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Top most beautiful places in Kabardino-Balkaria

Children's camp: parents are resting!

Today we will analyze the main features of children's camps in the South of Russia, which are concentrated mainly in Anapa, Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Yalta, Evpatoria. We will also highlight the nuances that need to be paid special attention to when choosing a camp for a child.

The summer children's camp for many working parents is a real salvation. Speaking about the camps on the Black Sea in Russia, it can be noted that almost all of them are similar to each other, everywhere a standard set of services is included in the price, but the price can vary significantly.

Today, a parent at any time via the Internet can study information about the camp on his own, make a general impression, sketch clarifying questions, and only after that contact us, travel agency managers, for personal advice.

All children's camps in our South are initially health-improving due to the natural factors of the region: the sea climate, clean air, sunny procedures, swimming in the sea. Some camps are expanding their functionality with a medical and diagnostic base, acquiring the status of a children's sanatorium. In such sanatoriums, treatment is offered in many medical profiles and doctors of narrow specialties are employed. The main profiles: treatment of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system of the OPDA, pediatric gynecology and urology. Themed camps are popular - language, sports (football, basketball), dance, creative, patriotic. Of course, the choice of a particular camp should be based on the interests of the child and taking into account the financial capabilities of the parents.

The most popular season is undoubtedly summer holidays. Although there are camps that accept children all year round, for example, in the children's camps "Artek" and "Eaglet", famous since Soviet times, each shift is made themed. As a standard, almost all camps divide the summer holidays into 4 shifts of 21 days. Between shifts, there are shift days lasting 1–2 days, during which the camps carry out preparatory work for meeting and accepting a new arrival. There are shortened two-week shifts, then in the season there are 5-6 of them per summer. It is possible to agree with the camp for a non-standard arrival that does not coincide with the dates of the official shift. This applies to groups that are tied to flights from regions. We process such applications on an individual basis.

How much does it cost?

The minimum cost in 2018 for a voucher for 21 days is about 22,000 rubles. The maximum is 80,000 rubles. The average cost of a voucher is from 35,000 to 45,000 rubles. This price does not include additional services - group air or railway transportation with escort. At their discretion, parents pay for the child's travel from 2,400 rubles (travel by minibus from KavkazSkiTour). It is necessary to take into account the amount for personal expenses of the child, approximately from 3,500 to 5,000 rubles.

Collecting documents

Documents for admitting a child to the camp are a very important and integral part of the tour. The child must have with him:

  • a copy of the child's identity document (up to 14 years old - birth certificate, passport from 14 years old);
  • a copy of the compulsory medical insurance policy;
  • certificate on form 079/y with information about vaccinations;
  • certificate of absence of contacts with infectious patients.

When registering a voucher, the parent fills out a questionnaire, where he enters all the necessary data about the child and himself. Some camps require additional documents to enter the camp according to their internal rules. You need to familiarize yourself with them in advance.

Children's camp: parents rest

The Kabardino-Balkarian Republic is a region with great tourism potential. People come here to ski and climb, including Elbrus - the highest peak in Russia and Europe. The republic also has sources of healing mineral waters and curative mud, interesting routes for hiking are laid along the territory. There really is something to see here: in order not to miss anything, check out our list of the most interesting sights of Kabardino-Balkaria.

Prielbrusye National Park

The Elbrus National Park was founded in 1986. On its territory there is not only Elbrus, but also several other mountains from the list of the highest in Russia. In addition, the park has dozens of picturesque waterfalls and lakes, steep gorges, dense forests and alpine meadows. Many animals and plants of the Elbrus region are listed in the Red Book, there are several endemic species that are found only here.

Why visit.

The Elbrus Park is well suited for climbers who can climb Elbrus and other peaks. The mountain slopes also attract skiers and snowboarders, for whom there are several resorts with lifts and other infrastructure.

You can move around the territory of the national park in different ways. There are routes for hiking - multi-day and short, horse and car excursions are also offered. The variety of visiting options makes the park suitable for tourists of all fitness levels. You can admire the picturesque nature of the Elbrus region with children: there are several educational ecological routes on which you can not only relax, but also learn a lot.

Address: Federal State Budgetary Institution “Elbrus National Park”, Lesnaya Street, Elbrus, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Russia.


The two-headed peak of Elbrus is one of the main attractions of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Its western peak rises 5,642 meters above sea level, which makes the mountain the highest in Russia. The eastern peak is slightly lower - 5,621 meters. The first ascent to the western peak was made in 1874, and the eastern one in 1829.

Why visit.

Elbrus has been attracting climbers who want to climb one of the highest mountain peaks in the world for almost two centuries. Although climbing today is much easier and more accessible than in the 19th century, it still requires mountaineering training and good physical shape.

