Active holidays with children: in winter and summer, with teenagers and preschoolers

Active holidays with children: in winter and summer, with teenagers and preschoolers

Many parents dream of being able to spend time with their children without thinking about work, homework or sports. Active family recreation is gaining more and more popularity. Fortunately, there are occupations that are more attractive than labor service in the country. Rafting, diving or cycling tourism can no longer be afforded only by the richest people in the country.

Features of outdoor activities with children

When planning a vacation with a child, it is important to take into account his age. After all, what is interesting at the age of 5 is unlikely to cause delight at 10. In addition, the load that older children withstand will be unbearable for the younger ones. When organizing outdoor activities for toddlers and preschoolers, it is better to prefer a walk in the park, a picnic or go to a family camp - there they select a special program for each specific age category.

The older the children, the wider the range of options. Horseback riding, cycling, water or mountain recreation - your ingenuity is limited only by your budget. However, whatever you choose, there are a few rules to follow:

  • carefully monitor the child's appearance: the equipment must be selected according to size, and not "for growth", so that it does not interfere with movement;
  • take a first-aid kit with you - any vacation with children, especially an active one, can bring minor troubles: scratches, abrasions or insect bites, which are best treated immediately;
  • accustom you to any activity gradually. Monitor the child's condition carefully; excessive stress will ruin the experience, and your efforts will be wasted.

Where can you stay when organizing an active holiday with the whole family?

  • Departure for nature, picnics, walks. In the digital age, these simple, accessible activities are often overlooked. Large costs are not required, and the right choice of place will allow you to enjoy a variety of entertainment at once: swimming, fishing, active games, lunch in the fresh air. You can go to nature with tents or rent a country house. Barbecue facilities and other necessary equipment are also available for rent. If you have only one day at your disposal, then a picnic in the park will be a great solution. In any case, it will give a lot of impressions to the whole family.
  • Hiking. This option is good for teenagers. Hiking quenches your thirst for adventure, improves endurance and allows you to learn how to interact in a group. In addition, there is a chance to see animals and birds in their natural environment, to find unfamiliar plants - young biologists will certainly be happy. You can make a route yourself or use the services of travel agencies, go for one day or overnight - the choice is yours.
  • Rest in the mountains. Suitable for older children, because kids do not tolerate ascent to a height of more than 2000 meters. With babies, it is worth going on a mountain hike only to those who already have experience, it is better to prefer a simple route. If you have no experience of hiking, but you want to visit the mountains with your baby, you can rent a hotel room and enjoy the cleanest air. However, having chosen this type of rest for yourself, carefully monitor the well-being of the child. Lack of appetite, apathy, drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, or changes in the rhythm of breathing and heartbeat are signs of mountain sickness. Kids are more susceptible to it, however, teenagers are not insured.
  • Horse riding. This activity also has age restrictions: the minimum allowable is 6-7 years. However, most instructors prefer to work with children aged 10-12. They will explain the intricacies of riding, teach how to sit in the saddle correctly, and how to handle a horse. Communication with her will instill in the child respect for animals. For younger children, a separate service is provided - pony riding. Over time, equestrian sports can become a permanent hobby.
  • Cycling tourism is good because there are no special restrictions for cycling - it is enough to know how to ride. When traveling with small children, a chair that is attached to a frame or a bicycle trailer will come in handy. In Russia, there are still not enough special routes with equipped paths, places for halts, etc., but they are available in many countries that are popular among tourists. For example, in Germany there are more than 200 of them. Cycling is not only a way to have a good time, but also health benefits.
  • Active rest on the water: diving, snorkeling, rafting. Getting to know the underwater depths and their inhabitants is exciting even for adults. It is not surprising that more and more parents are teaching their children to do this. It is recommended to start diving at the age of 8. The first dive for young divers is a trial dive, before it you must undergo a full briefing in order to properly handle scuba diving. It is easier to learn snorkeling, because special equipment, except for a mask, fins and a snorkel, is not required.

Another way of active recreation on the water is rafting, or rafting on mountain rivers. Here, too, there are age restrictions (from 10 years old), among other requirements - the obligatory ability to swim. For rafting with the participation of children, routes of the first difficulty level are selected. The main rowers in the boat are adults, but there is work for the guys too. Fighting the bubbling stream brings a lot of impressions. To prevent children from getting too tired, there are parking lots with disembarking on the coast, where games and competitions are held. Such a vacation will definitely be remembered for a long time.

  • Active rest in the city. Parents are not always able to go somewhere with their children, but a busy work schedule does not interfere with getting the proper adrenaline rush. The way out for those who can't escape the urban jungle are the family parks that are gaining popularity right now. Parents, toddlers and teenagers will find something to their liking. On the territory of the park, trampolines, rope towns, attractions, labyrinths, bungees, football and hockey fields can be located at the same time. For the smallest, special areas are provided. In addition, you can strengthen your strength without leaving the park: restaurants and cafes work right there. Such places already exist in almost all major cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Penza, Kazan and others.
  • There are three largest networks of active family recreation parks in Russia: Joki Joya, Hlop-Top, Gorilla Park. Joki Joya stands out among them for the fact that the parks are themed: for example, there are dedicated to Middle-earth, Lego, space, the Venetian carnival. In all, you can spend a birthday, additional events are organized - quests, competitive programs with animators. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to relax with children in Moscow or, say, in St. Petersburg, you know where to go.

    Winter activities

    Winter holidays are a great opportunity for children and adults to spend time together. A magical festive atmosphere will make it especially memorable. If you are thinking about how to organize a holiday with children for the New Year, you should pay attention to the numerous ski resorts. They not only provide everything you need for winter sports, but also organize children's matinees, New Year's and Christmas parties. In addition to the already familiar skates, skis and snowboards, you can ride an inflatable sled (this is called tubing), a sleigh pulled by dogs (skijoring), or quad bikes.

    Children's active recreation camps

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