5 available types of outdoor activities in Kazakhstan

Jeep tour in South Kazakhstan, Spring in Semirechye

Join our team in May 2020!

The second half of May is a very good time for a trip to Semirechye (this is South Kazakhstan): there is no scorching heat yet, the steppes are covered with a carpet of bright red wild poppies, and bizarre endemic plants bloom on the slopes of sand dunes and clay canyons ... It is still winter in the high mountains of the Tien Shan, which creates additional color contrast for photographs.

Our journey will be full of drive and energy - almost every day - a radically new landscape, new reality and new adventures. But at the same time, we will have a full opportunity to shoot almost all the main attractions both in the morning and in the evening light.

It is also worth noting that Semirechye is a unique textbook on the geological history of the Earth. We will literally walk along the bottom of ancient lakes, rivers and oceans - the very same alien landscapes. We will get acquainted with such unusual natural phenomena as the singing dune, the volcanic outliers of Katutau, the Charyn canyon and the Kaindy mudflow lake. There will be many interesting stories on this topic, with live examples around.

We will also climb the Asy plateau, to a height of almost 3000 meters - we will play snowballs there and take pictures of wild yellow-red tulips.

Organizational information

Two Mitsubishi Delica minibuses. High cross-country ability, there are inverters for recharging photo and video equipment.

The registration fee includes:

• work of organizers and employees of national parks; • movement by expeditionary minibuses along the entire route of the trip; • accommodation in Almaty hotels; • accommodation in an equipped expedition tent camp; • fees in all national parks and reserves; • meals on the route: cafe and in a tent camp.

The registration fee does not include:

• Air flight (railway travel) to Almaty To search for inexpensive air tickets, we recommend www. viasales. u. Just enter all the required details in the form below:

(Arrival: before 10:00 on May 7 or earlier, departure: after 17:00 on May 6)

Jeep tour in South Kazakhstan, Spring in Semirechye

Find out how much summer camps in Kazakhstan cost, what is included in the voucher price and how best to prepare your child for a comfortable vacation

NUR-SULTAN, May 11 - Sputnik. The last school bells will be ringing very soon. The longest holidays of the year await children, and parents will have more worries: what to do with the child and how to organize a summer vacation?

Summer camps start the season from mid-June. Last year alone, 12.5 thousand school and 225 out-of-town camps were opened in Kazakhstan, as well as about two thousand tent and sports recreation areas.

This type of pastime is well known to many generations, and modern children's camps provide an opportunity not only to relax, but also to learn. They can be thematic, language, sports, family, school.

How much does a children's holiday cost and what conditions are offered in Kazakhstani camps for children in the capital, Sputnik Kazakhstan learned.

How much does summer camp cost?

In early May, a fair of summer camps was held in Nur-Sultan. You could choose your favorite camp, get acquainted with the programs, living conditions and food, transportation and security.

Moscow schoolchildren are offered to have rest mainly in the Akmola region - Shchuchinsko-Borovsk, Zerenda resort areas, as well as near the cities of Ereimentau and Akkol.

The minimum cost of a vacation is 25 thousand tenge for 10 days. On average, the cost of a 10-day or two-week (in different camps different duration of shifts) rest is 45-75 thousand tenge.

Tent and ethnic camps in which children live in yurts should be separately noted - the cost of rest in such a camp is on average 50 thousand tenge.

There is a "military-sports" camp near Akkol, where children live in "barracks" and undergo training, including learning to shoot from pneumatic weapons and a bow, take a course of "survival" and storm mountaineering. The cost of such a vacation is 90 thousand tenge for two weeks.

What is included in the voucher price

Jeep tour to the fantastic world of South Kazakhstan - Semirechye. This is the place where you can put an incredible amount of colors and shades in one photo.

Summer camp is a great way to spend your holidays. This leisure option is very popular. Concerned parents, starting in January, or even earlier, begin to select the best children's camp for their child. On this issue, everyone has their own selection criteria. But every mom and dad wants the child to have fun and interesting time, find new friends, and get vivid impressions of the rest. And most importantly, he should gain strength and health for the next academic year.


