Albena, Bulgaria; The best resort for relaxation with young children

Children's hotels in Bulgaria

Bulgaria still in the Soviet era became one of the most sought-after directions for rest. This was also facilitated by a close distance, and excellent climate and abundance of attractions. Currently, interest in this country is not a UGAS, and many are sent to rest in Bulgaria with children: What is the attainment of this country to be interesting and adults, and children?

Fridel Fortress

This place will surely interest the boys and their fathers. However, she also will not leave indifferent. This building is rooted in that epoch, when Thracians still lived in this area. She later collapsed, although in the Byzantine era, it was a very powerful fortification, where two churches were and even the Palace of the Byzantine Emperor.

Now the pictorial ruins of various periods have been preserved from this fortress. Restorers lead a permanent job, and now they have already managed to fully restore one of the two churches. In it, even from time to time conduct services. The second church is also almost completely restored.

Sunny Beach

Although this place is more connected with a beach holiday, it will also be here for what. If children are already a few more hands, you can walk around the city of Burgas.

It is best to do it in the evening when the two main pedestrian streets look especially good, thanks to the wonderful figure fountains with highlighted. In addition, there are beautiful churches here.

For quite small on the sun, there is an abundance of entertainment type of water parks, in particular, the "Adventure Island", "Kuban" and "Water Castle".

Saint Anastasia Island

The only inhabitable Bulgarian island. True, when he became inhabited for surely unknown. There are legends at all about this island, and they say that some inexplicable things happen here.

On the tourist map of the world there are several countries where almost the ideal conditions for recreation of young travelers are created. Bulgaria is one of them. Parents looking for an interesting pastime with their children choose this Balkan republic for several reasons:

  • calm warm sea;
  • no dangerous currents;
  • clean sea air, delighting vacationers with coniferous aroma;
  • green areas around most hotels;
  • affordable baby food in supermarkets and shops;
  • delicious Bulgarian dishes in numerous cafes, shops and restaurants;
  • friendliness local population;
  • variety of children's leisure time.

Golden Sands

1957 was a fateful year for the tourism industry in Bulgaria. Then a compact resort appeared in the vicinity of Varna, which gradually became one of the largest in the republic. Golden Sands is famous for its 3.5 km long beach, where life is in full swing even in the evening and at night. Children prefer to have fun at Aquapolis, a fairly large water park with two pools and five slides.

The main advantage of the resort is its location next to the national park of the same name. After having fun on the beach, parents are happy to walk with their children in this green oasis among oaks, ligatures, hornbeams, lilacs and other shrubs and trees. The natural park compensates for the main disadvantage of the resort - too many tourists. But, thanks to the popularity of Golden Sands, there is always a wide selection of hotels, including for families with young children and teenagers:

  • Vistamar;
  • Melia Grand Hermitage;
  • Arabella;
  • Grifid Bolero.


For those parents who are looking for a relaxing holiday with their restless children, a resort complex located just nine kilometers from the bustling Sunny Beach is suitable. The compact Elenite is primarily an 800-meter beach covered with warm soft sand. Thanks to Stara Planina - a low mountain range overgrown with dense coniferous forests - the resort is reliably protected from the cold air currents. Elenite will not suit those who love noisy discos, loud music on the beaches and crowds of tourists of different ages.

But here there are dozens of entertainments for young tourists. First of all, young vacationers tend to visit "Atlantis" - a small water park. Here you can have fun on six slides, swim in the spacious wave pool or enjoy ice cream in the cozy restaurant. Fans of exploring the sights of the cities have nothing to see in Elenite. But you can join an exciting excursion and go to neighboring Nessebar - a quiet town famous for its medieval streets. Almost all local hotels are suitable for families with children. But the most comfortable conditions are created in five hotels of the resort:

  • Zornitza Sands;
  • Andalucia;
  • Royal Park;
  • Victoria Palace;
  • Royal Bay.

For many years, Bulgarian resorts have enjoyed well-deserved popularity among our compatriots. And although in the past two decades, tourists from the post-Soviet space have mastered many other holiday destinations around the world, but the Bulgarian beaches with white and golden sands also attract thousands of people every year.

