Baby strollers: which are better

Strollers for winter and autumn: rating of the best

It is most convenient to transport a child in the best lightweight stroller that does not require outside assistance, for example, when entering a vehicle. Therefore, we analyzed the characteristics of such models on the market and, on the basis of this, selected the highest quality, safe, functional, inexpensive options for walking with a child, traveling, motion sickness on the street. In addition, the reviews of those who have already bought them were considered.

Which firm's lightweight stroller is best for you

There are 3 main regions for stroller manufacturers: America, Asia and Europe. Products from US companies are of excellent quality, but are usually expensive, and Asian brands are often low-quality counterfeits from other well-known companies. European companies are characterized by affordable prices, and they deserve the most attention from buyers.

Introducing the TOP-10 manufacturers of light strollers:

  • Chicco is an Italian company that produces a wide range of products for children, pregnant women and mothers. The company has gained a positive reputation in the European market thanks in large part to its series of strollers. They are distinguished by their reliability, classic Italian design and high service life of all components.
  • Cybex is a German manufacturer of strollers and car seats with a wide range of products, which includes both budget devices and premium models. The company specializes in the development of lightweight strollers. The manufacturer pays special attention to the running qualities of the products and the comfort of the newborn.
  • Indigo is a Polish brand that has been producing strollers since 1973. For 47 years of work, the company has learned how to create high-strength vehicles for babies and older children. The European quality of workmanship allows you to use strollers for 5-10 years with minimal investment. The advantages of the manufacturer's products are rich equipment, light weight and compactness when folded.
  • Sweet Baby is an Italian company that cares about the comfort of babies and the convenience of parents. The brand's product catalog contains strollers for everyday life and long trips. Ultra-compact models are characterized by lightness, versatility and exceptionally pleasant upholstery material.
  • Peg-Perego is a company from Italy, founded in 1949 by Giuseppe Perego. The company makes exceptionally safe, durable and easy-to-use baby strollers with a unique design. Especially Russian buyers like walking models with good driving characteristics and increased cross-country ability.
  • Babyhit is a large Chinese manufacturer of strollers, offering about 50 models from the most budgetary to advanced and expensive, the price of which can go up to 50,000 rubles. When developing recreational vehicles for children, the company uses only environmentally friendly and absolutely safe materials. The assortment includes both classic models and devices with unusual 3D colors.
  • Babyzen is a new French company founded in 2007 and has not released many stroller models, but the ones that exist are becoming hits. All this is possible thanks to its unique design, compactness and practicality. The lightweight and comfortable Bebizen strollers are often made with 3 wheels, which improves handling.
  • Everflo is a Canadian brand that has been producing baby products since 1994. The company's catalog contains strollers, furniture, toys and other products. The increased comfort for toddlers and parents makes them ideal for long journeys. All materials of the products are hypoallergenic and safe for the child, and also do not require special care.
  • Navington is a subsidiary of the Polish company Deltim, which produces premium strollers. Its products have been known in the world for over 50 years and are appreciated for their reliability, safety and ease of use. Each model is named after the ships and has a memorable design.
  • Esspero is a Norwegian factory specializing in the production of goods for newborns and children and offering modern strollers. The brand's products can be described as reliable, lightweight and practical. Compatriots fell in love with the company because of the adaptability of the models to the harsh climate. In winter, the child will not freeze, natural wool and fur will warm him.

Rating of the best light strollers

The main criteria for selecting the best strollers are safety, comfort for the child, durability of products. All these factors cannot be determined in absentia, so we reviewed the models in person and were based on statistics on the repair of wheelchairs.

The following characteristics also played an important role:

  • Recommended age of the child for transportation;
  • Weight and dimensions;
  • Number and materials of wheels;
  • Method folding;
  • Covering material;
  • The presence of a crossover handle;
  • Type and number of seat belts;
  • Completion.

The Best Lightweight Strollers also helped select customer reviews, expert ratings, and value for money analysis.

The best lightweight convertible strollers

Such models are the most popular, since they replace 2 varieties at once: a cradle and a walking device. For the first six months the child can be carried lying down, when the baby learns to sit, the product will be easy to switch and use as a "cane". Next, we are talking about the three best transformers.

Chicco Urban Plus Crossover

Best lightweight strollers

Hello everyone! Today I bring to your attention an overview of the best baby strollers according to our channel. I'll show you seven strollers of different designs, sizes and weights. All of them have good performance, are reliable and functional. You can choose the stroller that's right for you. So let's get started!

Yoya Plus

The compact, lightweight, foldable Yoya Plus stroller has a spacious berth. Seat width 38 cm. The stroller can be folded using the folding mechanism. It is located on the handle - you need to press two buttons, press on the body, pressing the stroller to the floor, and it will automatically fold into a book. A reliable latch protects from self-folding. It is even easier to unfold - just remove the stroller from the lock and pull up a little.

