Bora Bora is one of the most expensive resorts in the world

Bora Bora is one of the most expensive resorts in the world

Defender of the Fatherland Day is a holiday of valor, courage, honor and love for the motherland! We invite you to spend these holidays in our guest complex For you: outdoor entertainment, master classes, shooting competitions, discos with a show program

Tour program February 21 - Sunday Show in full.

14. 0 Check-in at 14-30-15. 0 Lunch (for an additional fee 350r/person) 15. 0 - 16. 0 - "The very best!" Outdoor sports and entertainment program. 17:00 - 18. 0 - "Postcard for dad!". Master class for children. 8.0 - 19.0 - dinner (for an additional 300 rubles) 20. 0 - 21.0 - disco

9. 0-11. 0 breakfast 11. 0 - 12. 0 - "Airplane with a message" gift for dad Master class for children. 2. 0 - 13. 0 - "Shooter" Sports and entertainment program for dads, moms and children. 14. 0-15. 0 Lunch (extra charge) 15. 0-18. 0 Ride on cheesecakes from a slide or board games. 19.0-20. 0. Gala Dinner19. 0 - 21. 0 - “Dad can. »Dance and entertainment program + disco

February 23 - Monday 9.0 -11. 0 breakfast-congratulations for dear men11: 30-12: 30 Master class Felt keychain

13: 00-15: 00 Festive lunch for add. lat (550 rubles/person) with a musical program "For dear men!"

Reservations by phone: 8-915-827-77-71 Natalia 8-915-827-77-72 Tatiana website: mestechkobor. u

We are always glad to guests who choose and come back to us again and again!

Guys, your energy, your drive and positivity charges for everything

Snowy winters and happy road!

Funny horoscope "Who is such a fabulous evil by the sign of the zodiac" We agreed! As they say, every joke has its share. jokes!

Aries is the Serpent Gorynych. This three-headed character of fairy tales is just as restless: he strives to burn the village, or to defeat the hero. The fire that he sprays around him is similar to the energy of Aries - if he does something, then a light burns in his eyes. render completely. Tyrannical, knows everything always better than others. I am not used to listening to other people's advice - where is it, because he has three heads of his own!

Taurus is a Brownie. He also takes care of his home and does not like very much when someone invades his personal space without permission. Prudent and practical, he always completes his affairs to the end. He loves to eat deliciously and to drive the inhabitants of the house at his leisure. Good-natured Skoda, in one word!

Guest Complex; Bor town; r

The town with the beautiful name Bor is located on the banks of the great Russian Volga River. It is located exactly opposite one of the oldest and largest cities in Russia - Nizhny Novgorod. Such a neighborhood for Bor is ambiguous: on the one hand, a large tourist center attracts tourists, but on the other, many do not find the time to move to the other side of the wide Mother Volga. And in vain. Bor is a beautiful nature, beautiful temples, cozy parks and, of course, the "homeland" of the famous faceted glass.

Accreditation, extensive experience in working with groups, excellent reviews, in English and Russian. Comfortable transport, accommodation, national cuisine

Accreditation, extensive experience, excellent reviews, in Russian and English, groups of any size.

Provide comfortable transport

An excursion is creativity, and not only for guides, but also for guests: you can be not just spectators, but also “second directors”. Ask any questions, contact with various wishes - thanks to them the walk will only become more interesting!

Diveevskaya Sloboda is the only 4-star hotel in Diveevo. Convenient location close to all major sights. Diveyevo. Cozy eco-rooms made of wood, international level of service, rent of a bath with a rejuvenating vat, phyto-barrels, bicycles. Organization of transfer to the hotel.

Welcome to the atmosphere of Russian hospitality!

Accreditation, extensive experience in working with groups, excellent reviews, comfortable transport for any number of tourists in a group.

How to get to Bor

You can get to Bor in different ways - by land, water and even by air. But first you need to get into the "pocket of Russia", about which you can read more on the page: "How to get to Nizhny Novgorod". Further - it is easier: from the Moscow railway station Nizhniy to the station "Mokhovye Gory" electric trains run. The fare is 60 RUB, the journey takes 40 minutes. Prices on the page are for April 2019

A romantic, aerial option - a cable car, which opened in 2012. On the side of Novgorod, you should look for a stop on the Kazanskaya embankment, behind the Cathedral Mosque. In Bor, the station is located almost in the very center of the city, 100-150 m from Victory Square. The gondola hovers over the Volga expanses every day from 6:45 to 21:00 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 21:00 on weekends (break from 11:00 to 13:00). The journey takes 12 minutes, and the cabins leave every minute. The fare is 100 RUB.