Bulgaria, formerly a socialist country, is now part of the European Union. But the local leva is still the main currency. You can rest in the resorts of Bulgaria all year round. The Black Sea coast with a large number of various hotels stretches for almost 380 km. There are many health centers and sanatoriums here. Local resorts are valued for a comfortable and safe family vacation.

Among the large number of proposals, you can choose a resort for every taste. Quiet towns like Sozopol and Dyuny are suitable for families with kids. Older children and lovers of fun entertainment will be interested in the resorts of Nessebar, Golden Sands and others. Almost all holiday destinations are close to each other and are connected by a transport network, so visiting neighboring cities will not be a big problem.

Climatic conditions of resorts in Bulgaria

In contrast to exotic countries, acclimatization in the resorts of Bulgaria is easier. This is due to the Mediterranean climate on the coast. The beginning of the holiday season falls on the end of May, when the average air temperature is above 20-21 ° C, but the water in the sea is still quite cold.

The best time to stay in resorts with children is the end of June and the beginning of July. The heat has not yet come, but the water has reached the level of comfort at which little ones will be happy to frolic in it. During this period, the number of vacationers is still not so great.

The peak season is in July-August, when the temperature reaches 27 ° C and above. But even in such hot months, the weather here is quite comfortable because of the light wind from the sea. September is unpredictable, but often during the velvet season, the temperatures in the resorts are quite warm around 25 ° C.

Several reasons to choose Bulgaria as a holiday destination with children

And now let's talk about the reasons why this country is chosen for families with children:

  • A direct flight from Moscow takes about 3 hours. If we compare this with 5 hours to Thailand and the UAE, 8 hours to the Maldives and 20 hours to the beaches of South America, it is clear that it is more convenient to fly to Bulgaria with small children.
  • Many resorts are family-oriented. A well-developed recreation structure for children includes clubs and animation, attractions, water parks and many other types of entertainment designed for younger guests.
  • The sea water of the Bulgarian resorts has a small concentration of salt, which is more comfortable for the delicate skin of children. The water temperature from late June to late summer is between 23-26 ° C. And in September it does not drop below 22 ° C.
  • Convenient coastal relief and wide sandy beaches allow even the smallest tourists to swim safely.
  • The inhabitants of Bulgaria are distinguished by hospitality and sincere cordiality, which is supported by the similarity of the Russian and Bulgarian languages.
  • Each hotel has its own security. Many resort areas are located separately from residential areas in closed areas. In such places, there is a limited entry into the territory. This contributes to a calm environment in the resorts and the safety of vacationers.
  • Many hotels offer a special children's menu. And some of the dishes of the national cuisine will be useful for the children's table. For family recreation, an “all-inclusive” system is offered, which removes the parents from worrying about good nutrition for their little guests.
  • For family accommodation, there is a convenient system of discounts and bonuses. And the low price compared to hotels in other countries is the main reason to choose a family vacation in Bulgaria.

Ah, with what delightful aromas and juicy colors the atmosphere of the interesting and dear to heart Albena resort is filled, the special comfort of which is incomparable with other resorts in Bulgaria. Everything here is arranged in such a way that it is possible to harmoniously combine a calm and serene vacation with a fun and festive pastime. A remarkable feature of the resort is also a good and professional service, attentive and caring attitude of the staff towards each holidaymaker. That is why Albena is so fond of German tourists who are accustomed to high standards of service. And, most importantly, Albena is perhaps the best resort for families with young children in Bulgaria!

Geography Albena resort is located on the northern side of the tourist coast of Bulgaria in a beautiful sea bay. The distance to the city of Varna is about 30 km. Albena smoothly merges with the Baltata nature reserve, which is a huge forest area of ​​250 rare plant species, among which there are many conifers. That's why the air here is so oxygenated and smells so delicious! As for the temperature sensations, here they are very comfortable, despite the fact that the air warms up to +29 degrees, and the water to +26 degrees.

