Agritourism in the Leningrad Region

Agritourism in the Leningrad Region

The recreation center "Chudskoe Podvorie" invites its guests to spend a weekend on the shores of Lake Peipsi and get acquainted with a new tourist destination - agritourism.

For those who love outdoor activities, we present the pride of our base - our own zoo - the only such facility in the Leningrad region.

Our recreation center is a real expanse for tourism and agritourism: picturesque nature, cottages right on the shore of the lake, our own farm and a petting zoo with pets living here.

Advantages of the Chudskoye Compound base

We offer a wide range of activities for the whole family.

Pets you can pet and feed

We allow our guests not only to pet the animals of our mini-zoo, but also to feed and help with their own care.

All pets are kind and welcoming, trust people and willingly eat from the palms of their hands.

On the farm, you can get to know:

  • Horses and ponies that you can not only feed, but also ride on them;
  • Piglets;
  • Sheep and goats. Little kids, if we have an addition, you can drink milk from a bottle:
  • Ducks, geese, chickens and turkeys are our local birds, they always expect grains and are very animated when guests come to them; <
  • Rabbits and cats - decorative and large - will allow your children to pet and play with them. The child is guaranteed complete delight;

Agritourism is a great opportunity for city dwellers to take a break from the hustle and bustle, learn the peculiarities of life on a farm, and for children to get acquainted with pets that cannot be found in the city.

Agritourism in the Leningrad Region

Finding out where you can go skiing, horses or cheesecakes

We bring to your attention a mini-guide to the winter and ski resorts of the Leningrad region.

All-season resort "Okhta Park"

Okhta Park is one of the most popular country resorts in the Leningrad Region. Located in a forested area 10 km from the northern part of the city, the area is more than 60 hectares.

On the territory - a cottage village, a year-round complex of heated outdoor pools, a spa-bath complex "Zen", a Après Ski restaurant and many outdoor activities.

In the winter season, there are 10 ski slopes of various difficulty levels, an extreme snow park, a romantic forest skating rink and the Wild Cheesecake attraction. The resort regularly hosts entertainment events, as well as private and corporate events.

All-season resort "Igora"

Inspired by the experience of the world's best projects, the resort has created a unique infrastructure that offers fantastic opportunities for sports, entertainment and recreation at any time of the year.

There is everything here to have fun with the whole family or with a group of friends, try yourself in a new sport and improve your skills on an amateur or professional level.

On the territory of the resort you can have a quick and tasty snack, as well as spend time in an exquisite atmosphere of restaurants with a varied cuisine and wine list.

Red Lake Ski Resort

The resort is located on the picturesque slopes near the natural monument of the lake. Krasnoe near the village of Korobitsino, 90 km from St. Petersburg.

Here are some of the best slopes in the North-West for skiing and snowboarding, well-prepared tracks for beginners and professional athletes.

+7 921 302 30 31. Family holidays and agritourism in the Leningrad region: low prices and high quality service.


Choose a hotel

Answer a few simple questions and we will find online the best boarding houses and holiday homes.

Hotels of the Leningrad Region have various specializations. Some are focused on family vacations with babies, others have extensive infrastructure for older children, and still others have a universal profile. For the best choice, indicate with whom you are traveling on vacation.

Choose a vacation in the Leningrad region

See also

Today, in our modern world, you often cannot keep up with the rapidly changing events of life. Therefore, it is so important to highlight the right priorities in life. Children are our wealth, our happiness and our love.

Rest with children is not only the recovery and relaxation of your child and you, it is a feeling of sincere love and happiness that you get when you retire from everyday work problems with your closest people. This is an opportunity to remember and plunge into the world of childhood and get a sense of the fullness of life today and now, and not yesterday and tomorrow. This is the rest of an adult or adults with children or with a child, which is offered by boarding houses, hotels, hotel complexes, recreation centers.

For a family vacation in the Leningrad Region with children, standard "Mother and Child" vouchers are usually offered by boarding houses of the region, and most of all these are boarding houses of "Soviet" times. The "Mother and Child" package includes: accommodation in a double room, meals (serving or, at best, a customized menu) and a modest range of children's entertainment, sports or medical services. The voucher is given for one adult and one child up to 10-12 years old. There are discounts for children on the main seat. Such a vacation plan in the Leningrad region is usually offered during the low season, and is booked one to two weeks before arrival.

Rest in the Leningrad region with children in more modern and expensive complexes of vouchers "Mother and Child" does not offer. Here the rooms are more comfortable, meals are often "buffet", well-developed infrastructure for recreation and entertainment. For your child, if he does not eat "adult" food, there are complexes with a separate children's menu. When planning the issue of self-catering, there is the possibility of accommodation in rooms with a microwave and refrigerator.

Holidays with children are special programs for health improvement, psychological adaptation programs and developmental programs.

One of the popular places for organizing summer vacations for children and adolescents has long been the Leningrad Region and the city of St. Petersburg. In addition to excursion trips dedicated to acquaintance with the northern capital, the region offers summer camps (more than 2 dozen!) Of various profiles with an interesting stay program and thematic shifts for every taste.

When sending a child on vacation, parents ask themselves the question: "How to choose a camp?" useful skills or even take the first steps towards choosing a future profession.

Whatever your heart desires

In order to better navigate which camp profile is suitable for a child, it is necessary to have complete information about what directions exist in this type of recreation at the present time, because many innovations have appeared over the past decades.

2-3 types of children's summer institutions (sports, health-improving, mixed types) have been replaced by narrow-profile camps, which offer, in addition to recreation, a serious educational and developmental program (linguistic, creative and even pro-educational).

