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Adygea, in the land of fabulous mountains

In its geographical position, the Republic of Adygea is very lucky.

It is surrounded on all sides by the Krasnodar Territory. Actually, it is part of it, as well as the Southern Federal District. She has in her neighbors the very capital of the Kuban, Krasnodar, and the mountain resort of Goryachy Klyuch is just a stone's throw away. And tourists do not much need to travel from it to the Black or Azov Seas, their estuaries, or to a dozen man-made reservoirs - reservoirs. And you simply cannot admire the mountains of Adygea: these are the peaks of the Great Caucasus Range, where crystal clear air, alpine meadows, cold rapid mountain rivers and lakes, waterfalls - and all these natural perfections of amazing beauty, having rest among which, you gain a keen mind, spaciousness souls, as if wings have grown behind your back, and the health you received among the wondrous beauties will be enough for you for a long time, and even more so for the upcoming new working semester - in abundance.

To start our acquaintance, let's clarify the scale of this amazing land - the area exceeds 7600 square kilometers. The capital is Maykop, whose territory is 57 square kilometers with a population of more than 168 thousand. Yet the population of Adygea is over 451 thousand, most of whom are Russians, and a little less of them are Circassians. There are, of course, Greeks, Turks, Poles, Ukrainians, and representatives of other nationalities.

Education of the Republic

It was formed in 1922 as the Adyghe (Circassian) Autonomous Region. In 1928 it was renamed into the Adyghe Autonomous Region, and since 1991 it has had the status of a republic. There are twelve stars on its national flag - according to the number of tribes living here with three ancient princely families. The history of Adygea is of great educational interest for tourists, of whom a great many come here every year, including from near and far abroad.

There are countless attractions

And so it is! Forty percent of its territory, which is 280 thousand hectares, is occupied by forests, mainly broad-leaved - oak, hornbeam, maple, there are also birch groves, conifers feel great. And, here, from the north-west Adygea adjoins the picturesque peaks of the Great Caucasus. One mountain Fisht is worth something! Today any adult and young person knows well about her, including in any part of the world: after her he named the grandiose stadium in which the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, fantastic in beauty and content, were opened and closed, and which is now being reconstructed for the future world championship in football in Russia. Fisht is translated from the local dialect as White Mountain. Its height is 2867.7 meters above sea level. And it is adjacent to two more picturesque peaks - Psheho-Su (Princess Water) - 2744 meters and Oshten (2804 meters above sea level). All three peaks form Fisht - the Oshten mountain range, amazing in its natural beauty. Here you have mountain rivers and streams, lakes and waterfalls. And those who like to travel, that our compatriots, that guests from abroad, are engaged in active tourism here - they master taiga and mountain trails on horseback or hiking routes. If you wish, you can go in for jeeping.

By the way, the "Thirty" route is popular here, leading from Mount Fisht to the Black Sea. There are also steeper mountains in Adygea - Chugush (3238 meters above sea level), Dzhemaruk (3099), Tybga (3064) or, for example, Urushten - 3020 meters above sea level. Of course, they attract the attention of tourists, and excursion routes with overnight stays in tents, romantic bright stars overhead at night and songs of bards with a guitar are laid past the peaks. One of the excursion routes runs along the Guam Gorge with 400-meter cliffs, waterfalls and an ancient dolmen made of huge stone slabs. On the Rufabgo River there is a waterfall of the same name with the beautiful name Heart of Rufabgo. The caves of the Stone Sea are attractive, of course, the alpine meadows and the famous Lago-Naki plateau (1600m) with the Big Azish cave. Every tourist will definitely visit the St. Michael's Monastery, a huge boulder called the Cossack Stone. Arriving for rest or treatment in Adygea, one must also bear in mind that it is just a stone's throw from other beauties of the Krasnodar Territory - the same gorgeous forty-kilometer beaches of Anapa, Gelendzhik Safari Park with its amazing animals in their natural habitat, suspended roads and so on. etc. Many tourists, having visited Adygea, then look at Krasnaya Polyana or in the gorge, where the swift wayward mountain river Mzymta flows with its extreme in the form of the world's longest suspension bridge over an abyss of more than two hundred meters, a giant swing with a half-kilometer swing pendulum and the possibility make a bungee jump into the abyss.

Go to Adygea for health!

