Center for the Development of Culture and Arts; Gifting

Center for the Development of Culture and Arts; Gifting

"In order to achieve heights in art, you need to give him a lifetime"

- Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov

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Attention! The transfer of the show of the Musical!

Due to the restrictions introduced on the territory of the Moscow region for holding mass cultural events, the show of the musical "Petrov and Vasechkin's Vacations" has been postponed.

We will inform you of the date and time later!


School Preparation Team

Children and Youth Choir "Voices of Kolomna"

Learning to play the piano

Center for the Development of Culture and Arts; Gifting

We will organize especially for you a school tour in Kolomna, graduation for grades 4, 9 and 11 in Kolomna in the best possible way. Excursions and graduations for schoolchildren in Kolomna have become very popular now and continue to gain momentum. Indeed, practice has shown that for schoolchildren the combination of travel, interactive excursions, a quest, a picnic and a good lunch (or banquet) is an excellent option for school activities. Moreover, for a group of schoolchildren, as a rule, 2-3 accompanying persons pass everywhere free of charge.

Dear parents and teachers! We have a really great experience in organizing school tours around Kolomna. Below I will tell you about our programs, methods of their implementation and prices for various options for school trips to Kolomna. You can combine program options as you like. But, in any case, personal consultation is necessary in order to avoid misunderstandings.

What is generally possible for schoolchildren in Kolomna?

First, I will voice the whole range of excursions for children in Kolomna. And then we will more specifically analyze how they can be combined and how to calculate the budget. Everyone's requests are different. Many school excursions come to Kolomna from Moscow, apply also from the Moscow region, sometimes Kolomna schoolchildren also order the organization of cultural and historical events in Kolomna.

I must say right away that I eliminated all unnecessary things that did not cause admiration among the children or their parents.

So, at the moment are available and are win-win options:

What is the best way to assemble a school tour in Kolomna and calculate the cost correctly

In order for you to correctly draw up a program and calculate a school tour or graduation in Kolomna, there are two options.

Examples of calculations of some of our orders

Example School tour in Kolomna, class

REX express railway from Moscow.

Center for the Development of Culture and Arts

Kolomna is located 115 km from Moscow at the confluence of the Moskva River and Oka. This is one of the oldest cities in the Moscow region, the favorite city of Dmitry Donskoy, the center of Orthodox Russia. Kolomna was the first to enter the Moscow principality, and its main symbol, the Kremlin, has remained inaccessible to invaders since 1531

In places merchant, in places Soviet, Kolomna is all made up of contrasts: the High-tech Ice Palace adjoins the Kremlin walls, cluttered courtyards and abandoned alleys with the front center; the street leading to the Assumption Cathedral is named after the hardened revolutionary Lazarev, and all this coexists quite harmoniously. Kolomna is one of the main industrial, cultural and spiritual centers of the Moscow region, attracting tourists with beautiful landscapes, interesting museums and perfectly preserved monuments of history and architecture.

How to get to Kolomna

There are several ways to get from Moscow to Kolomna. The fastest is on a regular intercity bus. In the absence of traffic jams, the road will take only 1 hour and 40 minutes. The train journey takes 2 hours and 20 minutes, but it does not depend on road traffic. The most convenient option is to drive your own car from Moscow. The most convenient way to leave your car is in the parking lot in front of the bell tower of St. John the Theologian (right behind the Kremlin wall).

A good option is to go to Kolomna on a motor ship leaving from the Southern River Station on a 4-day cruise Moscow - Ryazan - Moscow.

For more information about all the ways to travel to Kolomna, see this page.

Districts of Kolomna

There are 11 districts in Kolomna, but local residents do not quite agree with the official classification. For example, the districts on the right bank of the Oka (Lartsevy Polyana and Dubovaya Roshcha) are still called Shchurovo - after the city that was located here until 1960. Most of Kolomna's attractions are located in the Central District, here are the largest shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, hotels and residential complexes of business class.

Kolomna Hotels

There are many decent places to stay in Kolomna. It is most convenient to stay in the city center, close to key attractions. Tourists on a budget choose hostels with prices starting at RUB 500. Rooms in small hotels start at RUB 900 and up and offer free Wi-Fi.

The most comfortable hotels in the city are the three-star Kolomna with rooms of the following categories original cabins (standard, panoramic and deluxe, from 4200 RUB per room).

Another popular way of accommodation is renting apartments equipped with all the necessary furniture and household appliances. Cost - from 2300 RUB per day. The most discerning travelers will find the holiday home "On Granatnaya", located in an old building 100 meters from the Kolomna Kremlin. You can rent it in its entirety for 22,000 RUB per day.

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