Child sex tourism will be fought at the legislative level

Sex tourism in the Dominican Republic: for men and women

IA SakhaNews. State Duma deputy from "United Russia" Alexander Sidyakin has prepared a bill against international child sex tourism. The bill provides for the introduction of the concept of "child sex tourism" into Russian legislation and punitive sanctions.

Amendments to Art. 7 of the law “On the procedure for leaving Russia and entering Russia” to restrict the entry and exit of foreign citizens and stateless persons found to be involved in sexual acts against minors. In addition, there is a restriction on travel outside the country for people who have served a sentence "for organizing or participating in sexual violence against minors, trafficking in children, involving children in prostitution and distributing child pornography."

The author of the bill believes that it is necessary to fight this layer of pedophiles at the level of legislation: “I believe that it is necessary to fight this layer of criminals. And our legislation should help us in this struggle, which I am currently trying to change so that it would be more conducive to solving this terrible problem. "

Lawyers note that the draft law contradicts a number of other Russian regulations, in particular, "On freedom of movement."

“According to our legislation, you cannot be punished twice for the same case. If a person has already served a sentence once, then his unreasonable repetition is a violation of the constitutional rights of this person and the current legislation, ”says lawyer Yuriy Padalko.

Adolescents aged 15-17 are becoming victims of sex offenders around the world. The main demand for child sex tourism in Russia is formed by citizens of the USA, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, France and Italy.

The bill "banning child sex tourism" will be submitted to the State Duma next week.

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Scientists of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) have established that seismic events with a magnitude of Mw = 6. –7 are possible within the Lena delta. ... Photo: YASIA

Child sex tourism will be fought at the legislative level

Sex tourism in the Dominican Republic for men

Prostitutes in the Dominican Republic are ready to fulfill all your desires, even the wildest, if you pay them in hard American or European currency. They see this as one of the best ways to make money quickly, as well as an opportunity to marry a promising and wealthy foreigner.

Haitian women predominate among local beauties, and many of them are quite simple in appearance and do not fit the title of "sex bomb". Haiti has a rather low standard of living, and therefore prostitutes go to the Dominican Republic for a decent, in their opinion, salary. There are also local night fairies, their age, as a rule, ranges from 16 to 35 years old.

The choice of girls is quite large, but if you want to get the best partner, from the category of "luxury", then you need to look for her through the locals or those who regularly visit the country.

Male Choice

Besides women, the country has a good selection of men who are of interest to European women. The prices for their services are quite high, but nevertheless, they are in demand no less than the prostitutes of the Dominican Republic. Sex is not the basis of their work, but they do not refuse such an opportunity for money.

The price for sex tourism services in the Dominican Republic can be different, depending on many factors: the season, the resort, the degree of beauty of the girl or her mood on a particular day.

For example, in Punta Cana in a brothel you can spend 1-2 hours with a night fairy for $ 50-60. This is relatively cheap, since in the same Mangu club you will have to pay about $ 150 for short-time, but the choice here is really worth it.

The cheapest way is to rent a prostitute either on the street or in a disco. This is not difficult to do: pick a girl and invite her to take a walk. Prices for the services of such beauties are on average $ 30 per shorts.

Major sex tourism resorts in the Dominican Republic

Among the most popular hot spots in the Dominican Republic are the following:

  • Punta Cana. The most beautiful prostitutes come here. However, quite wealthy people rest in this resort, so the prices for sexual services can be much higher than in other recreation areas. You can rent a pretty fairy in the Mangu club, in the Bavaro Princess casino area. There are a lot of cheap hotels near these places, where they usually go with the girl they like. In brothels, prostitutes are cheaper, but their "quality" is worse. You can check with local taxi drivers for details about fishing spots.
  • Sosua resort. Here, almost all hotels operate in the style of small brothels, in which the hotel owner acts as a pimp. In such hotels, you can always choose a pretty fairy at the bar. However, the choice is much greater at discos on Pedro Clisante Street, of which there are a lot.
  • Boca Chica. We can say that the main street of this resort is a real brothel. The girls here are cheap, but far from the best, so many tourists avoid this place.
  • La Romana. The girl can be photographed on the way to the "Brick" shopping center or in a nightclub with the unusual name "Climax". In this case, climax is translated from English as "orgasm".

SakhaNews news agency will fight against child sex tourism at the legislative level. State Duma deputy from

Despite later puberty, boys learn the science of carnal love earlier than their peers. Whether we like it or not, by the age of fourteen, about 12% of boys and 8% of girls (that is, one in ten children) have lost their virginity, and by the age of sixteen, a third of adolescents have had sexual experience. Who strives to be the first to grab a piece of the forbidden fruit?