Indeed - rest by rest, but you are determined and put in order your health. No problem. On the Belaya River in Maykop there is a clinic for medical fasting and health food of the Health Center LLC. She has eleven races annually. Modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, varied, including dietary nutrition, a range of medical procedures. And improve your health, and you will have a good rest. For your information - in Adygea there are 5 sanatoriums and boarding houses, 25 recreation centers, 5 children's health camps, about eight dozen luxury hotels and hotels. Do not forget that the republic is part of the Kuban. And her opportunities and treatments are generally huge. Over fifteen million tourists come here annually, one tenth of which are foreigners. At the disposal of both are two warm seas - Black and Azov, thousands of sanatoriums, boarding houses, children's health resorts, among which two leading in Russia - "Orlyonok" in the Tuapse region and "Smena" in Sukko near Anapa. Hundreds of kilometers of modern modern beaches, both pebbly and sandy. Then you don't have to continue: having arrived in Adygea, you can, if you wish, use the opportunities for recreation and treatment of the entire Krasnodar Territory, and they are immensely great. A vacation with us will put you on your feet, strengthen your health and leave a lot of vivid impressions!

• The registration fee includes: the work of the organizers and the leader of the trip, accommodation in all hotels and shelters, use of public camping equipment, transportation (minibus), bathhouse, camping meals, excursions, recreational fees in all reserves and reserves, insurance.

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Journey to the fabulous Adygea

(goals and features of the trip)

Adygea is a southern mountainous region, the beauty and color of which was admired by many poets and artists. High mountains, deep gorges and fabulous waterfalls, huge herds of horses in alpine meadows, mysterious dolmens in the forests, ancient monasteries and the traditional Caucasian culture of good nature and hospitality, which is rarely found in other regions of Russia.

In our trip we will cover all the main beauty and sights of Mountainous Adygea. This will be a unique, eventful and amazing journey: we will climb high into the mountains, swim in an emerald river under waterfalls, take part in the famous Fisht games, meet sunrises in the mountains above the clouds, go through scenic trails through alpine meadows, snowfields and protected forests - all this will give you a charge of cheerfulness and happiness for more than one year.

Hello everyone! I want to share with you my discovery, which Andrey Gureev helped me to make) He opened Adygea for me and my wife - a wonderful, inspiring place that made a great impression on me) The beauty of the mountains, the scale of space, the nature of the Krasnodar Territory of Russia, the sea of ​​positive emotions and precious memories) Thank you. ) I am sure that I will visit this amazing place more than once and help open it to others) I wish you all good travels and new discoveries!)

Galkin Stanislav (Moscow) - International Master of Sports. Multiple, Absolute Champion of Russia and Europe. Silver medalist of the World Championship. Participant of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

The Lago-Naki Plateau and the Stone Sea ridge will be remembered by everyone. These are places of amazing beauty and energetic power! I want to share my impressions of what I saw. It has been five years since my first trip, and since then, I come here every year! And being in Moscow, in my mind I often return to those places in order to once again walk those paths, plunge into a waterfall, enjoy the view of the mountains, breathe in this incomparable smell of purity, freedom, strength and amazing energy!

Olga Demidenko (Moscow) - Music teacher.

Personal files of employees recruited to children's health camps in Adygea, their competence, ensuring sanitary standards and fire safety, rules for swimming in water bodies and walking, as well as knowledge of the evacuation plan in case of fire - small part of what was checked at once by four republican departments: the prosecutor's office, Rospotrebnadzor, the Ministry of Social Labor and the Ministry of Education and Science.

Let's go to summer

It turned out that even after the Karelian tragedy, which resulted in the deaths of 14 children, the country camps are committing violations.

According to the press service of the Adygea prosecutor's office, when recruiting counselors, the camp management did not require information about the convictions of future workers, camp staff did not learn the fire-technical minimum, in some camps they did not develop an evacuation plan in case of fire.

“In connection with violations of the law, the Prosecutor's Office of the Maikop region sent a presentation to the leadership of children's health institutions demanding the elimination of violations. Cases of administrative offenses have been initiated against the perpetrators, ”the press service of the RA Prosecutor's Office said.

Over four summer streams, 1,020 children from all over Russia should have a rest in suburban health camps in Adygea, and 75 children will spend a month in a sanatorium.

