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Family trip to the mountains with children

Family vacation outside the apartment

How to make friends with a child is an age-old question that has been tormenting more than one generation. The older generation always thinks that the younger generation is not so modest, not so inquisitive, and in general it is not like that. Our pranks in childhood were cute pranks, and our children are hyperactive, spoiled and mischievous ...

How to avoid this chasm between generations, and in twenty years not feel that children live their own life, which you are not allowed to enter and about which you have no idea. Amateurs decide this question by permissiveness. And permissiveness, we hasten to warn you, is a great temptation and test for the fragile psyche of a child.

But, as they say, in any situation there are at least two ways out. We see, and sincerely hope that you will see, the best solution to this issue is an active family vacation with children in nature. In order for the abyss not to form, you need to become a friend to your child. Friendship should be genuine in real field conditions, where it will be tested for strength, where in a “difficult” river crossing you will give your hand as a comrade, and not as an eternal nanny, tiresome with care. Hiking with children can be the beginning of a strong friendship for years to come.

Rafting on the Southern Bug - recreation for the whole family

Rafting on the Southern Bug is a great idea for a family vacation on a tight schedule. We understand perfectly well that it is easier to set aside two days for rest than four or more. And so we suggest you spend a wonderful weekend rafting with your family. Children easily adapt in our camp, here comfortable conditions and rafting of funds arouse keen interest in children and, believe me, there are no indifferent people.

What makes a family vacation in Crimea good?

It is difficult to dispute the fact that in field conditions, subordination, age difference and assumed importance are erased. Among the beautiful, gentle, pristine, pure and untouched nature, all this comes to naught and friendship remains in its purest form. And this is worth a lot in family relationships.

Family vacation with children and Crimea are quite compatible concepts. Here, children are not limited to their parents, there is where to throw out energy, because all around is an accepting nature. And parents do not need to be Cerberus and tirelessly pacify children. We offer you the following routes, which are well supported by the format of active family holidays:

Active family vacation in the Carpathians

The experience of conducting family trips has proved that if a family, or rather several families, go on a trip, then the pace is very acceptable for young tourists. And if the motivation for the child is also cleverly thought out, then there are no problems at all with the passage of the routes. Of course, the load and mileage per day are negotiated and calculated in advance. We present to your attention:

Family holiday

Perhaps every parent at least once in his life can say: "after resting with children, I need another one, but already without them." Could a relatively new format - a family camp - unite the interests of everyone in the family and turn a vacation into a sheer pleasure? We talked about this with Ilona Melkumova, the head of the Manyanya camps family camps project.

Ilona, ​​what's the main thing in the family camp?

Certainly the atmosphere! I would characterize it as follows: unconditional acceptance of everyone's personality, freedom of expression, the spirit of creativity, an atmosphere of mutual respect, a sense of tact.

How to choose a camp to keep the whole family happy?

I will say a banal thing: "If a woman is good, then everyone around is good." But it really is. The perception of the place by the dad, and the joy of communicating with peers in children, and the contact of the whole family with other vacationers and organizers very often depends on what the mother wants to focus on on vacation, with what attitude she comes to the camp. Therefore, our target audience is always mothers. We communicate with them patiently and often for a long time at the stage of recruiting the camp, answering many different questions (and it is normal that a woman asks them!), Waiting until, having bypassed all other camps held in the same period, “our” mother will return exactly to us with such an important and valuable phrase for us "And yet we stopped at you!"

Sometime in childhood and in a completely different context, my mother taught me a very correct principle: "To make a choice, you need to have alternatives." Therefore, it is very important to provide a woman with such an opportunity to choose, to speak warmly and respectfully about her competitors, this will only increase the degree of trust in you from potential participants

For adults, as a rule, this is the only vacation of the year and you want to spend it as comfortably as possible Family camps about such a vacation?

