Attractions of the Perm Territory: 25 best with photos and descriptions

Sights of the Perm Territory: 25 best with photos and descriptions

There are people who know the Turkish coast almost better than their native land. Many residents of the region visit Moscow or St. Petersburg more often than other cities of the Kama region. But we have places that people come to see from all over the country.

Photo spot

Authors of popular blogs on Instagram recently came to the Perm Territory. They drove through the region and posted rave reviews and photos of amazing beauty on their pages. A look from the outside often helps not only to see, but to appreciate what we have. True, admiring cultural and natural attractions on the Internet is one thing, but coming and seeing them with your own eyes is quite another.

In order for the inhabitants of the region to leave their apartments and go on a mini-trip around the Kama region for at least a couple of days, the region came up with a project “Don't stay at home”. The administrations of the territories of the Perm Territory were offered to develop routes, including in them all the most exciting and curious that can be seen in a city or district in a few days. Weekend routes have been operating for a long time in countries where tourist destinations are developed. Recently, they are gaining popularity in Russia: for example, in Kazan or Kaliningrad. But the Perm Territory is ready to offer its own special technology.

Each municipality is offered to draw up unique tourist routes in order to participate in the regional competition for the best one.

“I think that the project will interest both the territories and residents of the region. Many municipalities are already developing their routes. They are actively involved in the process, using their experience over the years, - said the Minister of Culture of the Perm Territory Vyacheslav Torchinsky. - If desired, the territories can be combined with each other into clusters: for example, the northern regions (Chusovoy, Solikamsk, Berezniki, Usolye) are able to develop a joint project. The main condition is that interesting places in a city or region can be seen in one or two days. What will be included in the route, municipalities and/or several territories will decide for themselves. The peculiarity of the project is that we propose to include in the routes not only classic sights (museums, exhibitions, historical buildings), but also something unusual: for example, a beautiful place for photos, beautiful views, places associated with local legends. Proposals from municipalities will be evaluated by an expert group. It will include specialists in the field of domestic tourism, historians, culturologists, local historians. The members of the group will select five to seven best projects, with which we will begin our work. Further, the experts, together with the municipalities, will finalize all the details. "

The Ministry of Culture asks the territory to involve local residents in the development of tourist offers and pay special attention to young people, as children may notice what will interest their peers. It was the young residents of the region, aged 18 to 35, who were given a special place in the project.

Energy of youth

"Don't stay at home" is designed to popularize domestic tourism - primarily for active young people who are ready to try something new, "says the Governor of Prikamye Maxim Reshetnikov.

The Ministry of Culture says that it is important to change the stereotype of youth behavior on weekends. Tell them that interesting places and adventures are close, simple and affordable.

“When the first projects are ready, we will invite the guys from Perm to test the tourist destinations that we will choose. After the trips, they will share their impressions on social networks, tell their peers where to go and where to relax. Thanks to these reviews, we will also understand what they liked and what should be improved, - explained Vyacheslav Torchinsky. - Of course, we will continue to work with tour operators to enable older people to travel around the region. We will include tours for schoolchildren. "

Adventure Nearby

Excursions are conducted for children's groups (from 10 people)

Adult escorts travel free

The cost of excursions is from 300 rubles per child.

On the way with children there is an interactive program

Excursion to the factory for the production of sports shoes. The children will be interested in the very process of making shoes, because they will see it in its entirety. The excursion is vocational guidance. READ MORE

On a tour of the PPM, you will see the whole process of making paper and cardboard, visit the museum of the plant and learn about its history, be surprised at the number of types and formats of cardboard, as well as the number of areas of its application. At the master class, you can make crafts out of paper and cardboard, or even try your hand at making paper using the ancient method of casting. READ MORE

Children will see the whole process of making a book, feel the fantastic smell of a book, its pages, learn a lot from the history of books - from the distant past to the present day. READ MORE

Children will visit the museum of the factory, learn the history of its origin, see the process of making sweets, learn the secrets of making sweets, taste the delicious products of the factory. READ MORE

On the tour, you will see the entire process of creating a bicycle: from a blueprint to a finished vehicle, from a tube to a finished frame. You will be taken through the welding workshop, where high-tech equipment operates, where the basis for the future bicycle is created from ordinary pipes. And then you will find yourself on the assembly line and see with your own eyes how a new bicycle is born, how in parts it takes on the shape we are used to. READ MORE

During the tour you will get acquainted with the process of making the famous "Slavic crackers". READ MORE

Traveling around your native land is convenient, fast and cheap.

The Perm Territory, although it is considered the Kama region, is inextricably linked with the Ural Mountains, in the west of which it is located. It appeared from the merger of the Komi-Permyak Autonomous Okrug and the Perm Region. Most tourists are attracted here by natural attractions: on the one hand - wild, untouched forests and the harsh, mysterious, beautiful Urals - on the other. But there are also quite mysterious, mesmerizing places, interesting for their color and uniqueness.

Mountains and rocks of the Perm region

The first mentions of this territory began to appear in the XII century, then it was called "Great Perm", or Far Earth. From here the development of the Urals and Siberia by the Russians began. It is impossible to imagine the Perm Territory without mountains. They were here before the arrival of people, they saw the dawn of civilization and, probably, will die along with the planet. Here every rock, every mountain, every stone has its own special name.

Ermak Stone

  • Coordinates on the map: 57. 80551, 57.21596.

Limestone rock, named after the famous Cossack chieftain, is located in the Kungur region of the Perm region. However, this is not only a tourist attraction, but also a local natural monument. And it is remarkable for its three peaks, towering over the Sylva River.

The highest, 40 meters high, is named Ermak. Its peak is densely overgrown with pine forest, and the slopes are popular with climbers. The Ermachikha cliff is slightly smaller, its height is 30 m. And the very small one - Ermachenok - is about 15 m high. It differs from its neighbors in that its peak has a pointed shape, and the slopes are devoid of vegetation.

Mountain Polyudov stone

  • GPS coordinates: 60.84513, 57.04295.

The highest point of the Polyudskiy Ridge is named Polyud Gora and is a Natural Monument of regional importance. According to the old Permian Komi legends, it is named after a hero with remarkable strength. When the enemy came to Earth, Polyud fought heroically with him and won the victory. Now the hero sleeps in grief until his homeland is again in danger.

The height of the mountain is 527 m. Its slopes are steep, especially the northern one, and are covered with coniferous forests. The best view of it opens from Cherdyn, from there the rock looks like the crest of a giant sea wave. Every year in these places the festival "Heroes of the Visherskaya Land" is held, and a TV tower is installed on the top of the cliff.

Usva Pillars

  • Coordinates: 58.53397, 57.69167.

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