A special handle is hidden under the seat, pulling it out, you can transport the stroller folded like a suitcase on wheels. The same handle has the function of supporting the sleeper extension.

Convenient stroller bumper unfastened in the middle with a button. It is convenient to place a child in it, and he can easily climb into the stroller on his own.

The stroller has comfortable wheels. The wide rear wheel axle fits into a standard ramp. The stroller is stable. The course is smooth, soft. Locks on the front wheels and shock absorbers on the rear wheels.

There is a ventilation section at the back of the hood, if necessary, you can unfasten the zippers and lift the fabric part up.

  • type - walking;
  • age - from 6 months to 3 years;
  • material - aluminum, textile, plastic;
  • folding mechanism - book;
  • wheels - 4 pcs, swivel front and rear single;
  • blocking;
  • shopping basket;
  • shock absorption - springs;
  • seat belts - five-point, with soft pads;
  • design - bumper, backrest tilt adjustment, footrest height adjustment, seat belts
  • size - 85x53x98;
  • weight - 7 kg.

Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Classico

The lightweight cane stroller can be folded easily with one hand. The stroller will easily pass through any doorway, elevator, transport. When folded, it can easily fit into the trunk of even a small car.

Despite its compactness, the stroller is roomy enough and comfortable for a child. Even in a warm overalls, the baby will not feel constrained. The backrest can be set in three positions, the lowest one is convenient for sleeping - it unfolds up to 150 degrees. Together with the backrest, the footrest is also adjustable, so that the baby's legs will always be in a comfortable position. The transparent viewing window in the hood allows parents to watch the child while walking.

Five-point belts are provided for the baby's safety. Their length can be adjusted. The central latch securely fixes the belts, preventing the baby from unbuckling them on its own. Double front and rear wheels provide maneuverability: the stroller easily passes on any surface.

  • type - walking;
  • age - from 6 months;
  • material - aluminum, textile, plastic;
  • folding mechanism - walking stick, folding with one hand;
  • wheels - 8, front and rear twin;
  • locking;
  • shopping basket;
  • seat belts - five-point, with soft pads;
  • features - adjustable backrest tilt, footrest height, viewing window;
  • size - 84x50x101 cm;
  • weight - 5.7 kg.

Ranking for the best lightweight strollers. Review of good inexpensive, comfortable, safe models for walking and traveling.

Travel is always a joyful event for the whole family. And in order for the pleasure of the sun, air and nature to be complete, it is important to think in advance about the comfort of walking with your child. Therefore, many parents definitely take a light stroller with them on a trip. The advantages of this solution are obvious:

  • the mother's hands are partially freed;
  • the baby can sleep in his pleasure vehicle at any time;
  • parents will be able to visit interesting places, spend more time outside the hotel;
  • a child strapped in a stroller will not get lost at the airport or train station.

The stroller for travel differs from the usual light weight, ease of folding, functionality.

Walking stick or book: which is better?

Let's try to understand which type of stroller, "book" or "cane", is preferable for travel. Let's consider their differences:

  • By type of folding:
  • Strollers-canes are folded in height and width by pressing the lever or the button. The wheels are connected first, and then the body parts. The clip fixes the stroller in the folded position.
  • In a book stroller, the upper and lower parts are folded into one plane, by analogy with a closing book. The resulting "suitcase" does not take up much space in the trunk, it can even be carried by hand. To fold such a stroller, you need to remove the safety catch and tilt the handles forward. The wheels will be outside, and the back and seat will connect.
  • By weight. There is no particular difference between them here: in both rulers the weight fluctuation is on average from 5 to 10 kg. Record holders for lightness are still canes - there are specimens lighter than 4 kg, but such models - "fluff" have a reduced functionality, and they are less stable and durable.
  • According to the configuration of the handles: the cane is bifurcated, the book is solid. The second option is better because you can operate the stroller with one hand.
  • By basket size. The books have a full-fledged basket, sometimes even closing. Walking sticks are not all equipped with baskets, and if there is one, it is small, open, often made of a net.
  • In terms of comfort, books are marginally superior to walking sticks, as they have a larger comfortable seat. Both have a folding back, in some models there is a cover for warming the legs.
  • By ease of movement. Walking sticks are easier to fold, can be carried with you on public transport, and they take up less space in the trunk. With walking "books" the situation is worse: their dimensions are larger, so it is more difficult to move them.

What to look for when choosing?

