Camp trip: 11 questions to ask in advance

Hooray, holidays! Where to send your child in summer

The causes of the fire are now being investigated by the investigation. According to the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, the fault could have been the heater with which the tents were heated. Either one of the children hung clothes on him to dry, or she fell by accident.

The prosecutor of the Khabarovsk Territory has already ordered an inspection of all tent camps in the region. Similar checks are beginning across the country.

AiF. u made a reminder for parents about what safety issues need to be taken care of before sending a child to the camp and what questions should be asked to the management while “on the shore”.

Have all permissions been obtained?

Both the stationary and the tent camp must undergo scheduled inspections by Rospotrebnadzor, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Only after the issuance of permits by these departments can the camp begin to function.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Krasnodar Territory explained that every year they make up "black lists" of camps where the department found problems. Parents can familiarize themselves with them on the websites of the territorial offices.

Also, experts from the Ministry of Emergency Situations advise to carefully examine the premises when you have already brought the child to the camp: “Look at the existence of evacuation plans and evacuation exits, the latter should be open and allow you to quickly leave the premises. You also need to pay attention to the availability and performance of primary fire extinguishing equipment. The fire hydrant must be equipped with a fire hose and barrel. Sensors on serviceable fire extinguishers should be in the green zone. Before sending your child to the camp, you can call the Emergency Situations Ministry's hotline and clarify whether he meets the fire safety requirements. "

It is also worth asking if staff have had training drills on how to deal with a fire. This is especially important if you are camping.

What rooms will the children be accommodated in? How many people can be in one room?

According to SanPiN 2.. ... 1-55-13 for children's country camps, the sleeping area should be less than 4 square meters per child. Bedrooms for girls and boys are separate, windows are equipped with curtains and mosquito nets. The walls are smooth, with no signs of fungal infection.

For campgrounds, SanPiN requirements 2.. ... 048-13 indicate that there should be no more than 15 children in each squad. The tents are waterproof, windproof and fireproof, stand on a dry, level place on a wooden deck, raised 5-15 centimeters above the ground. There must be sufficient distance between tents (fire breaks).

Any camp must have a stable telephone connection and the possibility of transport.

Camp trip: 11 questions to ask in advance

If earlier the concept of "children's and youth recreation" was firmly associated with the vast majority of our citizens exclusively with a trip to a children's camp, now the variety of recreation options for the younger generation is limited by only one factor - the financial capabilities of the parents. Of course, tours that include seaside vacations remain the stable leaders in popularity. If we talk about countries, then first of all it is Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, Italy and, of course, Spain.

Number two in the summer hit parade of kids - sightseeing tours. In this segment, excursion trips to France with a visit to Disneyland are in the lead; classic excursion routes in Italy are also very popular. Trips to the sights of the Czech Republic and Scandinavian countries are in constant, albeit somewhat less demand among young travelers.

Another interesting type of recreation that is in demand at any time of the year is event tours. As a rule, these are not just trips, but events involving the direct participation of children in various festivals, creative competitions and art exhibitions. By the way, most of these festivals have an international status, choral, dance and singing groups take part in them. So that no one is offended, the participants are always divided into age groups with different nominations - after all, the age of young talents taking part in the same festival can be from 8 to 22 years old. The most popular countries hosting international children's and youth festivals are the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, France and Italy.

English with Native Speaker,

comfortable accommodation, 5 meals a day, age groups,

all-inclusive voucher, medical care, security, insurance, transfer from Moscow.

In demand in the summer and leisure trips of sports groups. Of course, in this case, we are not talking about the athletes who make up the country's Olympic reserve: in most cases, these are just teams of children who are involved in popular sports, most often playing sports (football, volleyball, baseball, and so on). Young athletes combine their rest with intense training, in addition, the most interesting options are possible - holding international friendly matches.

When organizing event tours or trips of sports groups to participate in competitions, the travel company most often has to provide a purely technical component: flight or moving, accommodation of children's groups and accompanying persons, transport service on site, organization of excursion programs and leisure guys. In addition, in most cases, it is the travel agency that collects all the necessary documents for participation in a competition, festival or match, as well as submitting a complete package of all documentation to the organizing committee of the event.

Let's go further: the most lazy guys who want not only to relax, sunbathe, swim, but also to learn something new, can be offered one of the combined tours. However, let's be frank: any normal child does not want to learn something new in the summer, especially if there is a choice between the sea and a bus ride to the sights - thus, in most cases, parents are behind the choice of the children's combined tour. Most of these programs combine an excursion component with a seaside vacation. Among the directions there are two indisputable leaders: Italy and Spain.

If museums and castles do not attract a young traveler, you can find a tour for him that implies active rest - for example, a hike with living in headscarves. Of course, despite all the "romance of distant wanderings", such trips designed for children are always extremely safe: there is constant supervision of the children, and qualified medical assistance, and in general everything you need. Such tours are offered in Karelia, but if we talk about abroad, then the most affordable options can be found in Slovakia.

More recently, a new type of tours for children and youth has appeared on the market - educational tours, which have recently become more and more relevant. They are intended for children who attend Sunday schools and study subjects related to Orthodox culture. The specially designed programs of these trips include an extensive excursion component, but not only: there is also enough time for rest and entertainment. For such tours, various accommodation options are offered - from comfortable hotels to apartments and recreation centers. Operators specializing in educational tours are now offering trips to Russia and Israel, and programs to Italy are planned in the near future.

A few words about the geography of children's recreation in Russia, which can now be divided into two main types. Firstly, this is a well-known to many people from their own experience "rest in the regions", when children go on vacation to camps located near their place of residence. Often these are subsidized trips, which are partially subsidized from the state budget - especially if the child's parents work in budgetary organizations. Well, the second option for rest in Russia is rest on the Black Sea coast: most of the camps are located in Anapa and Gelendzhik. According to old memory, rest in Crimea is also referred to this segment - although, of course, it is not Russia.

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