Finally, there is a path by water - by ferry from the River Station in Nizhny Novgorod at the Alexander Garden (200 m south of the Chkalovskaya Stairs). It transports not only people (20 RUB), but also cars (260-340 RUB).

Bohr Hotels

Bora Bora is one of the islands of the archipelago located in French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. The island is located 241 kilometers from Tahiti.

Bora Bora Island on the map.

Bora Bora Island is a mountain surrounded by coral reefs and other small islands. Such type of islands as Bora Bora are called atolls.

The island is 38 square kilometers. The highest point is 727 meters above sea level. Almost 9000 people live on the island (as of 2007).

Bora Bora is one of the most expensive and interesting places to stay.

At present, it is almost impossible to buy ready-made tours from Russia to Bora Bora. We searched through the websites of several major Russian tour operators and did not find any offers.

Therefore, let's calculate for ourselves how much a vacation on an exotic island will cost.

Airfare to Bora Bora

Since the most favorable time to visit this island is from March to November, we will look for tickets for these dates.

The cost of the flight Moscow - Bora Bora - Moscow

Information and communication are more valuable than money!

The latest news, interesting articles and contests on the BIA website - www. iabor. nfo. ______________________________________ In this group you can find out the latest news from the life of the city!

Voter orders are not for a long box

In August and September, candidates to the Council of Deputies. Bor met with voters. At the meetings, people shared their difficulties and hopes with possible people's choices. They talked about both systemic problems (for example, the long-term lack of street lighting or sidewalks) and point problems (uncut trees, broken playgrounds). render completely. The elections are over, the third convocation of the Council of Deputies has been formed - the people's deputies have been working for several months. What happened to the orders of the voters? We decided to figure it out.

How will the people's choice help?

First, a few words about what the Bor city district is. It is one of the largest municipalities in the region. 360 thousand hectares of territory, more than 300 settlements and almost 120 thousand people. The entire district is divided into 27 polling stations.

The interests of every adult resident, endowed with the right to vote, are precisely represented by the deputies of the Council of Deputies elected in their constituency. Their powers, of course, are far from those vested in the State Duma deputies. But it is the local elected officials who meet and communicate with the residents of their constituencies more than others, which means, like no one else, they know what problems are troubling the local residents. And they are not going to forget about them after the end of the election campaign.

In order not to be unfounded, here are some examples. The electorate asked the deputy for constituency # 9, Andrey Simagin, to solve a long-term problem - to bring the "people's path" into proper condition near the store # 26 in Maly Pikin. Then still a candidate, he promised to clear it of debris and overgrown bushes, expand and level it with gravel. By October, after the elections, the job was done.

The emergency poplars that were planted on Bor half a century ago pose a lot of problems. With the help of one "Improvement" it is very difficult to cut out all the aged green spaces hanging over the wires and threatening to collapse of the city. On the territory of constituency # 7, emergency trees are cut down largely thanks to the help of local deputy Nikolai Pavlovich Lebedev. Even during the period of work in the second convocation (now, recall, the third), together with his colleagues from the Council of Deputies, he actively participated in solving the problem of the "Mordovian Sea" - a giant puddle on the street. ugunova, which forms there in spring and autumn during the period of melting snow or heavy rains. The "Sea" will become a part of history when the reconstruction of the city sewer is completed: this will make it possible to build a storm sewer and divert water flows from the square.

- The orders from the voters are united by the fact that they relate to some daily everyday problems that people face, - said Dmitry Chugrin, deputy of constituency number 1 (Bolshoye Pikino and nearby villages). - During the election campaign, I held about 20 meetings with voters, after the elections - three more. They contacted me about the improvement of container sites, drank trees, help in installing a plastic window in a kindergarten. An important issue for the majority of the Bolsheviks was raised at the meetings - the construction of sidewalks. The village has grown in recent years, and from the streets of the private sector to school, people have to get to work by the side of the carriageway, it is unsafe. The same problem on the street. Hospital. It leads to a school, kindergarten and a sports center. Children are walking along it, and cars are driving along it. And pedestrians have nowhere to go (especially in winter, when there are snowdrifts along the road). In 2021, we were included in the program to support local initiatives, so soon the residents will see the result - two new sidewalks. Under the terms of the program, residents must contribute 3% of the funds, business 3%, and the rest from budgets of different levels. I took over the share of residents, the share of the business was transferred by the Magistral-Invest company.

It must be said that philanthropic activities - from drank trees to targeted material assistance to voters - is not the responsibility of a deputy. This is a gesture of goodwill. For many people's deputies (many, not only those referred to in this article), voluntary assistance to voters has become something of a local tradition. But systematic joint work with the district administration is much more important.

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