Traveling for Seniors: Destinations and Prices

Traveling for Seniors: Destinations and Prices

In old age, life begins to play with new colors. Do not think that the elderly lie on the couch throughout the winter and relax, watching TV, and spend the whole spring and summer at the dacha. In the modern world, tourist trips for the elderly are becoming very popular. Pensioners are happy to travel not only within their own country, but also abroad. Having received a lot of pleasure from such a trip, they return inspired and refreshed. In this article we will tell you what kind of trips you can go, how to approach the organization of travel and recreation with a budget.

Why are recreation and travel for the elderly so common today?

The period of old retirement age is called the "Second Youth" in Europe. It `s naturally. Indeed, with the onset of retirement and the release of time from work, they have a new opportunity to fully devote this time to themselves and to enjoy a multifaceted life. European retirees at this age begin to travel a lot. For them, this is not something supernatural. Therefore, they are looking forward to retirement.

Western social studies show that about one third of the total retirement age from the middle stratum of the population is perfectly able to afford tourism abroad. An efficiently built pension system provides such an opportunity. By the time of the onset of retirement, a person has formed financial savings, in such an amount that allows him to live comfortably and at the same time actively travel. In view of all this, they expect this moment of arrival of the retirement age. But not in order to earn some money while receiving a pension, but to carry out tourist trips around the world.

Retirement in Russia, in contrast to developed Europe, is often not associated with tourism and travel. Pensioners in our country, in order to maintain a normal standard of living, often do additional work, since pension payments are not enough for this. And they are engaged in "tourism" only in their own garden. For those who love their garden and vegetable garden, such trips are the ultimate dream. And what to do, for those who care about travel, who like to move around the world or their country? There is good news for them: many travel companies have developed travel programs especially for this segment of the population. These comprehensive activities enable older people to go on a tourist trip at an affordable price. Conditions conducive to the development of "retirement travel":

  • Older people are not required to look after children and have a lot of free time.
  • Older women are more active participants in "retirement" tourism than men.
  • Availability of discounts during "low-demand", unpopular seasons.

Travel Features for Seniors

Carrying out the selection of directions and ways of travel for the elderly, specialists of travel agencies show an individual approach to each pensioner, taking into account all his capabilities and desires. Yet all tourism for the elderly has basic characteristics. Let's talk about them in more detail:

  • Climatic conditions. In old age, changes in the functioning of the body inevitably occur, and it becomes less hardy and strong compared to the young. But there are still exceptions to the rule. It so happens that an eighty-year-old pensioner easily “plugs in the belt” a minor “squishy” while traveling in Central Asia in the midst of summer. But many older people have difficulty getting acclimatized. Based on this, retirees tend to choose similar climatic conditions for traveling with their native places, in order not to return from such a trip sick and broken.
  • Time zone difference. This can cause serious health problems even for young and active people, especially during long flights. Elderly people can adapt to a different time zone for an extremely long time; there have been cases when this lasted for several months. Also, these circumstances can be seriously complicated by the fact that the pensioner has a need to take medications on a schedule. If such manipulations are not possible, then the likelihood of health problems increases dramatically.
  • Duration of flights and transfers. For many young people, there is no difficulty in coping normally with a long flight or moving. They can travel freely even to Australia or Tahiti. But people in old age are extremely bad at coping with the unpleasant sensations of a long flight and the road, so they try to minimize the time for moving. The most suitable option in this case is not to exceed the flight duration of 4 hours. It is much easier for older people to tolerate movement by rail. The train allows you to move freely, to sleep in a comfortable position. I should be pleased with the fact that many European countries that are acceptable for tourist trips are located at a distance that an airplane travels from Moscow in 2-4 hours. This means that the travel options for seniors are quite impressive.

Popular Overseas Travel Destinations for Seniors

Today, there are quite a few of our retirees in countries abroad. You can consider the most popular routes for their travels.

Near Abroad

Unfortunately for the pensioners, the Soviet Union has ceased to exist, however, the friendship between the peoples of these fraternal republics is engraved in the memory. Elderly people still remember with great pleasure significant moments from their Soviet past. Many pensioners, filled with pleasant feelings of excitement and empathy, travel to the now foreign states - Belarus, Georgia, the Army and Azerbaijan. Pensioners get an indescribable range of feelings and emotions when they take walks in the places of their past years, while enjoying nature and beauty, receiving amazing hospitality and cordiality of the local population. Such trips are carried out both in the form of short excursion tours and in the form of a long rest or treatment in boarding houses and sanatoriums.

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