Both the forest and the beach

Both the forest and the beach

Russian parliamentarians propose to expand the list of recipients of maternity (family) capital. Amendments to the Federal Law "On Additional Measures of State Support for Families with Children" were prepared by State Duma deputies from the LDPR faction headed by Vice-Speaker Igor Lebedev, as well as Senator Sergei Leonov.

The text of the bill and an explanatory note to it were published by one of the authors of the initiative, deputy head of the faction Yaroslav Nilov in his Telegram channel. “Maternal (family) capital fully justifies its functional purpose. But it is possible and necessary to use these means more widely than is now fixed, "Nilov wrote in his post.

Who else do they want to give the right to mother capital?

The authors of the bill propose to pay maternity capital to three more categories of citizens, provided that they live in regions with low fertility:

1) women who have given birth to their third child after January 1, 2022;

2) women who have given birth to a fourth child or subsequent children starting from January 1, 2022, if they have not previously exercised the right to receive a womb capital;

3) men who are the only adoptive parents of the third, fourth child or subsequent children (if the court decision on adoption came into force on January 1, 2022) and have not previously used the right to state support.

Parliamentarians remind in the explanatory note that according to the current law, women who have given birth or adopted a third child or subsequent children starting from January 1, 2007, can receive maternity capital only on condition that they have not previously exercised this right. At the same time, as they note, "a number of experts believe that in order to increase the birth rate in the country, it is necessary to encourage the birth of a third or fourth child in the family."

The authors of the bill write that in some regions of the Russian Federation with an unfavorable demographic situation, a local payment has been established to improve the birth rate, which is transferred to families at the birth of their third child. Regions set its size on their own. But, as a rule, on average it is 100-150 thousand rubles, which “can hardly become an incentive for the birth of a third child,” the parliamentarians believe.

“If we are talking about the need to correct the demographic situation in certain regions, where fertility rates are noticeably lower than even the statistically average, concrete measures are needed,” Nilov said in Telegram.

Who else do they want to pay maternity capital to?

Fish is a very important part of our diet. It contains calcium, phosphorus, useful fatty acids, especially in sea fish. Nutritionists recommend eating fish at least once a week, and it is better to increase the intake up to two times.

Unfortunately, consumers are often frightened off by high prices for fish products and the inability to cook them: the fish is overdried, overcooked, as a result of which it becomes very dry and tasteless.

There are types of fish that are not too expensive in stores. This is not salmon and sturgeon, but, for example, some species of cod. We suggest paying attention to the humble pollock. It is usually considered a second-rate fish due to its dryish meat. But at the same time, pollock is very useful and will not yield to its dear relative - cod. Pollock is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. At the same time, a small fish is classified as low-fat and low-calorie: only 72 Kcal per 100 grams.

Pollock contains quite a lot of iodine and chromium - microelements that are consistently lacking in residents of central Russia, especially in winter. Iodine is important for the thyroid gland, and chromium is involved in the regulation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, which is why pollock is very useful for people suffering from diabetes.

Fish contains quite a lot of B vitamins, there is vitamin B12, which is very necessary for those who refuse meat.

There is cobalt in a small fish, and at once 150% of the daily value in 100 grams. This trace element is needed to regulate metabolic processes in the body, helps the gland to be absorbed, and is important for blood clotting.

How to choose

Pollock comes to us only frozen. When it comes to carcasses, they are usually sold without a head. You can also see briquettes of pollock fillets in stores.

Carcasses should be chosen without damage to the skin, without dark spots. The skin should be smooth, light and attractive. And the cut of the head is white, without gray spots, which indicate improper storage of the fish and its unscheduled defrosting.

Of course, there should not be ice glaze on the fish, a lot of snow.

Russian parliamentarians proposed to expand the number of citizens who can receive maternity capital.

Go to the Olympic Reserve School

The school building renovated after renovation (Malaya Filyovskaya st., 34, bldg. 2) accepts not only children who want to play sports professionally, but also amateurs. So, here you can start practicing such rare sports as triathlon, freestyle, handball, rowing, skiing, etc. And if none of the activities are suitable, then you can use the school as a regular gym, where there is equipment and a swimming pool.

Moreover, the sports facilities are located on the banks of the river with picturesque surroundings, in the ecologically clean area of ​​the Krylatsky Hills, where there are no industrial enterprises. By the way, a beautiful panorama of Moscow opens from this place.

The school is also waiting for the humanities, namely journalists. On its basis there is a club of young sports journalists, which is now attended by about 30 people.


I constantly go to the school of the Olympic reserve number 2, and this is the best option for me: commercial halls are many times more expensive, but they offer the same set of classes and equipment. In addition, if something does not work out during independent training, any instructor will immediately correct the technique. And the presence of the pool saves. For at least three years this school did not let me down. Alexander Anischenko, resident of the district

Go to the dances at Start

And more specifically - in Latin American. The sports and recreation center "Start" (Kremenchugskaya st., 44, building 2) and school No. 2 have renewed the classrooms. And of course, the doors are open here not only for novice dancers, but also for athletes. For example, you can start from scratch in jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, fitness aerobics, or boxing. Or just keep fit in general physical fitness. Along with paid lessons, there are free group lessons.

