Where to go at 70-80 years old

Where to go at 70-80 years old

After retirement, older people have the opportunity to relax at inexpensive domestic and foreign resorts, improve their health, and broaden their horizons. Not all tours are suitable for retirees, so it is important not to take risks, but to choose the right place and travel conditions.

How to relax comfortably and safely for a pensioner

People of retirement age, when choosing a place to stay, a hotel, should take into account factors that negatively affect health and can spoil the experience of the trip. Travel will be a pleasure if you pay attention to these moments:

  • Climate. With poor health, you should not choose hot, exotic countries, since it will be difficult for the body to adapt to new conditions.
  • Direction of rest. Resorts for seniors offer calm, well-equipped places, without a developed entertainment industry that attracts noisy youth groups. Availability of wellness and excursion programs will be useful.
  • Duration of travel, flight. Comfort on the road depends on the type of transport, the distance of the trip, and the availability of direct flights.
  • Medical service. High-quality medical care within the framework of travel health insurance is especially important if there is a threat of getting sick while traveling.
  • The readiness of the resort staff to serve tourists in Russian.

Travel to the place of rest

Choosing a way of travel should be based on practical considerations and take into account the peculiarities of each mode of transport:

  • It is convenient to travel short distances by bus or car. This allows you to take a closer look at the area, stop and go sightseeing. Many resorts that are not covered by rail and air can only be reached by car. The disadvantages include prolonged sitting, increased risk due to bad roads, weather conditions, and undisciplined drivers. In the event of a breakdown on the track, a long delay may occur.
  • The railway is characterized by high reliability of transportation, comfortable conditions in compartment, soft wagons, low dependence of movement on the weather. The fare is not high (except for luxury places), and the choice of destinations is large, especially in European countries. Negative points: long travel times over long distances, low level of comfort in economy class and reserved seats. Not all cities and countries can be reached by rail.
  • Flying in an airplane helps to quickly travel long distances, gives a special impression of views from above. The staff is very attentive to the needs of passengers. Among the disadvantages are the lengthy procedure for registration, inspection, check-in, baggage claim, dependence on weather conditions, high risk in the event of a breakdown, accident on board. Due to the difference in altitude, zones of turbulence, long flights, transfers, the health condition of the elderly may deteriorate.

Health care availability and insurance

The retirement tour includes medical assistance. Before visiting foreign resorts, purchase insurance with a high amount of coverage. It is preferable to choose the service option when the insurance company cooperates with an international assistance organization in the recreation region. Visas to many countries in Europe and Southeast Asia can be obtained only with a health insurance policy.

In addition, you can take out property insurance that reimburses expenses in case of loss or damage to luggage, trip cancellation, visa refusal, etc. The price of insurance depends on the type of vacation, on average - 3-5% of the cost of the tour ...

Resorts retirees better off

Ask any retiree where he would like to go on vacation, and most of the answers will feature the sea in one way or another. And the point is not at all that "in heaven there is only talk about the sea", it is just that this type of recreation has long and deservedly been loved by a variety of tourists - both schoolchildren and youth companies, and, of course, pensioners. What could be better at sunset than to relax on the beach under the soothing rustle of waves, to expose your body to the gentle breeze and wash away the tiredness accumulated over the years of life in the eternal - and forever young sea! There are many places on the planet offering all the conditions for such a holiday, and many of them are located only a couple of hours away from Moscow. And if you choose the right time of year for your vacation, you can save a lot - the main thing is to know the secrets of a “right” sea vacation for pensioners.


In choosing a month of vacation at sea, it is reasonable to use the following rule "away from extreme" - and this applies to everything: excessive heat, excessive cost of tours and excessive popularity among other vacationers. In other words, it is better to have a rest outside the tourist season. On the warm seas closest to Russia - the Black, Adriatic, Mediterranean, the low season lasts from about October to April. The traditional velvet season is still in September, and there are still a lot of holidaymakers, and in May the early tan hunters begin to arrive.

By the way, if you want to enjoy warm sea water, focus on the first half of June or the last half of September - compared to the high season, the flow of tourists is low, and the water temperature is comfortable.

Choosing the sea

With the entry of Crimea into Russia, domestic pensioners have a chance to literally turn back the clock: to walk again through the same streets of resort towns, where the heels of their shoes in their youth rattled so loudly, to swim near the Ayu-Dag mountain, or to get pleasant dizziness from the aromas of ripe fruits in the Alushta bazaar. Now, Russian tourism in Crimea promises to bloom in full bloom - and first of all, its revival will be aimed at those who remember how good it was here. However, the Black Sea lives not only in Crimea - on its beautiful pebble or sandy beaches you can relax in Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Abkhazia and Georgia.

The Adriatic Sea is an excellent choice for those who do not want to mentally break away from their native land: the Balkans are our traditional friend and ally both on political and tourist grounds. The resorts of Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania are focused on measured relaxation rest without excessive holiday noise. And the mentality of the local population, similar cuisine, invariably cordial attitude towards tourists will contribute to a relaxed rest and recuperation. Among other things, such rest can be supplemented with treatment at mineral springs, balneo and thalassotherapy procedures.