Those who really want to and who come with such an attitude will always feel good and comfortable. Our proposal always corresponds to reality, we do not exaggerate or embellish anything. Therefore, expectations in a domestic environment will definitely be justified. And everything else in the camp is very subjective and takes shape already in place. After all, all of us, participants and organizers, bring our energy, our mood, if you want, even experience to it. This is not a family vacation "for two or three", so if you know in advance that crying someone else's child irritates you, and the society of outside adults is a complete unwillingness to get closer and communicate, it is better to choose individual travel for yourself right away.

In general, what role do parents play in a family camp? What can they expect when they go to a place like this?

You know, I'll give an unpopular answer here. Our camps are not about full and obligatory, almost mandatory, immersion. We would like every parent to receive in our camp exactly what he, as you correctly put it, “counts” on. We are contacted with a variety of requests. There are families who go to camps precisely for rapprochement with their children, and for them joint activities are not only important but necessary. There are mothers who, almost with tears in their eyes, after spending a whole year alone with their child at home, ask for a seemingly simple opportunity - to calmly read a book and sleep in a hammock in the fresh air while the child is keen on camp activities. And every parent is entitled to their own comfort. This does not mean at all that one of them is closer to the child and loves him more, and the other is an egoist. This is the right to internal balance, which is important for each and every one. And we are proud when they go to our camps to restore it.

Family vacation Family vacation outside the apartment. How to make friends with a child is an eternal question that torments more than one generation. The older generation always thinks that the younger

The best place for families with children on vacation is the mountains. Why mountains?

“And even with children, it's so difficult,” you might think. With the right organization of the rest, everything will be very fun, usefully, in one breath! You will look at vacation photos for a long time to come and be glad that you didn’t let doubts confuse you. Imagine how your child will tell his peers how strong and courageous he is, he climbed a steep peak himself, helped his dad look for firewood, collected a bouquet of unusual flowers for his mother. And even as an adult, he will remember a fun vacation with his parents, and, probably, he will want to repeat it with his family.

The benefits of mountain recreation

The benefits of the mountain climate on the human body, health in general are undeniable!

2-3 thousand meters above sea level are shown to people suffering from heart disease, tuberculosis. Despite the thin air, oxygen in the blood rises significantly, saturating the cells. Residents of the middle mountains rarely suffer from heart ailments, their life expectancy is higher compared to city dwellers.

In the mountains, jumps in atmospheric pressure, air humidity, temperature fluctuations are practically excluded. Compared to flat air, mountain air is cooler and less humid. The air is dominated by light ions, concentrated phytoncides,

terpenes. They stand out due to dense vegetation and rocks. The manifestations of hypoxia decrease, the oxidizing properties of oxygen increase.

For children suffering from neuroses, heart diseases, tuberculosis, allergies, low immunity, it is recommended to rest in the mountains. After a short stay in a temperate mountainous area, patients experience an improvement in their well-being, and general indicators. But it is better to consult a doctor before traveling.

In the mountains with children Best places to go

We also recommend reading an article on the same topic "Choosing a ski resort".

Family vacation is, of course, a very troublesome event, often flavored with all sorts of force majeure in the form of sudden children's whims or, even worse, colds. However, this is not at all a reason to give up a vacation outside the urban jungle. Holidays with children can be successful and bring joy, it is only important to think over all the subtleties and choose the right point on the map.

Important points to remember when planning a beach holiday with children

A beach holiday with children primarily means having a good beach. There is an opinion that sandy beaches are best suited for children's recreation, but parents completely reject pebbles on the move. That is so, but if you liked a resort with a pebble beach, you should not abandon it: children feel great on pebble beaches, you can think of entertainment with pebbles no less than with sand, and water on rocky shores, as you know much cleaner. But what is really valuable for a beach holiday with children is the absence of high waves and strong winds, it is better to pay attention to these points in advance.

For holidays with small children, it is better to exclude countries with too hot climates. The pleasure of being in the exhausting stuffiness is doubtful, but the likelihood of catching sun or heatstroke is high.

A resort with sun-protecting vegetation, located on the shore of a calm bay or lagoon, blown by a light breeze, will be optimal for a beach holiday with a child.