A lot depends on the selection of a stroller for travel. The mood of mom and baby should not be spoiled by jamming buttons and shaking. Therefore, when buying a stroller, you should check it for convenience and durability: fold and unfold several times, preferably with one hand (after all, the second is almost always occupied by the baby's handle or bag). Buttons and levers should work the first time without jamming.

Another important factor when choosing a lightweight stroller is the wheels. They can be cast for walking on flat asphalt paths, but if you plan to walk off-road or paving stones, it is better to choose the model with rubber wheels.

Put your baby in the stroller. Does he have enough space? Are the straps chafing? Ask a consultant to show you how the backrest, handles, footrest are adjusted. Do not hesitate to drive the stroller around the hall: it will be annoying to discover its shortcomings after the purchase.

For travel, the weight of children's transport is also significant. After all, the lighter the stroller, the greater your mobility. With heavy walking models, you will not be able to easily climb stairs or "flutter" into the bus. As a reminder, the weight of the stroller is not taken into account when weighing luggage at the airport; airlines transport them free of charge.

If you prefer to get around by car, pay attention to the dimensions of the folded stroller: compact models take up less space.

The choice of a stroller is significantly hampered by the huge choice on the market. This question arises before parents long before the birth of a child - mothers spend long hours trying to choose a transport and decide which one is better. Let's dwell on strollers for newborns and consider all the criteria that should be considered before buying.

Types of prams for newborns

For a baby up to six months, it is important that the recumbent place is made in accordance with the anatomical features. First of all, it's a hard bottom. Full ergonomics of the baby are observed by the manufacturers of cradles. They are intended for children up to 6 months old and are performed taking into account all the characteristics of the body. They have passable, ventilated cradles with maximum protection from weather conditions. Their height allows the mother to easily serve the child on a walk, and the baby, in turn, sees the mother. Cons are:

  • short term of use, only six months;
  • a rather high price, which, in combination with the previous parameter, makes the purchase unprofitable, although most often these strollers are sold after use ;
  • heavy weight, usually 15-18 kg;
  • dimensions - the stroller will not fit into every elevator, as it is also designed for large children in clothes;
  • does not fold up - to put it back in the car, you have to remove the top block and fold the chassis.

If you do not have these restrictions, we recommend staying on the cradle.

The second type is modular strollers. Different blocks can be installed on one frame. Distinguish between "2 in 1" and "3 in 1" - a cradle, a walking block and a car seat in the second case. Although this transport is quite expensive, the savings come at the cost of versatility.

But buying such a stroller also has disadvantages. The main thing is that if mom is uncomfortable, then the main goal - to save money - will not be achieved. They are lighter, but less passable. Versatility often detracts from performance. Many parents find the car seat uncomfortable.

Many strollers of this type are smaller and lighter than cradles. But at the same time it is closer, so it will be cramped for a large baby in winter overalls.

The biggest disadvantage is the need to store additional blocks. In a small apartment, this becomes a problem.

Until recently, the most common type of stroller was transformers. Their advantage is low price and versatility. They are large and comfortable. But at the same time, the anatomical features are least of all observed - you have to separately buy a hard mattress, which again reduces free space. They are also very heavy, but due to this, they are passable. The stroller is designed for a full service life, up to three years.

Many mothers think that a transformer is not the best option. But in a private house, unclean roads and low family income, we would recommend staying on this option. Folds up and stows away in the trunk.

This overview will be useful to you if:

What is important to consider when choosing an insulated stroller?

  • A deep bathyscaphe hood up to the bumper will protect you from wind, snow or rain. It is good if it is made of thick waterproof fabric. Viewing windows from the mother's side will allow you to observe the baby when it is completely closed from bad weather.

  • Spacious seat, because it needs to accommodate a baby in a voluminous overalls or wrapped in a blanket. It is important to evaluate the parameters of the length/width of the berth, with the backrest unfolded and the footrest raised, so that you can rest comfortably while walking.
  • The cape on the legs with insulation should be tightly fixed on the frame, not leave gaps, so that in a strong wind the possibility of blowing out is excluded. Some models are equipped with additional warm curtains that cover the child as much as possible.

  • Reversible handle that allows you to change the position of the child relative to movement without rearranging the seat. It is better to use this function when it is necessary to protect the child from strong winds or when walking on flat roads, because it is difficult to pass curbs with an overturned handle.

  • Accessories such as a raincoat, an additional insulated sleeve, a sleeve can be included in the package. But do not give up the chosen option of the stroller; if these items are missing, they can be purchased separately.

We offer top winter strollers

The selection was formed on the basis of studying customer reviews, the author's personal experience, as well as the above points.

Browse, compare, consult with our experts. Team 7745.y wants to choose the best stroller for winter and will be happy to help you!

Ekaterina Pribylskaya, Leading Sales Specialist

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