Its own microclimate makes it an excellent place for families with children, the state of which is monitored at a specially built climate station. A wonderful ecological environment, a clean and shallow beach with white sand, the daily beneficial effects of ultraviolet radiation along with the air supply of the body with such essential elements as fluorine, bromine and iodine - all this in the most natural beneficial way affects the well-being and health of adults and children of any age.

Inner Peace

The territory of the resort is right with a variety of vegetation - flowers, shrubs, pines and southern plants. Undoubtedly, it will be interesting and pleasant for everyone to walk in the parks of the resort and admire the skillfully designed lawns and flower beds. And the kids will have fun running along the green lawns, where the grass tickles their feet so funny. Albena is also one of the safest resorts, as its territory is closed and guarded, so all coastal hotels are not surrounded by barriers, and the transitions from one to another are smooth and pretty.

Which hotel to choose in Albena?

In the coastal part of Albena there are hotels of different categories and, in principle, the cost of living is quite attractive, considering the fact that almost every hotel operates on an "all inclusive" system and offers a children's menu, which is so varied and fully, that one can not only dream of such a thing, but, having tried it, appreciate it. A big plus is that "ALL INCLUSIVE" in Albena means, among other things, natural juices, and not "upi" and "invite" - what colors the water in a wild poisonous color. Thus, both parents and children will be delighted with the food in their hotel.

There are children's clubs on the coast of the resort, where mostly children are engaged in creative activities. They sculpt, paint, build sand castles, do various crafts, but all this happens under the careful supervision of mentors. Parents can afford to leave their dear child here for a while and go about their business. For example, going to the store or visiting a procedure at a balneological center. About balneology a little later. In the meantime, let's go a little higher into the mountains and take a look at the hotels that are located there.

Basically, these are inexpensive hotels dating back to Soviet times, some of them require major repairs for a long time, but, in principle, everything works, clean and tidy, good food. In general, a good option for an economical family vacation. In addition, there are villas such as VILLAS MAGNOLIA and VILLAS WEST. These are small two-storey buildings immersed in greenery. You can cook on your own, as the rooms are equipped with a kitchenette. If you do not want to cook, then you can eat according to the usual system at the nearest hotel, the name of which will be announced to you when booking your stay.

Families who prefer solitude and complete peace will be interested in the private cottage complex "Gorska Feya", which is located at a distance of 600 m above sea level among the forest in the camping of Albena resort. There is also a cafe, a restaurant and a shop, the prices of which are cheaper than on the coast. In order to get to the sea from the hotels located on the mountain and back, you can walk or take a small tourist train that runs up and down every thirty minutes.

Vacation and vacation time will begin soon. It is necessary to think in advance about how and where to carry them out with maximum benefit. The best resorts for families with children are very close. Sunny Bulgaria has always been and remains a fertile land for tourists.

No story, no video can fully describe the beauty of this region. Here hotels are always hospitable for children and their parents on the coast, and in the mountains - for lovers of skiing. Let's try to list all the reasons why it is best to relax with a child here.

How to choose a resort

When traveling with a child less than 1 year old or older, an adult needs to make sure that the journey is enjoyable for everyone in advance. It is especially important to take a responsible approach to the choice of place and time. If you can correct something with food on the spot, buy, cook, and you can somehow compensate for the lack of entertainment, then the climate and weather are beyond your control.

In the same way, it will be impossible to change the terrain and the location of the home where you will begin to spend your time. These points must also be carefully calculated. For example, for a child 2 years old, a clean sandy beach with a gentle entrance to the sea will be very relevant.

A road with several changes and a duration of several days can also spoil any vacation. This is another important nuance that must be taken into account.

The next most important selection criteria will be hotel amenities and leisure. Please note that the hotel where you are traveling is available and able to provide:

  • extra crib;
  • food, bottle warmer and baby stroller;
  • kids club;
  • children's menu;
  • playground;
  • children's animation;
  • nanny and nursery for toddlers up to one year old.

All this is far from necessary, but it is highly desirable to have it in the hotel of your choice.

Climate of Bulgaria

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