Places untouched by civilization are, of course, romantic, but for a vacation with young children, you just need to have amenities within walking distance: children's playgrounds, shops with essential goods and groceries, pharmacies, and medical aid points.

Finally, on the road. Agree, not every child will be able to transfer a nine-hour flight to Thailand and not excite the whole plane, therefore, when choosing a resort, take into account the temperament of your child. If your child is restless, has an overly active character, it makes sense to choose only night flights or think about countries, the flight to which will not take long.

Choose a country

Turkish and Egyptian resorts have long become a favorite beach holiday destination with children. In these countries, perhaps not ideal conditions for children's recreation have been created, many hotels are focused on full families and offer an adapted children's menu, a rich entertainment program, as well as all the necessary amenities: baby cots, highchairs, strollers for rent, etc.

For a beach holiday in May, June and September, the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea are perfect, and in July and August - the Aegean; in Egypt, late spring and September to November are the best seasons for traveling with a child.

Greek resorts will not disappoint tourists with children. There are many hotels that specialize in family vacations, the beach areas are clean and well-maintained, and the infrastructure is well-developed. According to tourists, the most suitable beaches for families with children are located in the resorts of Faliraki and Prasonisi.

A beach vacation with children in Spain will give you the most pleasant experience. The beaches of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada have a comfortable, gentle entrance to the water and a calm sea, which warms up well by the end of May and remains warm until the beginning of October. The resorts of Bulgaria will offer a relatively inexpensive vacation for the whole family; every year the resort area of ​​Albena receives a huge number of tourists from Russia.

Best Beach Destinations

A quiet family vacation in Crimea is exactly what your children will remember for a lifetime, because there are more than enough opportunities for active and educational recreation on the peninsula. We can say with full confidence that such places as "Glade of Fairy Tales", or the park of lions "Taigan" cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Add to this the unique nature, healing climate, gentle Black Sea, numerous water parks, attractions for children and all this for very little money.

When to go on vacation to Crimea with children

In general, it is possible to have a rest in Crimea all year round, however, in our material we are talking about a trip with children, and this pleasant circumstance has its own peculiarities. When planning a family vacation, you should pay attention to such a time of year as the end of June and the beginning of September, especially for those couples who have a baby. It was during this period that the prices for housing, food and entertainment are quite acceptable, and there is no crowding on the beaches. Months like July and August are not bad, but you need to prepare for the real heat.

Where to stay in Crimea

There are no problems with the question of where to stay, that is, with accommodation in one or another corner of Crimea. It offers luxury hotels, bungalows, guest houses, sanatoriums and boarding houses. For example, in the south-west of the peninsula, the Lexx Club-hotel welcomes guests, which offers a wide range of the best services to spend an ideal family vacation in Koktebel with children. Judge for yourself:

  • The hotel has a comfortable and, importantly, safe playroom
  • There is a special children's area in the pool for younger guests
  • For outdoor labyrinth was built
  • Near each cottage, manicured green lawns delight the eye with greenery
  • Organization of children's parties with the participation of a professional team of animators
  • There are creative workshops designed to the development of thinking and motor skills in a child

Club Hotel Lexx has a perfect food system based on exclusively natural, carefully selected local products. There is a special page in the hotel restaurant menu, which is called “Menu for children”, the well-known “Buffet” system also works, thanks to which your child will be able to choose exactly those dishes that he likes.

Children's area in the Lexx hotel pool

Club-hotel Lexx in Koktebel

Lexx Hotel Entertainment Area

In addition, the Lexx hotel, which, we recall, is located in the climatic resort of Koktebel, which will be discussed a little below, a varied entertainment program is provided for children of all ages from animation to horse riding and educational excursions to the most beautiful places of Crimea. We add that literally within walking distance from the hotel there is a chic water park, the largest in the southeast of the Republic of Crimea, a dolphinarium and an amusement park.

The best resorts of Crimea for families with children

Many places of the peninsula are simply created for families with children, each of them has its own pros and cons. The list below of the five best resorts in Crimea is compiled according to the popularity of the Situr website administration. u and is focused specifically on children's recreation.

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