For future champions and more ...

Sports camps in the Leningrad Region are focused on achieving results in the physical development of a child. As a rule, in such institutions a large amount of time is devoted to training, outdoor sports, and competitions. In the best sports camps, experienced coaches lead the children, there is always medical support and meals are organized according to the norms established by the standards.

Do not think that this type of camp is suitable only for athletes, but a child who is not accustomed to regular physical activity may experience discomfort. Therefore, for a start, it is worth giving preference to a sports and recreation facility, in which the program is not so full of training.

For health - for nature!

Health and fitness camps are one of the most popular classic areas of children's summer vacation. As a rule, in such institutions, the emphasis is on health improvement, and therefore, location in an ecologically clean area: in a pine forest, on the banks of a river or a picturesque lake is an integral part of the services provided.

Modern health camps also have a rich program of activities, and sometimes they hold thematic shifts that children are just delighted with. If the goal of the parents is to improve the health of the child, help him to get stronger physically and develop communication skills, then the sports and health camp is the best choice.

They have proven themselves well in sports and recreation: DSOL Leningradets (shift "Orange Planet", DOOC Torch (shift "School of Wizards"), DOL "DREAM", DOL "Chaika", SOL "Volna".

All at once



Like you, we prefer to spend summer weekends outside the city. But what is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a weekend in the Leningrad region? Walking around Peterhof, Tsarskoe Selo or regular barbecues at the dacha? We have better ideas. Citymobil and Dog. u ”chose twenty unusual places near the city where you can spend time interesting, romantic, active and just with pleasure. All places are not more than forty kilometers from the ring road. Why exactly at this distance? Because you can take a taxi to any location in our selection. And it will not only be fast and convenient, but also profitable: until the end of July, Citymobil has a 20% discount on trips outside the city. You can use the offer twice a week. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Cultural relaxation

"And we will launch an arrow to Priyutino with you" - wrote Batyushkov to Turgenev, tired of the noise and vanity of the capital. And we call you! Moreover, these two are only a few from the list of regular guests of the Olenins' estate. It can be continued with the names of Vyazemsky, Griboyedov, Krylov, Zhukovsky, Glinka, Bryullov. in a word, all the creative intelligentsia and, of course, Pushkin, who was passionately in love with Olenin's daughter Anna, visited it. The atmosphere of the former receptions can be felt even now thanks to the efforts of the museum staff: all the premises of the manor house have been recreated using the attributes of that time, Priyutino is the only museumified Pushkin estate in the region with a pronounced English style. After wandering through the noble chambers, go to an old landscape park with bicentennial oak trees, a beautiful bend in the river and a pretty rotunda on the bank of a pond - it is small but very picturesque.

Vsevolozhsk, Priyutino, 1.5.5 km from the Ring Road

We know Gatchina as a royal residence and an example of palace and park art, but no less remarkable is the casual, north-western part of it, which has a glorious dacha history. Sologub, Botkin, the composer Lyapunov and other famous Petersburgers loved to rest here. The pearl is considered Marienburg - a place named after the wife of Paul I Maria Feodorovna. With the active development of Art Nouveau, local homeowners began to invite eminent architects to the village, and real masterpieces of country architecture appeared in the area. There are many carved wooden houses that you can admire, and the most beautiful tower - the so-called "House with a Tower" in 1892 on Voskov Street - at the beginning of the 19th century belonged to the engineer of the Ministry of Railways Vladimir Viktorovich Grachev. In the summer of 1904, Gippius and Merezhkovsky stayed here. You can go inside - the building houses the “Gardener” store. The monument requires restoration, but despite the deplorable state or thanks to it, it touches and delights.

Gatchina, Voskova st., 40.35.6 km from the ring road

While every self-respecting Petersburger has visited Kronshlot and the Northern Forts of Kronstadt at least once, they get to the historical fortifications in the western part of the island much less often. And in vain! We advise you to explore the Shants and Reef forts at once: you will quickly take a taxi to the first one, and the second one is connected with it by a long alley through the nature reserve "Western Kotlin", a walk along which is a separate pleasure. Both ancient forts are valuable monuments to the development of military engineering. And the Reef is also notable for the unique complex of experimental buildings of the engineering range, which has existed here since 1889, moreover, it is located in an amazingly picturesque place with a beautiful view of the Tolbukhin lighthouse. Now the forts are open for independent visits on weekends - but you will not need excursions: this is the case when the stones speak, and the wounds of the surviving walls will tell more than any guidebooks.

By taxi to Fort Shants: Kronstadt district, Kronstadt highway, 47 km from the ring road. walk to Fort Rif.

Not all Petersburgers know about this open-air museum in Lebyazhye: you cannot get here by chance - only by signing up for an excursion, besides, the site has been open for visitors only for the third year. Pioneer Park is a branch of the Central Railway Museum and a dream come true of Sheldon Cooper: it houses steam locomotives, diesel locomotives and electric locomotives of different years of production, including the oldest commercial steam locomotive of the E series of pre-revolutionary construction. More than fifty locomotives, many of which are still on the move. By the way, during the war, it was on these rails that armored trains and artillery platforms that defended Leningrad ply. Even if you are far from the intricacies of machinery, it will not be boring (for example, do you know why the locomotive has a sandbox or why they took trainees and retirees to the firemen?), And the collection of the fund platform can delight any child, including the inner one.

Lomonosov district, Lebyazhye village. 16 km from the ring road

Alexandra Generalova

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