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Orphanages statistics

In the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, the mother tried to kill three children, leaving them naked in the cold in the forest. Fortunately, an eyewitness noticed what was happening and turned to law enforcement officers for help. Now they are in intensive care under the supervision of doctors, and a criminal case has been opened against the woman. We figure out why the mother could go to such an act.

Photo: Moscow 24/Alexander Avilov

"The consequences could have been irreversible"

According to the investigation, in the late evening of February 11, a 33-year-old woman brought her children to a forest belt in the TyNAO. There she undressed them and left them in the cold. A casual witness reported the incident to the police.

"Children with various degrees of frostbite were immediately taken to the children's city hospital, where they receive help. The woman is also hospitalized, and soon investigators will check her mental health," said the senior assistant to the head of the Moscow head office of the RF IC Julia Ivanova.

Law enforcement agencies have already opened a criminal case under the article "Attempted murder of two or more persons, including minors in a helpless state." The investigation also establishes the relatives of the family and all the circumstances of the incident.

According to a TASS source in law enforcement agencies, the children spent about 40 minutes in freezing temperatures of -15 degrees. The woman arrived at the scene in a Lada car. First, she allegedly undressed herself, and then took off the clothes from the children and headed towards the forest belt.

We are talking about a 10-month-old girl and two boys 2 and 10 years old, the source indicated. The woman, according to him, is a native of Cheboksary. She lived with her children in a private house in the Moscow region. This information was confirmed by the ombudsman for the rights of the child in the Moscow region, Ksenia Mishonova.

Photo: telegram channel LIFE SHOT

Anna Kuznetsova, the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights, took control of the situation. According to her, the children are in stable condition, but so far they are under the supervision of doctors.

"Help came on time, now the children are in one of the capital's clinics, while in the intensive care unit. The condition is stable, we are in touch with the doctors. It's scary to think. A little more - and the consequences could already be irreversible ", - she stressed.

Kuznetsova added that she keeps in touch with the children's ombudsmen of Moscow and Chuvashia: relatives of the family may be here. In addition, he works in contact with the Moscow Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population.

An eyewitness told about a mother who tried to kill three children in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas

Thousands of children become orphans every year. The only thing that the state can do is to take them under its wing. The statistics of orphanages show that the number of children in such institutions is decreasing. However, public figures argue that in practice everything looks different.

How children end up in an orphanage

An orphanage is an educational institution created for children who have lost their parents or are left without their care. Every child needs help, so the state creates such centers. The activities of orphanages are aimed at raising orphans until they come of age. Children become orphans if:

  • parents died;
  • the family is not safe (then they are taken by the guardianship authorities);
  • the parents themselves abandoned them.

According to statistics, only 0.5% of children in orphanages are orphans. Almost 17% ended up in such organizations due to the deprivation of parental rights of their parents. What is the general statistics of orphanages in Russia? 84% of pupils become orphans with living parents. The overwhelming majority, for various reasons, abandoned their own babies.

For comparison, in Kazakhstan this figure is 80%. At the same time, the number of pupils here decreases by 10-12% every year. Such establishments are unlikely to replace the family. However, if parents cannot provide them with food or the minimum necessities of life, then the guardianship authorities will be forced to send their children to an orphanage. The statistics of the orphanage show that not all of them are corrected and take the children back.

The state helps to solve social problems. However, the availability of food and warm clothing is not enough to form the personality that must enter adulthood. Parental care can only be obtained from a family. Only 10% of children in orphanages are more or less comfortable with their lives. The fate of the rest is shocking. According to the official data of the Prosecutor General's Office, 90% of life goes like this:

Types of government agencies

Along with orphanages, there are special institutions for children with health problems. Types of orphanages:

Today there are 576 thousand children with disabilities in the country. How many children are in orphanages? Almost 29 thousand babies are under the care of the state. In 2013, a documentary was filmed about the orphanage - "Mom, I will kill you." The film shows the whole truth about the fate of these children.

A non-state orphanage for disabled children (Little House) was opened in Moscow in 2015. Its peculiarity is that here the guys visit different development centers. This is the first private orphanage in Russia. They are actively looking for a family for every child. Immediately after the opening, the House received 22 disabled children from the state orphanage for mentally retarded children. Upon reaching the age of 18, children are transferred to neuropsychiatric boarding schools. The orphanage phone number and other useful information can be found on the website - . elp /.

