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Hello, dear readers of the Tyulyagin project, in this article we will talk about what social networks are, consider their main types and classifications. Let's define the most popular social networks on the Internet.

The concept of social media includes various types of Internet sites necessary for the exchange of information between users. First of all, the most famous and, as a rule, the most numerous are social networks (for example, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, etc.), and various blogging platforms are also popular platforms (the most famous is LiveJournal). In addition, the following sites are distinguished: microblogging (Twitter is a prime example), Wikipedia, video hosting (Youtube, etc.). The fastest growing audience of messengers is WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Telegram. These Internet sites collect a multi-million audience of users who spend a lot of their free time there.

The spread of social networks in the world

Only the most popular sites are listed above, but you shouldn't stop there, as social media is still developing, every month programmers come up with something new and bring it to the market. So, according to a study by the Hootsuite agency, the most popular social platform for January 2019 is the social network Facebook with its active audience of 2.2 billion users. The next in the top three are the Youtube video service with 1.9 billion users and the WhatsApp messenger, whose audience in 2019 is about 1.5 billion people.

The most popular social networks in Russia for 2019.

In the Russian segment of the Internet, the situation is somewhat different. So the most popular social platform until 2018 was the social network VKontakte. However, in 2018 it caught up with it and at the time of 2019 is slightly ahead of YouTube, so about 63% of Russian-speaking users actively use and view video content on this site. VK follows with 61% of the users of the Russian Internet. The leaders are followed by the good old Odnoklassniki with 42% of the Russian Internet users.


As mentioned above, YouTube is the most popular social media on the Russian Internet among video hosting sites and since 2018 the number one site in the overall rating. This site is suitable for the formation of large brands with great financial capabilities for the production of viral advertising video content about the brand, or for brands from the entertainment industry, for example, from the music and film industries, as well as maintaining a personal blog in order to form a personal brand.

VKontakte social network

The most popular social platform in Russia and the post-Soviet space. The most visited site based in Europe. The social network was launched by Pavel Durov in October 2006. Free registration has been open since November 2006. The audience of this media is represented by people of different ages, occupations and incomes, but its dominant part is young and economically active people under 35 years old.

Among SMM specialists, this platform is in greatest demand for brand formation, regardless of the topic, largely due to the convenient and functional statistics of attendance of the brand communities, which we will consider in more detail in the second chapter of the dissertation. In addition, VKontakte has the ability to place targeted advertising, with a large number of settings, up to the user's favorite preferences and life outlook.


Multilingual social media, with the main goal of communicating with loved ones, and finding old acquaintances, former classmates and students. The date of foundation of the social network Odnoklassniki is recognized to be March 4, 2006. According to the statistics presented in Figure 6, it can be seen that, contrary to the prevailing stereotype, the social platform is popular not only among the older generation, but also among the young, economically active population. Due to the already voiced stereotype, it is not so popular among marketers, and is considered in most cases as a platform for already well-known large brands. Despite this, according to the author, the site can also be used for start-up companies of brands with little financial resources. Due to the prevailing stereotype, there are much fewer competitors on this site, and consumers are more loyal to new brands.

Social networks have become an integral part of the life of a modern person. Every day, billions of people around the world visit their pages in social networks, exchanging gigabytes of information, communicating, reading news. Gradually, social networks have grown from ordinary sites with profiles of people and the ability to exchange messages, into huge media platforms, endless storages of photos, videos, music content. Now social networks are used by people not only for communication and exchange of information, but also for doing business, finding work and employees, purchasing and selling services and goods, and, of course, advertising and promoting business. Every year and every step of scientific progress, social networks are increasingly integrated into our lives. We use them on home computers, from workstations, on the road - using applications on mobile devices. In today's article we will discuss what kind of social networks are, what kind of focus, which of them are the most popular in Russia all over the world.

What are social networks?

In addition to the well-known, there are also very highly specialized social networks, for example, dedicated to a certain type of activity, hobbies or social status. Travelers, hairdressers, cat or dog lovers, mummies, students and even theater workers have their own social networks. Sites dedicated to finding a soul mate and creating a family stand apart - there are a great many of them in every country. Recently, the geosocial trend became fashionable, which led to the creation of the Foursqare network, where users could not only mark their location, but also leave short descriptions, tips and reviews about places they visited by adding their photos. Let's take a quick look at a list of various popular Russian social networks.

List of popular Russian social networks for communication

Vkontakte. y is the most visited social network for finding friends, classmates and classmates in Russia and the CIS, created by Pavel Durov in 2006. Previously, registration was for everyone, but recently it has been closed and is possible only for those who received an invitation from an already registered user.

Classmates. y - A very popular network in Russia and the CIS for finding old friends and former classmates, allowing you to stay in touch even after years and despite the distances. In order to register in it, you will need to indicate the phone number.

My world from Mail. u is a popular Russian network from Mail. u, featuring the ability to install the so-called fast messenger for instant messaging, somewhat similar to the previously popular ICQ.

RuSpace is a Russian analogue of the American MySpace, which is very popular in the world.

My Circle is a specialized social network created for job search and professional personnel, the first in the Internet space of Russia. Created in 2005 by a group of recent graduates from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow State University and the Russian School of Economics. Initially, the resource was conceived as a site for finding classmates, classmates, and was later re-profiled. In March 2007, the service was purchased by Yandex; now it is one of Yandex services and continues its development under its tutelage.

