Camp Artek marine children's

Camp Artek marine children's

Summer holidays are starting very soon. How do families spend this time? They go to summer cottages, to the sea, to other cities, go on hikes. However, sometimes there is no opportunity to relax with relatives, but you do not want to deprive the child of rest, so the most ideal option for him is a camp. Of the best camps in the country, Artek can be distinguished, we will talk about him today.

ICC "Artek" is one of the largest children's centers in the country. There are several camps on its territory: Yantarny, Lazurny, Lesnoy, etc. At the moment there are only 11 of them, by 2020 the administration plans to build another building for the new camp - Almazny. There is also a specialized group Artek Media, in which children try themselves as journalists. They interview celebrities who come here every shift, conduct radio broadcasts, write articles (which can be read in the official VKontakte group).

Every shift children attend various excursions. So, for example, each detachment must visit the Ayu-Dag mountain. The excursions are always thematic, devoted to the topic of the shift and are carried out because of the COMs (which can be found below).

Food in Artek

By sending your child to camp, you can be sure that he will not have problems with lack of appetite. As practice shows, all children are waiting for meals with great delight, sometimes they even take an additive, the chefs do not refuse them.

There are 5 meals in total in the camp:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • afternoon tea
  • dinner
  • late dinner.

There is a buffet in the dining room, so children can choose what they want. For breakfast, there is usually an omelet, porridge, casserole, yogurt, etc.

For lunch and dinner, special attention is paid to meat products: pork, beef, etc. You can often find fish as well. In the dining room you can take as many bottles of water as you want at any time, so that children do not suffer from thirst.

But my favorite part about eating is the animation. This is the name for additional delicacies, such as pancakes with condensed milk, waffles, marshmallows. If you want to add animation, then you have to read a poem to the cooks. Why this meal is so named, almost no one knows.

Artek; international children's center

Camp Artek is an international health resort for children and youth. It is located in the Crimea on the Black Sea coast. Initially, the children's sanatorium over the 90-year history of its existence has turned into a modern health and educational center for working with gifted children.

Where is the sea camp "Artek" on the map of Crimea, how to get there

Camp "Artek" is located near the Ayu-Dag mountain on the Crimean peninsula. Legally, the camp is part of the resort village of Gurzuf, on Leningradskaya Street. The area occupied by the children's center is 216 hectares and is adjacent to the protected areas of the Crimea. The Black Sea beach area covers an area of ​​7 km. The nearest cities are Yalta and Alushta. Yalta city center is located 13 km from Artek.

It is possible to get to Artek by air or by train to Simferopol, Yalta, Alushta. From Simferopol to Artek 65 km along the highway. Distance Alushta - Artek of 22 km. Buses run from Simferopol and Alushta on schedule. You can get from Yalta by bus, minibus to the stop "Artekovskaya pochta", or by car in 10 minutes.

For children traveling to the camp on a voucher, there is a transfer from the camp. The bus picks up children from the train station or airport in Simferopol, takes them to the hotel and then to the camp.

Shift Schedule

Shift 1 in Artek starts in mid-January. There are 15 shifts in the children's center per year. The duration of each is 21 days. Finishing one shift, the camp accepts children of the next stream in 1-2 days. The last, 15 shift, ends on January 13-14.

The June 1941 shift remains the longest in the history of the camp. It lasted 1301 days, from June 1941 to January 1945.

Each Artek session is thematic. The topic is timed to coincide with historical dates and interesting events. The shift program is developed by the methodological department of the camp. Memorable dates that fall on the shift must be marked.

Topic titles are varied and do not repeat throughout the year:

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