Use sports grounds

The most economical way to start playing sports, especially in the warmer months, is to use the simulators located right in the courtyards of houses, parks and forested areas. In total, there are 14 such sites in the Fili-Davydkovo area.

Wide alleys and winding paths smoothly run down to the bank of the Moskva River. Thanks to the program "My District", the old park has become a popular leisure place for the townspeople. The microdistrict is home to 60 thousand people, and the number of visits to the park in the last year alone - 3 million!

Owlets learn to fly

- The park is full of animals, - warned an elderly lady who introduced herself as Larisa Efimovna. - If you see an owlet on the ground - do not touch it: they are now learning to fly. There was a lecture on this topic by an ecologist in the park. Parents are watching them, they will not leave.

A minute later, the interlocutor, waving sticks, ran to catch up with the formation of Nordic walking lovers. Then I found out that this club is called “Let's go for a walk!”, It is free and has been working for several years.

One of the most romantic places in the park is a long staircase leading to a well-groomed embankment that repeats the bends of the steep bank of the Moskva River.

In summer, a pontoon beach is organized along the embankment. You can sunbathe and swim, but, of course, not in the river, but in a huge submerged pool. There is also a second artificial reservoir for children. By the way, the park has platforms with exercise equipment, where you can pump up your muscles on your own - 12 pieces.

"The park has just become European"

17 designer playgrounds have appeared in the park under the My District program, one more intricate than the other.

"This is the best climbing frame in the world!" - Nastya Malko, a six-year-old resident of the district, assessed. Her dad Ilya confirmed: "I would love to play and ride myself!"

“There are many mothers walking in the park with strollers. There are 2 rooms for a mother and a child for them, - says Tatyana Gaidardzhi, a resident of the area. - You can swaddle a child, change clothes. After the renovation, the park became simply European. We are happy to spend our free time here with the whole family. "

Having changed the rental of skis and skates that worked in winter, the rental of bicycles of all stripes has already begun. For fans of pedaling, paths have been laid. The route is 22 km long, but it continues to increase. This is what cyclists write about in the park's social networks: “It would be great to get from here to Krylatskoye in the future!”

Minutes from the metro

Fili-Davydkovo in this sense is a storehouse of green attractions. There are at least 10 parks, micro parks, gardens, etc. here. And before going to one of them, I conducted an express survey of the residents of the area to understand what attracts them the most. Of the 10 respondents, 8 noted the Mazilovsky pond. They say that it can be used as a full-fledged resort, especially for those who live near the Pionerskaya metro station. After all, the pond is a 3-minute walk from it.

At first glance, it becomes clear why the pond is one of the most popular places here. First, its territory was greatly ennobled. There are children's and sports grounds, additional lighting, trees (poplar and willow) and shrubs have been planted. Secondly, here you can have picnics, fishing, sunbathe (albeit without bathing), walk your dog and walk with a stroller.

“On weekends, there are various activities at the pond. For example, recently they opened a house for ducks, the children really like this, ”says Irina Buldakova, a resident of the district. - Despite the fact that the pond appeared only a few years ago, the place has become a full-fledged recreation area. In the evening I go out here for a run, absolutely not scary with the updated lighting. Yes, both children and elderly people spend their time calmly here even after 10 pm. "

Tribute to history

And there is also a memorial to the residents of Kuntsev and the soldiers and officers of the marching companies who died in the Great Patriotic War. Thuja were planted around the granite obelisk and flower beds were laid out. And in front of him are paving stones for laying flowers. Usually there are fresh flowers here.

“I like that not only the pond itself has been ennobled. But also the territory behind it. For example, they created an urban park area behind a pond right next to the metro. Previously, we simply passed this section, but now I meet with friends there, and the neighbors walk the dog - a separate place is reserved for the playground for animals, ”says a resident of the district Dina Mukhametova.

But especially the locals note the introduction both on the pond and in general over the past year within the framework of the program "My District" of litter bins. “Before, only the most notorious environmental activist went to throw out plastic and glass separately to the next house. Now containers are installed everywhere, - a resident of the district Dmitry Bebenen is surprised. "To throw out the garbage in this way, I used to have to cross the road and walk with garbage bags past the metro station and two shopping centers."

Indeed, at least I did not see bottles, pieces of paper or complete waste bags on the territory of the pond, as well as the whole area.

What has changed?

Valley of the Setun River

Sports and playgrounds, recreation areas with benches and gazebos, observation decks with panoramic views are equipped. “The valley has always been considered a place where it was impossible to walk, let alone gather in a company - puddles, mud. Of the paths, only the beaten paths of residents, recalls a resident of the district Yegor Novikov. - But if you come here today, be surprised: mothers are walking with strollers, everything is clean, paved asphalt, benches, play and sports areas. By the way, new paths have just appeared along the already trodden paths of the inhabitants. "

Along the metro lines

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