As a wonderful summer pastime, one of the best children's camps of Kazakhstan can be considered. For many years, schoolchildren from all regions of Russia come to their vacation. The Republic of Kazakhstan amazes the beauty of its nature. Here are the endless steppes, majestic mountains, gentle waves of the Caspian and Aral Seas. And most importantly - here the children will be able to relax, get new knowledge, visit interesting excursions and get a charge of positive energy for the entire next year. And in which camp is better to relax, tell me in this article.

A little about the nature of Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan is an amazing country in which modernity and the ancient traditions and customs are harmoniously combined. Holidays here will bring great pleasure and vivid impressions. The climate in the republic is moderate. All years of year are clearly expressed here - hot summer, cold snowy winter, spring with unstable weather and sharp drops of temperature and beautiful bright autumn.

From the south-west Kazakhstan is washed by the Caspian Sea. Here are the best places for a beach holiday. The season begins with the middle of May and lasts at the end of September. For kids, the best time is considered to be June and the end of August. The Caspian Sea warms up to 26 degrees. In the middle of summer, it is very hot, about 30 degrees and above.

The coast of the Aral Sea, not as attractive for rest. This is due to the grinding of the reservoir. The best alternative will be Lake Alakol or Balkhash.

how to choose a camp for baby

Before going to rest in an unfamiliar area, it is necessary to carry out real survey and investigation. After all, I want to spend your vacation with maximum convenience and comfort. Recreation for the child's parents are considered by the "big magnifying glass". And this is true. After all, for the child you need to choose the best.

Determine what you should not pay attention to is advertising. Each pension in advertising brochures and on their website will describe themselves from the best side. In fact, everything might look completely different. Recommendations - this is from what should be repelled. I mean not a bunch of positive feedbacks immediately on the site camps, but the opinion and impression of children and their parents after rest in this institution.

What are the children's camps [IMG2]

Millions of budget funds are allocated for the development of tourism every year why there is money, but no development? @

If you ask Kazakhstanis to tell about the beauty and sights of Kazakhstan, then any schoolboy will call the standard set: Shymbulak, Medeu, Borovoy, Alakol, Turkestan, Balkhash. Slightly more advanced (we will not take into account the Almaty residents) remember the Kolsai lakes, the Big Almaty lake, the Charyn canyon, etc. And the Kazakhs will name these places, most likely, not because they have been there, but simply because they more or less know the geography of their native country and have seen pictures on the Internet.

And although the government is developing various programs for the development of tourism, tourists are not yet seeking us, and if they come, they are not too happy with the service and infrastructure. Meanwhile, the nature of Kazakhstan is in no way inferior to similar places abroad, and some places are completely unique, but even this fact does not help yet to invite massively travelers. There are many significant places in Kazakhstan, but for comparison we have selected four, which clearly show the general picture.

Charyn VS Grand Canyon

Travelers love to compare the Charyn Canyon with its big brother in the United States, and the Kazakh landmark is not worse at all. Nature has tried both here and there. But human efforts are visible so far only in the States. Crowds of tourists speak about it, and some to Arizona just for the sake of this place. It is estimated that the Grand Canyon is visited by about 6 million tourists every year.

Here tourists are offered accommodation (from camping to hotels), food outlets (from small eateries to restaurants), shops (not only souvenir), post office, bank, bicycle rental, showers, laundry, picnic areas, amphitheater, clinic, parking and toilets.

But the presence of a well-developed infrastructure does not mean at all that the national park was given up to be torn apart by travelers, and there will soon be nothing left of nature here. Tourist flows are strictly controlled and so are their places of stay. The Havasupai tribe of North American Indians still lives on the territory of the canyon. You can get to them only by helicopter or hiking trails.

The sale of water in plastic bottles has recently been banned on the territory of the canyon. The Americans believed that 20% of the park's waste was plastic, and decided to fix it. However, there is no need to worry, the traveler will always be able to quench his thirst: throughout the territory there are special "watering stations" where you can draw water for free.