A criminal case was opened against the mother, the children are still in intensive care under the supervision of doctors

In the summer, kindergartens and schools are closed for the holidays - and woe to those parents who do not have a summer cottage, nanny or a house by the sea. But camps are opening in the city - with interesting activities, delicious food and walks. We conducted an audit: you can choose by age, by shifts, by topic, by hours of work and by price.


Center camp, primarily focused on infants and preschoolers

What they do It is happening in the Bauman Garden, kids from 1.5 to 3 dig in the local vegetable garden, sculpt, paint T-shirts, and children from 3 to 6 years old study world culture from Asian to African: they play folk fairy tales, learn songs and make crafts. Children from 7 to 14 have a choice between a theater and a film studio, where, under the guidance of professionals, they will respectively stage a play and shoot a film.

What to look for You can bring children from 1.5 years old, which is unique for Moscow. But for children from 7 years old, the camp is open only in the afternoon.

Where In the center of the Garden. Bauman

Art. asmannaya, 15, m. "Krasnye Vorota", "Baumanskaya", "Kurskaya"

Children's camp ZIL

Professional curators lead shifts at the Constructivist Cultural Center

What they do On the change of "Travel" they learn to navigate correctly in an unfamiliar city and choose places to visit; in "Urbanistics" - to understand the functioning of the city system and solve its problems at the level of your yard and district; at "Science" - to conduct experiments together with the "Scientific Laboratories" of the Polytechnic Museum; at "Design" - to disassemble the key concepts for the field of fine arts and prepare your own art project, whether it be an installation or a theatrical performance; in "English" - to communicate with Americans and watch films, and on "Illustrations" - to invent characters and develop their own style with the illustrator-blogger Fevrony (Tatiana Zadorozhnaya).

What to look for Each shift can be entered for free if you go through a creative competition.

Where is the Cultural Center ZIL Vostochnaya, 4, bldg. 1, m. "Avtozavodskaya"


On the November holidays, we decided to change the situation and go to Moscow for two days, with a visit to the most interesting family corners of the capital. The excursion program includes a trip to the zoo and an aquarium, a visit to the city of professions and a museum-theater. We share our experience in organizing a trip: how to get there, what to see, where to spend the night, where to go for lunch and more.

What to see in Moscow with children (program for the day)

By the afternoon of the first day we were in Moscow, from the station we immediately went to the Riviera shopping and entertainment center (Avtozavodskaya and Tulskaya metro stations). Free buses run from the metro to the shopping center, but you can also walk on foot.

In the Riviera, we visited two children's entertainment centers: the city of professions KidBurg and the interactive museum-theater “Skazkin Dom”. Bright, joyful and memorable places for family vacations. The best proof is that the children cannot be “pulled out”.

By the evening the children ran out of energy. We replenished our strength in a nearby cafe, thought about a possible walk, but refused - the November rain did not support our plans. We decided to go to bed early in order to walk up tomorrow, suddenly the weather permits.

In the morning - sun and clear sky! In the program of the second day, we planned to visit the Moscow Zoo and the Moskvarium.

The trip to the zoo took half a day, we got the best impressions, but after a late lunch we realized that there was no energy left to travel to VDNKh and visit the Moskvarium. We decided to adjust our plans and after a short walk we went to the Moscow Planetarium (5 minutes walk from the zoo). Not the most justified decision, did not prepare in advance for the visit. But now we know for sure that we will return here more than once: to watch films about the solar system, the Milky Way, black holes and more.

At the end of the compulsory program, we decided to take a walk in the center. We chose a route along Nikitsky streets to the Alexander Garden. 3 kilometers, everything seems to be close, but the youngest traveler (5 years old) walk in the evening was not easy. We canceled our visit to Red Square at the last moment, took the metro to the station and, having dined twice, waited for the train.

So, the program for 2 days in Moscow:

  • City of Professions "KidBurg"
  • Interactive Museum-Theater "Skazkin House"
  • Moscow Zoo
  • Moscow planetarium

Further - separately and briefly about each point of the program.

City of Occupations "KidBurg"

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