Romeo and Juliet

Observations of psychologists show that not at all licentiousness and debauchery, but that sublime feeling, which we call "love", leads in most cases to early sex. Many young couples, indeed, prefer to go through all the required stages of the development of relations from casual dates to regular meetings and thus stand the test of time before deciding on intimacy. The only trouble is that weeks and months from a height of fourteen seem like years to them, and mutual sympathy, attraction or just gratitude for attention to oneself - love to the grave.

The romantic time of courtship usually does not escape the watchful eye of parents and often even pleases them: how can you think something bad about these innocent lovers! Moms and dads, keep in mind: not the abundance of characters of the opposite sex in a child's life, but quite the opposite, the constancy of the same protagonist indicates a high likelihood of the early development of the physical side of the relationship between a man and a woman. Therefore, if a handsome prince is already prancing on a white horse under your balcony or the most real princess is standing in the pouring rain at the gates of your modest castle, do not postpone an intimate conversation "about this" with your daughter or son. Probably, you should not take on the role of a barrier with a "no entry" sign. It is better to explain to your little blood that you understand how great, how magical and powerful is what is happening to him (her) now, but before the last line it is worth slowing down and waiting. until the age of majority. This approach is not a consequence of your backward ideas about life, it is dictated by common sense: if this is serious, you need to see each other not only in a romantic atmosphere of dating, but also in the harsh realities of ordinary life. In addition, it is wiser to devote school years to study, there will no longer be a more suitable time for it, and family, pregnancy, responsibility not only for oneself is a difficult burden, for which a teenager is not yet physically, mentally, or financially ready. Sex is not a goal, but only one of the facets of relationships, a brilliant accompaniment to the melody of love.

If you feel your passions are running high, share with your child adult secrets on how to get the most out of sexual intercourse. But just in case, explain how and why you need to protect yourself. Is it difficult for you to talk about such topics? Just slip a popular book.

Dangerous Liaisons

Although more than half of early sexual debuts take place within established couples, many adolescents part with their virginity on the basis of the principle: “What am I, a redhead, or what?”

Statistics show that if a child is more friends with older children from childhood, regardless of their gender and cultural level, the likelihood that older comrades will introduce him to the secrets of carnal love at the age of thirteen or fourteen is very high. And children's curiosity is a great power! Well, how to resist the temptation not only to seem, but also to be more mature.

It’s sad if a teenager sees sex as one of the ways to while away the time in the company of his own kind. It may sound trite, but experience confirms that children who are engaged in creative activities or sports are later introduced to sex than their classmates who are not burdened with additional activities. And since young lovers of sexual experiments are usually not very picky in partners, not too knowledgeable and demanding in matters of sexual hygiene, they most often become victims of all kinds of infections, from simply unpleasant, such as herpes, to deadly ones, like AIDS. ...

It would be a mistake to think that sex for company is the lot of children from disadvantaged families. A desperate leap "all bad" can be made out of a thirst for self-affirmation, out of revenge on overly strict parents, defending the rights to privacy and the ability to make independent decisions. Extremes lead to extremes.

The advocates of morality will be surprised a lot, but in fact there are a lot of couples who, having their own cozy bedroom, from time to time prefer to have sex somewhere outside the home. They like to be in a situation where they can be caught on the spot, seen, caught. And they argue that nothing like this risk of being caught increases their sexual arousal and does not sharpen their feelings.

People often tell stories that sex left their most vivid memories, for example, behind a curtain in a house full of guests, when at any moment someone could come in. Or at the entrance, when any door could open. Or at the sky-high heights of the Ferris wheel, when people in neighboring booths enjoy the views. They claim that they have never experienced such a strong orgasm as during these hooligan antics.

Doctors recommend

Sexologists believe that, within reasonable limits, there is nothing pathological in the passion for sex outside the home. They believe that increased sexual arousal is associated precisely with the risk, the thought of being caught. It is this thought that stirs up the blood and intensifies the orgasm. Such antics can really refresh cooling sexual relations, strengthen the union of people who are starting to get tired of each other, and simply diversify intimate life. In short, do a good job.

Don't get carried away

But! But everything, as they say, is good in moderation. Experts do not recommend getting too carried away with sex "with raisins." One time is often enough to refresh a relationship. Sexologists talk about patients who at some point simply stop enjoying sex in a familiar environment. They become hostages of this adrenaline and are simply unable to experience an orgasm if sex does not take place in a dressing room of a store, but in their own bed.

