Caves and hot pool

Preparing to travel with your child

Before going on vacation with a child, it is worth knowing well all the subtleties and details of resting with children, especially if you go abroad. For such information, you should not contact a travel agency, but parents who have already made such trips.

To begin with, kids usually don't like moving around frequently. Traveling to several countries at once can cause a lot of unexpected problems. The child may cry frequently, refuse to eat, and sleep poorly. For this reason, it is best to visit one country.

If the kid is often sick or has some kind of chronic ailments, it is necessary to choose a resort that is more suitable for the child. Allergy sufferers and people who have respiratory diseases, for example, are better off going to the coniferous area. Before choosing a trip to the sea, you should first choose a beach: sandy or with pebbles. The sandy beach is better for small children. Also, for a small child, the climate should not be changed much, so countries such as Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia or Poland are suitable for the first trip. With older children, you can travel to European countries to see the sights, visit various festivals, ride attractions or go to the zoo. After discussing all the details, you can choose a tour.

After choosing a resort, you need to find a suitable hotel. Almost all travel agencies offer hotel reservation services, so they should clarify some questions regarding services for children. For example, which hotels can provide a stroller or baby cot? You should clarify if the hotel provides meals for children and what to include in the menu. Do babysitters work at the hotel?

In addition, most hotels in Europe also provide such services: children's pool, playground, mini-club, highchairs in the restaurant, and so on. It is also important whether there are grocery stores, pharmacies, cafes or restaurants near the hotel.

Many families prefer to live in apartments and book them in advance. You can find good apartments on the forums on the Internet. There you can search for vacant apartments advertisements.

Having chosen an apartment or a hotel, you need to analyze well all the reviews on the Internet or ask around on the forums.

When choosing a transport, you also need to think about the child. Children usually have a hard time taking a long car or train ride. Therefore, it is better to choose an airplane. Tickets can be ordered through a travel agency or independently use the Internet service where you can buy cheap train or plane tickets.

Upon arrival in another country, on excursions you will use public transport, and you can also rent a car. It is better to arrange a lease in advance, as there is an opportunity to choose a good company.

Particular attention should be paid to food. For an infant, you need to take bottles and formula, water to dilute the formula, a bottle sterilizer, and a warmer.

Preparing to travel with your child

Winter is not a reason to stay at home on weekends. It's time to go on a little trip. Moreover, in the winter in the Chelyabinsk region there is something to see. We will tell you where you can go for a day with the whole family and why it is interesting.

Take a walk in a fairy tale

This can be done in the Serpievsky reserve. In Katav-Ivanovsky district, not far from the village of Serpievka, two eco-trails were specially arranged for tourists. You can walk through them all year round.

It is better to start the excursion with a visit to the visit-center "Serpievsky Cave Grad". It is located in the very village of Serpievka - st. Lenin, 34. Here tourists will be shown the exhibition and will be told in detail about the routes.

There are two of them in the reserve. The first one is called "Small ecological trail", its length is 550 meters. The road winds through the most interesting places of the cave castle. Along the way - stairs, safe fences and information boards. The trail runs through several amazing caves. One of them - Kolokolnaya - the third in Russia, where scientists have found drawings of ancient people of the Paleolithic era. They look like rock paintings in the famous Ignatievskaya cave.

Also on the way you will meet the May Cave with labyrinths and stalactites, Small and Big Serpievsky grottoes, and other places that will be interesting to explore for both children and adults. For example, a karst arch - the Ring rock. Its tourists have long been nicknamed the "Sphere of Love". They say that if you squeeze into its narrowest hole and think of a cherished name, you will surely be lucky in your personal life.

At the end of the route - an observation deck over the Sim river. From it in winter, simply stunning views open up.

There is a special path for kids in the Serpievsky Reserve - a fairytale one. Leshy, Baba Yaga, Alyonushka with a naughty brother, Silver Hoof and other heroes will meet at seven venues.

You can stay at a hotel in Serpievka. There are also cafes and shops.

Swim in the cold under the open sky

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