The Mediterranean Sea is perhaps the most popular "beach and sunbathing" region of the planet. Most often they rest here in Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, as well as in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. It makes sense for pensioners to go here outside the tourist season due to the rather high temperature: in July and August, the thermometer shows about +32 .. +34 ° C in combination with humidity, which may not have the best effect on health. And the abundance of vacationers in the high season will not allow you to fully relax in silence.

The Dead Sea can hardly be compared with other seas of the planet - it is so unique, and rest here is completely different. Tours to the Dead Sea for retirees are a panacea for many diseases, because the exceptional composition of its water heals a whole range of diseases. It also makes sense to go here for rest and treatment outside the tourist season - prices for accommodation and procedures are significantly lower.

Not only the beach

Comfortable, safe rest for retirees: choosing a suitable place, travel method, insurance. Which domestic, foreign resorts are older people better not to go to?

Where can you go on vacation at 70-80 years old and get a lot of pleasure and energy.

Where to go in - years to relax

70-80 years is a golden time in a person's life, when all the best is due to his age. At the same time, the main thing is that it is interesting and comfortable, because for many years of conscientious work you deserve a first-class rest!

I agree, not everyone can postpone the trip and generally afford this at 70-80. Much depends on the person.

My dad is 70 years old next year (2019) will knock, and he recently played with us in Bali to the fullest - and rafting (and then on high stone steps up the cliff to the height of the fifth floor, I myself I thought that I was making my face on the way)))))), and night swimming in the ocean, and diving, and the whole day on the temples on excursions. In the summer he is going to Moscow, from there he will probably roll down to Kizhi, or maybe he will rush along the Volga with his friends for fish and adventures. Although, of course, he is not a boy too far in age, and he constantly suffers from his knees. Just moving is more familiar to him than sitting in one place. He is a working pensioner - the head (not strict))))))) of the department for work with customs, he cannot imagine himself without his work at all. Surely he will go to rest with us more than once.

While traveling, we very often intersect with both elderly and frankly old people. True, I will not say that they are all our compatriots, mostly bourgeois, but here it is just a habit of travel and mentality. It so happened, unfortunately, that because of our life, former Soviet people retire to get sick, get treatment, grumble, wait for social workers and sit on benches, and at best devote themselves to their grandchildren. And in the west - to rest from children, work, environment, to wander around their native countries, or around the world. But more and more people from the CIS, who have tasted the taste of travel and are now getting old, travel around the world. I hope that in 20 years our pensioners abroad will be on vacation no less than the same Germans, Balts or Japanese.

For those who prefer not too distant, but interesting trips, one of the tours in Russia will be an excellent choice. Traveling along the Golden Ring, to the sacred Valaam, to the healing waters of the Caucasus, on a cruise ship from Moscow to St. Petersburg will be inexpensive and informative. If you are attracted by distant exotic countries, choose Egypt, the United Arab Emirates or India. A cruise on a comfortable excursion boat on the waters of the Nile, the luxury and sophistication of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, a train journey past tea plantations to the high-mountain Himalayan town of Darjeeling will give a lot of vivid emotions and joy. Among the regions, the nature of which is known all over the world, give preference to Alaska and Argentina. Explore the epic ice formations, nature reserves of North America or the incredible waterfalls, recognized as one of the seven wonders of the world, you will be imbued with the splendor of nature. For connoisseurs of a relaxing holiday full of romance and soulfulness, the vastness of Belarus or the landscapes of Germany and the Czech Republic are ideal. Stop for a week in a cozy manor house on the banks of the river in the Braslav region, go on a fascinating journey through the Gothic Dresden and romantic Prague directly to the healing springs of Karlovy Vary. If you like a dynamic vacation, not devoid of youthful excitement, it can be organized in any country. In the Caucasus, go speleotourism or book a horse ride, in Argentina, take a jeep through the jungle or take a boat right to the foot of a waterfall, in India look into unique alpine monasteries, in Alaska fly a helicopter over wildlife habitats.

To make your trip a success, worry about booking your tour and plane or train tickets in advance. Involve more experienced children and grandchildren in organizing the trip - and then not a single important moment will be left without attention.

Family Vacation

INDIA - Darjeeling - New Delhi Travel by Rajdhani Express to the high mountains. Darjeeling is both a simple and at the same time exotic journey that can be easily undertaken even in old age. Book your comfortable coupe and experience life in Indian cities right from your bedside.

RUSSIA, Kizhi Island - St. Petersburg On Kizhi Island we will visit the Open Air Museum of Russian Wooden Architecture. We will go to the Intercession Church, see the ethnographic expositions of the museum. We will stop in the village of Mandrogi. We will visit a craft settlement and the Vodka Museum. We will devote several days to St. Petersburg; we will pay special attention to its Orthodox churches.

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