What awaits a tourist in the Charyn canyon, besides nature?

The infrastructure is rather modest, a small eco-park (with yurts and bungalows for sleeping) and a cafe. Travelers do not complain about the living conditions and prices, but the crowds of tourists here will clearly not be able to accept.

However, in the reviews after visiting the Charyn Canyon, the following are most common: "There is not enough at least a minimal service." In "otzovik" travelers complain about problems with water, it can only be bought in the eco-park, and therefore they advise to stock up in advance and prepare for the lack of comfort. All amenities are either in the parking lot or already in the eco-park.

Of course, for the sake of unity with nature, you can forget about comfort for a couple of days, but people need to spend the night and eat somewhere.

Top of the most popular and affordable types of active tourism in Kazakhstan

Do you know how successful and happy people around the world are advised to cope with stress? Lead a physically active lifestyle. A wave of doubts and anxiety rushed over you - straight into the saddle! At least a horse, at least a bicycle! Many, by the way, do it intuitively, without any scientific evidence. The number of people leading an active lifestyle in Kazakhstan is increasing from year to year, which is good news. And here are the five most common and affordable areas of active recreation in Kazakhstan: mountain and hiking, horse tours, bike tours and mountain biking.

Only mountains can be better than mountains

So, hiking in the mountains is a very popular type of active recreation in Kazakhstan! The greatest variety of offers, both from travel agencies and from single guides, in the organization of mountain hikes today, you can find, of course, in the Almaty region. It is understandable - here in just half an hour you can get from the megalopolis to the beginning of the route, that is, in fact, to the foot of the mountain, therefore, both experienced climbers and lovers of mountain hikes come here from neighboring countries. And for many residents of Almaty, a walk in the mountains is like a trip to a dacha, a natural need to communicate with nature. Families and friends go to the mountains of the Zailiyskiy Alatau, and they organize teambuildings in the mountains. Mountain tourism is divided into sports (with categories and other sports paraphernalia) and amateur. We are now talking about the latter.

Mountain tourism, although not on such a scale as near Almaty, is popular in the East Kazakhstan and Turkestan regions. In the East, tourists from all over the world are attracted by the mysterious Belukha Mountain - the highest peak in Altai and Siberia. Here you can make mountain hiking trips from simple, non-categorical, to hikes of a higher category of complexity with the use of special mountaineering equipment. The Ridder area is also popular. Basically, the peaks of Three Brothers and Voroshilov Peak are heard, but if you are in Rudny Altai, you will certainly want to study it more thoroughly. Only the remoteness of the region prevents the flow of tourists from becoming more massive here. However, over the past few years, several recreation centers have opened in the East Kazakhstan region, the services of which are focused precisely on the organization of mountain trips. And in Ridder, a local college even graduated with certified tour guides in 2017-2018.

In the Turkestan region, tourist trips to the gorges of the Sairam-Ugam State National Natural Park are offered. Clubs, travel agencies, other organizations involved in the provision of services are based mainly in the city of Shymkent. The specialists of the TurkistanTourism Center information bureau will also help you choose the right place to visit.

By the way, mountain tourism, as a form of active recreation in Kazakhstan, can gradually develop into mountaineering for you over time, but that's another story ...

Go further, see more

Hiking trails are usually laid in wild, uninhabited areas around the world. People tend to want to move away from civilization, to merge with nature, as if to become one with it. In our country, there are a lot of such places, remote, beautiful, wild. But there are not enough professional guides or travel agencies specializing in this area. Although, of course, it depends on the location of the natural object or landscape that interests you.

There is also "good news". Practically in every region of the country there are specially protected natural areas (hereinafter SPNA), in which, to a greater, and sometimes to a lesser extent, according to the status (less in the reserve, more in national parks), there are tourist routes. Hiking routes have been thought out here, and they, indeed, are an excellent form of active recreation in Kazakhstan.

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