Autism statistics around the world

Injury statistics according to Rosstat

Autism is quite common today. Every year around the world, the number of people who suffer from this disorder is increasing. This fact is confirmed by the statistics of autism. In America and Europe, this problem has appeared for a long time. Therefore, conditions are created for such people that allow them to be full-fledged members of society. Russia and the neighboring countries have faced autism relatively recently.

Autism what is it

Autism is a developmental disorder. A person suffering from such a disease has a pronounced lack of emotions and a sphere of communication, there is often no social meaning in actions. The word itself is translated as “a man within himself” or “withdrawn into himself.”

Modern medicine is trying to avoid the term "autism", replacing it with another word - "autism spectrum disorders".

Who are they autistic

Such people are popularly said to be unusual or strange. An autistic person is a person with a biologically determined disease, which manifests itself in a state of "immersion in oneself" and avoiding contact with real life and the people around him.

How does an autistic child differ from their peers? He strives for loneliness, does not play with other children, avoids them. This is more comfortable for him. The child has impaired expression of emotions. This is a bright representative of a group of introverts - always in himself, does not pay attention to what is happening around. Development features are noticeable in the first three years of life. The manifestations of the disease are aggravated or smoothed out with age. Main reasons:

An adult autistic person can be recognized on first contact. But this applies, rather, to men. Only an experienced psychiatrist can identify the disease in a woman. The main differences between the disorder:

MenWomenCompletely immersed in hobbiesUdinary behavior of their sexesStart collecting somethingCan often suffer from depressive disordersOne and they have held the same position for many years.

Who needs statistics and why

Autism statistics around the world

Taking into account injuries in the country, Rosstat compiled statistical data on the main indicators, various parameters and types, from children to sports.

These results can help in many areas, such as traffic regulation, improving the quality of working conditions, monitoring the implementation of safety at work, improving children's playgrounds, etc.

Official figures

If we consider the official statistics relating specifically to the type of injury, then these are the data provided by Rosstat:

  • Eye injuries - about 7%. Most often occur in adults in industrial conditions.
  • Thermal and chemical burns in domestic conditions from 7 to 10% both in adults and children. In case of industrial injuries, they reach the figure of 4.7%.
  • Intracranial injuries in road accidents in the category of children account for up to 13%, and in adults up to 11%.
  • Fractures of the spine and others. trunk bones range from 4 to 8% in adults.

Thus, summing up the types of injury, it is worth noting that the overwhelming majority (up to 80% of injuries) are determined by superficial lesions, open wounds, dislocations, limb fractures, sprains and ruptures of tendons and muscle tissue.

If we analyze general hospitalization, then trauma in adults accounts for 9% of cases, while 7.5% of children are hospitalized with trauma from the total number of patients admitted to hospitals.

It should also be noted that the largest number of injuries occurs in living conditions and when a person is, regardless of age, on the street - up to 70%. Up to 14% of children are injured at school. While in production conditions up to 16% of adults.

Distribution by species

In order to get a more detailed picture, it is necessary to consider on an individual basis injuries and their statistics in Russia, depending on the types and conditions of receipt.


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