Companions. y - search for comrades-in-arms and like-minded people, people close to you in spirit and ideas. Here you can express your opinion on any issues of interest and get an interesting communication experience on the most acute topics.

Faculty. y - As the name suggests, a site for learners and students.

In the modern world, social networks have become an integral part of society. More than half of all communication has moved to the Internet space. Today, people spend more time on social media, texting with friends, posting photos and playing games than in street squares, bars or meetings. In this article, we will look at what social networks are and why they are good.

What is social media

To answer the question what is social media is quite simple - it is an online platform that ensures that people stay connected even when they are far away from each other. Each person through social networks can easily communicate with anyone, search for people who have been interrupted, and make new pleasant acquaintances. It is not uncommon when new families are created as a result of acquaintances in social networks of young guys and girls.

Social networks are very convenient because all contacts are collected in one place, and in a short period you can find out the news about all your friends and tell about yourself. For those who like to chat, the chat bot will be to their liking, it is such a virtual machine that is programmed to communicate with a person. There are a lot of them on social networks.

What to do on social media

Many users sometimes ask themselves the question: "what to do on social networks?" For the majority, the main motive for using them is communication and observation of friends and acquaintances. Some sign up to make new friends with common interests.

In social networks, you can: search for the necessary information and like-minded people, provide yourself and help in professional activities, place advertisements, etc. There is also a bunch of additional entertainment, such as video, music, games. You can listen and watch them, or upload your creativity.

It is an obvious fact that many by posting videos, music or articles in communities are trying to catch a hype on social networks, with which it will be possible to become popular among other users and make good money on it.

What is the VKontakte social network

In the Internet space, there are a huge number of platforms created for communication. We will consider one of them and find out what the social network VKontakte is.

VKontakte is one of the most famous social networks in Russia. It was launched on October 10, 2006 and was positioned as a youth. This is due to the fact that most of the users were university or school graduates. Then and now, this network characterizes itself as a modern, fast and aesthetic way of communication. Also, the interface is available in 86 languages.

SMM - business promotion in social networks. Many heads of organizations are aware of the existence of such a direction, but not everyone uses it. Why? The reasons may vary. One of them is not knowing which social network to choose for work.

Therefore, we have prepared instructions, following which you can understand for yourself on which site your business will be in place.

Business Specific Analysis

Your business is certainly the most wonderful and wonderful for you. But also, alas, not every social network will count. Look at the product or service that you offer: how beautiful can it be presented through photo and video content? If your business has great potential in visual presentation, the road to Instagram is open for you. Representatives of creative processions will find their place on this site: photographers, videographers, beauty masters, hand-made masters. Cafes and restaurants, flower shops, showrooms of clothes and accessories will also fit perfectly.

Don't worry if your product or service doesn't provide rich visuals. You still have other sites: VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki. Promotion on these social media doesn't mean that you need to completely ignore the visual presentation, it just won't come first. Do you offer an expensive product? For example, cars, machinery, sports, tourism and education services? Try Facebook - it perfectly accepts those whose product or service belongs to the price segment above the average.

VKontakte and Odnoklassniki will accept those who offer goods for everyday and impulse demand. Online shopping, entertainment, food delivery, cosmetics and hygiene products, household goods, etc.

Audience Analysis

Look at your target audience. Who is your consumer? Are you focusing more on girls, and your customer is 18-30 years old? There are a lot of them on Instagram. Is your product of interest to students, young professionals and those who mainly buy in the mass market? Look for your audience on VKontakte. Do you need a solvent audience, people in high positions, those who can afford premium and luxury goods? Pay attention to Facebook. And in Odnoklassniki, look for an age audience, from about 35 years old, with different income levels.

Competitor Analysis

Neither the topic of your business, nor the target audience shed light on which platform to choose? See which social media your competitors are promoting. To do this:

A. Go in turn to each of the sites and search for your competitors through the internal search of the social network. You can do this by keyword. For example, you are engaged in flower delivery. Enter "flower delivery" in the search engines of Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook and Odnoklassniki. See how many pages you find with this key in your city and other regions. Your competitors' page count will tell you which social network they prefer to promote.

B. You can find your competitors through the search engines Google, Yandex and others. Analyze the top rankings of sites on your topic, find out if they have social networks and see where they are more willing to work.

V. Do you know your competitors by sight? Is there a flower delivery in your city that has almost completely occupied the market? Study their work with social media. And do better.

13 new social media for 2020

Translation: Sergey Zadorozhny

Social media can help merchants reach new frontiers, establish professional contacts, and research markets. They are also a good way to share experiences and meet people.

Here's a list of new and emerging social media platforms for 2020. Some networks target specific user groups, while others offer new ways of interacting. These are networks for professional and social communication. Some of the networks are in beta testing or will launch in 2020.


Upstream is a mobile social network for professionals - a more social alternative to LinkedIn. Platform from the team of recently sold SocialRank, an audience segmentation app. Upstream strives to build a professional network around providing and receiving care.

WT ​​Social

WT Social (or Wiki Tribune Social) is a new social network alternative to commercial platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. WT Social is committed to providing members with the ability to choose their own content, contributing to the creation of an atmosphere of integrity in the content and the community. WT Social is donated and ad-free.


Valence brings together, demonstrates and empowers the black professional community. He works to build relationships with companies and capital that create career opportunities and help create new ventures. The network clarifies career paths through inspiring stories and structured, community-driven mentoring. (The fate of a social network of white Protestants of this kind would be interesting - approx. Transl.)

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