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The results of the regional stage of the All-Russian competition of research works of students "Fatherland" have been summed up

Seats were allocated as follows:

Nomination "Cultural Heritage" 1st place: Maria Sychugova, student of grade 10 MKOU SOSH s. The floor of the Belokholunitsky district of the Kirov region, the theme of the work: "The origins and features of the work of my fellow countryman - Honored Artist of Russia N.I. Oparinsky district of the Kirov region "3rd place: Marich Evelina, a student of the 10th grade of the Moscow State Educational Institution of Secondary School of Denisovy, Slobodsky District, theme of the work:" The city of Slobodskoy during the First World War "

Nomination "Compatriots" 1st place: Cheraneva Elizaveta, a student of grade 9a KOGOBU SSh with UIOP, Afanasyevo, theme of work: "... In boots and a heavy overcoat ... She walked along the roads of war" E.) 2nd place: Pavel Rozhentsov, MBU DO DDT of the Yaransky district, theme of the work: "The feat of Yaranichi - a soldier of legendary life" 3rd place: Ksenia Posibeeva, student of the 9th grade of MKOU OOSh p. Mari-Malmyzh of Malmyzhsky district of Kirov region, topic of work: "Our fellow countryman is the first secretary of the Mari regional committee of the CPSU"

Nomination "Ecological study of local lore" 1st place: Evgeniya Buzmakova, a student of grade 8 MBOU secondary school with. Pashino Afanasyevsky district of the Kirov region, topic of work: “Environmental assessment of the site of the river. Kams in the vicinity of the village of Kamsky "2nd place: Zinovieva Sofya Sergeevna, a student of the 9th grade of KOGOAU LEN, the topic of work:" Creation of an artificial reservoir with a sustainable ecological system on the garden plot. " Pashino Afanasyevsky district of the Kirov region, theme of the work: "The ecological state of the elm of the Markov ugr and its history"

Congratulations to the winners and participants! By the decision of the jury, the works of the participants who took the first and second places in each section will be sent to the correspondence stage of the All-Russian competition "Fatherland" in Moscow.

Certificates of participants, diplomas of prize-winners and winners, as well as diplomas to the leaders will be sent to the leaders by e-mail. Printed versions of letters and diplomas can be picked up at the address: Kirov, Vorovskogo, 16 (09. 0 - 18. 0, Mon-Fri).

Extract from the WORK PLAN of the Kirov Regional State Autonomous Institution of Continuing Education "Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Excursions" for a year

Results of the "New Year's Bundle" competition

The results of the distance competition for knitting tourist knots for students, teachers and parents of the New Year's Knot Center have been summed up. The competition was attended by 38 people.

Tourists knitted knots for a while, filmed videos and sent video reports to the competition. The winners were determined in 2 nominations: the sum of the knitting time of five knots and the fastest knitting time for individual knots. dinners in different age groups were: Musikhina Elizaveta, Falevsky Evgeny, Putienko Ivan and Krivosheina Violetta, among teachers and parents: Sharnina Alevtina and Kholstinin Anton. knitting leaders: Musikhina E., Ogorodnikov E., Kultyshev V., Kobelev A., Falevsky E., Gizhevsky A., Krinitsyn A., Obukhov A., Dudina N., Putienko I., Vorobieva Yu., Sergeeva A, Elkin S., Krivosheina V., Khaimin V., Kholstinin A., Fufachev K., Sharnina A., Myshkina M.

Congratulations to the winners and awardees and invite you to participate in the regional competition. frames can be downloaded here

Center news

A 4-star hotel awaits its guests in a 15-minute walk from the center of Kirov. Nearby there are such places: Park named after Kirov, Alexander Church and Kirov Railway Station.

Nearby are such popular places as Kirov Railway Station, Kirov Park and Alexander's Church. This property is recommended for business travel.

Kirov was founded during the Middle Ages and was considered the most eastern settlement of Ancient Rus. The modern city, a large industrial and cultural center, has largely managed to preserve its historical appearance. Tourists call the city the pearl of the Urals. This is the birthplace of the famous Dymkovo toys and other Vyatka crafts: wood carving, lace weaving. The regional center on the Vyatka River is famous for its hospitable and friendly people. Numerous hotels in Kirov are aimed at a very different contingent - ordinary tourists who came to get acquainted with the old Russian city and those who arrived on a business trip.

What to expect from hotels in Kirov

In the hotel industry, it is customary to classify establishments according to the "star" system - the more "stars", the higher the level of service. But this classification is not mandatory. Therefore, most of the hotels in Kirov have no assigned "stars". Nevertheless, the services there are provided at a decent level, and the comfort of visitors serves as the main reference point for the owners. When choosing a place, it is better to pay attention to the reviews of other clients, a list of services, photos of interiors.

Star hotels in Kirov

Hotels of this class are located not far from the center. Free services include parking, internet access, transfers from the train station or airport.

  • Alpha Business Hotel is ideal for business trips. The building houses its own business center with conference rooms and meeting rooms.
  • Four Elements Kirov on Oktyabrsky Prospect has a large fitness center with a swimming pool, business center, and a restaurant.
  • The Kirov Hotel provides its guests with spacious rooms and excellent service. The 4-storey building is equipped with an elevator. There is a restaurant with excellent cuisine where you can order a packed lunch to go. Turkish bath and massage services are provided.

Cheap Kirov Hotels

Three-star hotels in Kirov provide a standard package of services: comfortable accommodation, including pets, free parking and internet. When choosing a place to stay, you can focus on the proximity of attractions. For example, the Stary Dvorik hotel is located near Teatralnaya Square and the Spassky Cathedral. And from the "Centralnaya Hotel" a stone's throw to the Assumption Trifonov Monastery and the mansion of the merchant Bulychev.

Young people and students like the most budgetary holidays. Good conditions are provided by hostels "Cascade", "On Komsomolskaya", "Udachny Den", "HD Hostel".

Despite the large number of offers and low prices for hotels in Kirov, it is better to book a suitable option in advance. Focus on the described amenities. When choosing, use filters and a map to determine the location of the hotel in the urban environment.

Online hotel booking in Kirov

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