the shore of Staten Island, you can see the Greenest Lady of the United States from a better angle, similar to the usual shots of Hollywood films. Moreover, you can see and take pictures of the attraction twice, transferring immediately to the return ferry. As a result, a lot of emotions, a happy family and only one hour of time is spent. But this US landmark is well worth it.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Children who adore US cinema, who know by name all the celestials of modern Parnassus, seek to bring parents here. And the stars on the alley belong not only to eminent adult actors. Among them there are tiles with the names of fairy-tale characters and cartoon characters from the United States.

Exploring a long alley with names adored by children and adults all over the world takes a certain amount of time. For fifty years, 2,500 thousand commemorative plaques have accumulated on Los Angeles Boulevard. By the badges by the name, one can guess in which sphere of art a celebrity became famous.

Ecotourism is not just an exotic journey. This is support for nature conservation activities. It's about reuniting and watching wildlife.

Today travel has become available to everyone. Do you want to wander around Kilimanjaro? A plane will take you to the desired point. A weekend in Boston? The train is at your service. You can travel by buses, ferries and private cars. The developing transport sector gives us the opportunity to see the world. But scientific and technological progress should not destroy the environment. To be honest, we are not doing very well with this yet. Ecotourism was invented to make a difference.

Eco-tourism (aka green) differs from conventional travel in its emphasis on conservation. What does this mean?

Ethical behavior of participants, low level of impact on the environment.

Desire to study the history and traditions of local culture and their relationship with the surrounding biological environment.

Provide support for local conservation efforts.

Environmental education for both travelers and locals.

More and more tourist groups go to protected natural areas - on safaris in Africa, surf tours in Bali or the Maldives. Such trips without proper planning can threaten the integrity of ecosystems and local cultures. And then environmental degradation occurs.

And it's not just about nature. Local communities and indigenous cultures can be irreparably damaged by the influx of foreign visitors. And exchange rates, political and social conditions make overdependence on tourism a risky business.

However, the growing interest in travel creates incredible opportunities for the preservation of local communities. Ecotourism is ideally balanced and generates the income needed to protect national parks and other natural areas.

The leading conservation organization in the United States and the world, The Nature Conservancy, is committed to protecting our lands and waters for future generations. Its offices are located in all 50 states. Thanks to their activities, a list of the most interesting ecotourism destinations in America has appeared.

The Nature Conservancy advises choosing a place to stay close to home - on long trips, especially by car, too much carbon dioxide is emitted into the air. Man pollutes the air, forcing the planet to change not for the better, and global warming is a prime example of this.

So where should the ecotourist go? Most of the directions are not ideal, but with the support of the "green" they will actively develop in the near future.

In the United States, there are no problems when choosing a place for entertainment with children, because this country is simply "dotted" with parks that invite you to have a great time. Children are rewarded with trips based on their interests. You can go for fun in the park of a fairy-tale character, stop by a place dedicated to the great animator and his cartoon activities in America, visit the country of "Lego".

Two Disney parks created in the United States in the last century are easily holding the palm in the field of children's entertainment. These are large-scale parks: they are full of entertainment, attractions, fabulous locations and accompanying tourist infrastructure.

Six Flags Amusement Park

The eponymous company has become the flagship of family entertainment in the United States and the northern part of the continent, opening two parks named after the firm. In total, the owners own more than 20 amusement parks and complexes, several water parks. The park is named after the number of flags that once flew over the state of Texas.

Six Flags Over Texas

The famous amusement park in America was built in the sixties near the Texas city of Arlington. "Six Flags Over Texas" became the "firstborn" and a model for the construction of similar family parks in the United States.

For children and adults, the park offers hundreds of slides, visit themed areas, try out entertainment, say hello and take pictures with full-grown characters. Especially popular with American visitors are:

  • Batman: The Ride is an inverted roller coaster;
  • Titan is a roller coaster with a maximum rotating loop;
  • Skyscreamer is officially the tallest on the planet carousel;
  • The Texas giant is a roller coaster made of wood.

Several years ago, a new children's entertainment appeared in the park - the Batman: The Ride Backwards attraction. The park invites adults and older children on the most spectacular flight in the entire United States, at high speed over the city. With a flight through a cave and a loop.

Kids will not leave the park offended, for them there are separate entertainments with the American hare Bugs Bunny and his best friends. The guys are waiting for a dozen attractions collected at the location Bugs Bunny Boomtown. The head of the family can take part in a rodeo at the entertainment location of the same name and travel around the bull, while household members will become spectators of the show.

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