“By law, we routinely check the camps once a shift. This is one check at day camps and four at 24 hour health camps. In addition, we have unscheduled inspections. This time, in connection with the tragedy that occurred in the Syamozero children's camp, the task of the unscheduled raid is to check the competence of all personnel, "said Sergei Zavgorodniy, head of the Adygea Rospotrebnadzor.

Another task of Rospotrebnadzor is to control the quality of products in children's camps and comply with the rules for their transportation. And then not everything turned out to be smooth.

“As of today, 28 administrative protocols have been drawn up on violation of the temperature regime, cooking technology, the amount of penalties from 10 food suppliers and 18 health institutions is 130 thousand rubles,” explained S. Zavgorodniy.

And although there have been no complaints about the camps for many years, in order to avoid poisoning, parents who decide to visit their child on vacation are not allowed to bring food with them.

In addition, hiking in the mountains and swimming in mountain rivers are simply excluded in the health camps of Adygea.

In a week you will try a varied combination of active and recreational excursions through picturesque nature in Adygea and the Krasnodar Territory: canyoning, horseback riding, descents with climbing equipment, trekking, caves and thermal springs and an extreme park.

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Tour program

10:00 Gathering the group at the railway station in Krasnodar.

11:00 Gathering of the group at the airport in Krasnodar.

13:00 Arrival in the village. Kamennomostsky.

Accommodation in rooms with all conveniences.

Acquaintance of the group with the guide-instructor.

15:00 Walking tour.

Visiting the Khadzhokh Gorge - a natural monument created by the Belaya River millions of years ago.

The gorge is crowned by a natural stone bridge, which gave the name to the village.

On the way back, visit the clean, flowing Red Lake, located in a rock mass and surrounded by granite bastions.

On February 11, at the Adyghe State University, with the participation of the head of the Republic of Armenia Murat Kumpilov, the Science City festival started, accustomed to the Day of Russian Science and the 80th anniversary of ASU.

Opening of the center "Polaris-Adygea"

Also within the framework of the event, the solemn opening of the Regional Center for the Identification and Support of Gifted Children "Polaris-Adygea" took place. It was attended by thousands of schoolchildren and students from different regions of the south of the country.

Elena Shmeleva, head of the educational foundation "Talent and Success", was the guest of honor of the festival. The event was also attended by: Chairman of the State Council-Khase of the Republic of Armenia Vladimir Narozhny, Chief Federal Inspector for the Republic of Armenia of the Office of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Southern Federal District Sergey Drokin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Natalia Shirokova, Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia Anzaur Kerashev, Rector of ASU Daud Mamiy, MSTU rector Saida Kuizheva, deputies and members of the RA Cabinet of Ministers.

Before the grand opening, the guests got acquainted with the work of the center "Polaris-Adygea", which covers three areas: science, culture and sports. The honorary right to light the center's symbol, the Polaris star, was given to Murat Kumpilov and Elena Shmeleva.

Further, the head of the center, Roman Chumakov, invited the guests to visit the laboratories of sports science, robotics and mechatronics, organic and inorganic chemistry, biohacking, physics of the future, virtual and augmented reality and others. In total, 17 laboratories have been created in various areas of science, art and sports. They are located in the Business Incubator of the Adyghe State University, as well as in the Maikop Technological University.

Polaris-Adygea has already started operating last year. During the three summer months, the center carried out intensive educational programs. All the created infrastructure was actively used, including the "Mountain Legend" camp. Summer sessions brought together talented children not only from Adygea, but also from 16 other regions of the country.

At the present time in the center "Polaris-Adygea" there is a winter profile shift: 50 children are engaged in various scientific developments. For example, Mikhail Pchelintsev, a project school participant, told Murat Kumpilov and Elena Shmeleva about his research in the field of genetic characteristics of the population to identify the individual susceptibility of citizens to coronavirus infection. Ilya Viklenko reported on his developments that can be used in the fight against thyroid cancer. A group of schoolchildren, led by teachers from Moscow State Technical University, is currently working on a new composition of medical film that will delay the spread of microbes.

More features

Also on February 11, a memorandum was signed between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia, the International Association of Participants in Space Activities (IASA) and the Adyghe State University on cooperation in the creation of the first student microsatellite for remote sensing of the earth "Prognoz" for monitoring and forecasting earthquakes ...

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