These people need treatment. After all, an excessive passion for sex in public places can lead to problems with law enforcement agencies, and simply to unpleasant clashes. And do not forget about others: if children or just impressionable people see your exercises from the Kama Sutra, it may shock them. Moreover: to inflict trauma on a child's fragile psyche, which will negatively affect their future sex life. And then, you must admit, having sex in places unsuitable for this, when there is no shower, napkins, change of clothes at hand, is simply uncomfortable, unhygienic and dangerous from the point of view of genital infections.

How to distinguish norm from pathology?

Sex lovers in public places, as a rule, are excited by the very risk of being seen, and not at all the real possibility of this. The pleasure of being caught is normal. And the pleasure of being seen is a deviation, already documented by doctors, called "exhibitionism."

So if your partner wants to be caught, it might be a reason to wonder if you're on your way. Normally, sex in an unusual place still happens without spectators. If someone walks in, the natural reaction is to stop exercising and try to hide if possible.

From Heaven to Earth

Every week in St. Petersburg the police close one or two brothels, but their number is not decreasing. The city is replete with ads of an intimate nature, and the number of prostitutes is only growing. Recently, the Committee on Legislation of the City Parliament discussed toughening the punishment for prostitution. But experts question its effectiveness.

Putan to the Maidan!

The document proposes to increase fines for prostitutes up to 4-10 thousand rubles, or impose an arrest up to 15 days. If a woman is caught twice, then the punishment increases to 80 thousand rubles or up to a year of correctional labor. If you have already had a criminal record for this occupation, then the call girl will go to jail for 15 years. It is proposed to raise the fine for the pimp to 200 thousand rubles.

- Prostitution is a cancer of society that needs to be eradicated, - said Vitaly Milonov, the author of the bill. - This can be done with harsh and inevitable administrative punitive measures. I propose to increase the punishment. Many confused are citizens of independent states. We must send them to defend the Euromaidan, to administratively expel them from our country. And I would also put cameras everywhere, take pictures of all clients and post their pictures on the website of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the wives to see. And all the officials who were caught with the priestesses of love should be fired!

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region has already supported the initiative. Moreover, the representative of the head office noted that if you start to expel foreign prostitutes from the country, then the total number of prostitutes will significantly decrease and "in general, the situation in the city will improve."

In the meantime, on Nevsky Prospekt, every few meters there are barkers to "massage" salons. Moreover, it is quite obvious what kind of massage the client will receive. Advertisers do not hesitate to give brochures even to teenagers and schoolchildren. And the girls were given colorful brochures offering high-paying jobs. They are promised from 50 thousand rubles a month, admiration for men, yachts, cars, a luxurious life ...

Work or slavery?

Experts emphasize that the problem of prostitution is closely related to corruption and crime. So, at the beginning of the summer, the Investigative Committee completed the investigation of a criminal case against former special forces officers. Four men attacked the brothels of St. Petersburg, raped and beat the girls, taking the proceeds. In October, in St. Petersburg, former police officer Vladimir Sharapov was sentenced to 8 years for the murder of a moth.

Often those who sell their bodies are enslaved. Women from other states - Ukraine, Belarus, Nigeria, who were deceived, often work in brothels. They went to a decent job, but ended up in sex dens.

In June, four Nigerian citizens were convicted in St. Petersburg for the abduction and torture of a compatriot. The girl migrated to find a job, but fell into slavery. Her money, documents and all things were taken away from her. For her freedom they demanded more than 1 million rubles from her. And when the victim tried to escape, she was tortured. Only by a miracle the woman managed to escape and get to the police. Three pimps received 10 years each, and the initiator of the torture - 12. At the beginning of the week, the St. Petersburg Investigative Committee opened another criminal case - about organizing a criminal community. Attackers forced nightclub strippers to steal money from customers' cards. For three years, the criminals have stolen hundreds of millions of rubles, forcing the dancers to do all the dirty and dangerous work.

- I had to deal with this problem several times, - says Nikita Sorokin, head of the public organization "Honest Petersburg". - A couple of years ago there was a brothel next to my entrance, the girl was simply thrown out of the window. Not so long ago, she helped a visitor from Nigeria to escape from a brothel, where she was beaten and forced into prostitution. This area is very dangerous. Confused people are subjected to violence, perish at the hands of maniacs, bandits and unscrupulous police officers.

Social advertising is not needed

At the end of the summer, artists from St. Petersburg tried to draw attention to the problem of prostitution. They placed on the walls of houses images of heroines from the famous story by Alexander Kuprin "The Pit". The authors wanted to explain to the society that it is necessary to fight not with the women themselves, but with their clients. Most of the drawings, however, were ripped off by residents and janitors. But on the Internet there are openly sites with photos of prostitutes, phone numbers and prices. And at the same time, the notes that visiting brothels "does not oblige a man to anything, allows him to save precious time and guaranteed to have fun."

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