Ski tourism is actively developing in the Elbrus region. Due to the high altitude, there are places with stable snow cover all year round. On the accessible lower slopes, the season lasts from about September to May. Elbrus has tracks for different levels, the height difference reaches 650 meters. There is a cable car on the southern slope, which leads to the level of 3750 meters.

Travel company

There is a version that a large settlement that gave rise to modern Nalchik was founded on the bank of the river of the same name in 1724 by Prince Aslambek Kaitukin, who migrated to these places with his aul. Almost a century later, a fortress was erected here, on the instructions of General Ermolov, which quickly acquired a settlement. The settlement grew and already in 1921 received not only the status of a city, but also became the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. The food and light industry has always been developed in Nalchik, and in the Soviet period, high-tech and heavy industry enterprises appeared. However, most Russians know the city primarily as a popular resort. There are 20 mineral springs in its vicinity. Their water is used in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. The sights of Nalchik, photos and descriptions of which you will find in the article, will be an excellent addition to wellness procedures.

Sights of Nalchik: TOP-

The capital of Kabardino-Balkaria will delight travelers with an abundance of various attractions. Some of them are considered visiting cards of the wonderful resort town.

Monument "Forever with Russia"

  • Address: Lenin Avenue. Transport stop "Maria Square".

On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the reunification of the republic with Russia, a monument was opened in the city, which quickly became one of the visiting cards of Nalchik. In the center of the octagonal stepped platform, there is a 15-meter monument. On the pedestal, faced with polished granite, there is a bronze sculpture of the Kabardian princess Maria Temryukovna, whom Ivan the Terrible once took as his wife. The statue, as conceived by the sculptor, personifies the Motherland, the patroness and defender of the people of Kabardino-Balkaria. Around the monument there are pylons decorated with high reliefs telling about the significant stages in the history of the republic.

Atazhukinsky Garden

The park, named after the Kabardian prince Atazhukin, rightfully ranks among the main attractions of the city. The recreation includes more than 2 km² of forest, a picturesque lake, artificial reservoirs. More than 150 species of plants grow here, including the exotic spiny oak, Japanese quince and the gingko tree - the same age as dinosaurs. Walking along the well-groomed alleys lined with lindens, maples, chestnuts, blue spruces, you can admire the magnificent flower beds and flower beds. On the territory of the garden there are sculptures, graceful gazebos, comfortable benches for relaxation. Having visited here, you will personally be convinced that the garden was recognized as the best green park in Russia in 2000 for a reason.

Arch of Friendship

  • Address: st. Idarov. Transport stop "Strelka".

An excellent architectural monument adorns a small square at the entrance to Nalchik from the Baksan highway. In 2007, Kabardino-Balkaria celebrated the 450th anniversary of joining Russia. Part of the festive events was the grand opening of the monument, called the "Arch of Friendship". The exterior of the building corresponds to the classical canons. In its central part there is a wide arched passage. Cornices decorated with carved friezes support paired elegant columns with luxurious capitals, between which plates with the image of the coat of arms of the Russian Federation are mounted in the wall. The inscription "Forever with Russia" is embossed on the pediment in gold.

Green Theater

Kabardino-Balkaria is a small republic of the Russian Federation, despite the stereotypes about the Caucasian republics, Kabardino-Balkaria is one of the safest. Most of the population of the republic preaches Islam, however, the society is more secular, so anyone who comes here will feel comfortable. The republic is very popular with tourists and can offer them a fairly large number of interesting places to visit.

Mount Elbrus and Elbrus region

The most popular attraction of the republic is Mount Elbrus, which is considered the highest peak in Europe and one of the wonders of Russia. A huge number of people from all over the world come here to climb.

In the Elbrus region, lovers of winter types of spores can relax. This is snowboarding, and skiing, and freeriding (downhill skiing or snowboarding off the prepared tracks), and much more.

And after a busy, productive day, you can taste national cuisine in numerous cafes located there. You should definitely try the Balkar khychins, ayran, shish kebabs, zherme, pasta and lagur with chicken, and much more.

Blue Lakes, Upper Balkaria

You can get to them by bus, or by car, if you go along the Cherek Gorge. They are called blue because of the color that does not change in winter and summer. This color gives the water its special composition. The water temperature in the lake does not rise above 9 degrees Celsius even in summer. There is a diving center here, so those who wish can dive with a preliminary instruction.

Above the Cherek Gorge is the village of Bezengi. Climbing fans come here. There is an alpine camp, where you can rent the necessary equipment, get instructions.

If you go further, tourists will find the village of Upper Balkaria, which is located almost on the border with Georgia. This is an incredibly beautiful place where you can visit the hotel and restaurant complex, look at the ruins of ancient settlements and towers.

The Abaevs Tower in the village of Upper Balkaria.

Chegem waterfalls

It is already necessary to get to them along the Chegem gorge. This is also a very beautiful place, which is equally interesting both in summer and in winter. In winter, the water freezes, forming incredibly beautiful cascades.

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