Where to go in Russia: Veliky Novgorod

Where to go in Russia: Veliky Novgorod

The next issue of the project "Russia: Insider Tips" is dedicated to Veliky Novgorod. Some 600 km from Moscow - and you are in the homeland of Russia. Together with Novgorod insiders, we have made an exhaustive guide. It is not only about where to walk and what to see, but also about the best beaches, picnic spots, hot air ballooning and even boating camping. Save so as not to lose!

The goal of the Russia: Insider Tips project is to give you ideas for traveling around your home country. In previous releases:

My readers tell about their native and beloved cities - with soul and with details that only local people know. If you have any questions, ask in the comments!

My name is Elvira Gepting, I work in the Novgorod Museum-Reserve, I make visitors and locals fall in love with Veliky Novgorod. I was born in a small cozy town of the Novgorod region - Malaya Vishera, but since the age of 13 I live in the beautiful Veliky. Even as a child, I could hang out for an hour at some ancient temple with an open fragment of masonry and in my imagination be carried away to the Middle Ages. Although I connected my life with the French language and with teaching, ideas for excursions around the city were born in my head all the time. Therefore, I decided to enroll in courses on the history and culture of Veliky Novgorod. And a year later she became a freelance employee of the museum. And six months later, I was invited to lead those same courses. So I came to work at the Novgorod Museum-Reserve. Here I combined my two passions: love for French and for Novgorod (I conduct excursions in French as well). And my third passion is the countryside. Therefore, I now devote almost all my free time to ethnographic excursions to the surrounding Novgorod villages: I communicate with old-timers, write down their stories about the past, record the dialectal features of their speech and just enjoy the time spent with these really special people. Therefore, my favorite route is any Novgorod village where a 95-year-old grandmother lives))). Already inspired several friends to travel with me - after all, this is truly a very resourceful activity!

And in Novgorod itself, of all the excursion routes, I probably love my romantic excursion most of all - this is an unusual look at the city, which is usually associated only with the cradle of democracy and the emergence of statehood. I propose to look at Novgorod as a city where incredible events took place, fanned by romance, as a place where people fell in love and betrayed each other, wrote touching love letters and got divorced ... And also, as a city that gives us a reason to get acquainted with amazing love stories of the most famous people of Russia. Once, after my excursion around Novgorod, a Muscovite told me: "You are truly" Novgorodnaya ", now I am a fan of this place too." And one Novgorodka throughout the entire excursion route repeated: “Wow! Wow! And I live in such an amazing city ?! ”

Why go

Veliky Novgorod knows how to surprise. And the point is not even that in this small provincial town (the existence of which, to my shame, not all compatriots suspect) there are more UNESCO monuments than in the tourist mecca of the world - Paris. And not even that from here "the Russian land has gone". But rather, in some unusual combination of antiquity and the breath of eternal youth in it (the most ancient, but always a new city!).

I love this city because the old quarters with one-story wooden buildings do not allow themselves to be completely swallowed up by stone giants (Pskovskaya, Nikolskaya, Orlovskaya, Morozovskaya streets, etc.), and after all there is still there are people who are ready to tell amazing stories. Until recently, in the area of ​​Slavnaya Street (by the way, the most ancient street in Russia) there lived a grandmother over 90, whom I and my children helped to get out of the house for a walk. We took out a stool, made her sit down, and she emotionally told her story about her childhood and adolescence ...

I love my city and for the fact that no matter what area you are in, after 15-20 minutes of walking you will find yourself in a wonderful place for relaxation and a picnic in nature. Even from the most dormant areas, you can famously organize an escape to nature.

Usually people come to Novgorod for the weekend, sometimes combining with a visit to Staraya Russa, Valdai or Borovichi, but more often the guests come back again, realizing that Novgorod is so rich in museums and monuments that two days is just a light touch to the history and atmosphere of the ancient capital of Russia.

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