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Sometimes, going on a trip, we cannot decide for a long time what place to choose: he wants to go to the mountains, she wants to go to the beach, children go to Disneyland, grandparents go to a sanatorium.

It turns out that you can understand the preferences of friends and loved ones by focusing not only on their age, gender and temperament, but also on the sign of the zodiac. Considering the nature and date of birth, you can easily negotiate and choose the best travel option for everyone. We present you a universal horoscope for tourists.

Your vacation should include calm, not too long travel, maximum two to three days, then a break is required - a few days of quiet life. Intense marches are not for you, choose a trip to the mountains or the sea with a few small excursions.

You will enjoy long quiet walks in the woods. It is advisable to alternate active rest, which will help you easily get rid of a few extra pounds, with a calm family one. In warm seasons, it is a good idea to spend time in the country, especially during the berry or mushroom season.

The best rest for you is a month of calm, fruitful work. Taurus needs to recuperate.

Physical activity will get rid of excess weight, pump up muscles, and the admiration of neighbors looking at the fruits you have grown will restore faith in yourself.

Representatives of this sign need society, so only such a vacation that you spend in a cheerful company can be successful. A long monotonous rest is contraindicated for you, a change of impressions is necessary.

Your best bet is to go on a trip or hiking trip. One condition: long walks are unlikely to bring you pleasure, for Gemini, walking is too slow a way to travel. Try downhill skiing: this will not only allow you to move quite quickly in space, but also get physical activity.

The world economic community has long focused on the prospects for the development of the Asian market. The geographical proximity of the Irkutsk region with the countries of this continent is one of the advantages of the region, which should be used. And from the point of view of the possibilities of its own economy, the region is attractive. Cheap electricity, great raw material potential (timber, oil, gas, precious metals), chemical and petrochemical industry, metallurgy, mechanical engineering. High-quality youth and scientific potential has been accumulated. The prospects of tourism in the region have been repeatedly spoken about. But all these are separate elements, and without their interconnection into an integral economic environment, one should not expect development. Moreover, the coronavirus crisis has shown even more the fragility of the system of the regional economy itself. According to experts, these processes are due to the lack of a developed ecosystem and a deficit (or even underdevelopment) of its own centers of attraction. About how the economy of the Irkutsk region lives today and what main problematic issues need to be solved by the region for further socio-economic development - in the material of IA IrkutskMedia.

How does the economy of the Irkutsk region live?

In order to understand what opportunities the region has, let us note the main sectors that make up the current economy of the Angara region. The main vein is oil. The main volume of its production in the Irkutsk region is accounted for by three companies: Verkhnechonskneftegaz, Irkutsk Oil Company and NK Dulisma. The Angarsk Petrochemical Company specializes in the production of petroleum products. Gold is mined by PJSC Polyus and Vysochaishy, ​​the Druza company and the Vitim prospectors' artel. The situation in the field of metallurgical production and the production of finished metal products is mainly determined by enterprises belonging to RUSAL and Mechel PAO. The leading enterprise in the production of machinery and equipment is the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. As of the beginning of 2020, 1.6 thousand enterprises of the timber industry complex were registered in the region, the largest of them are branches of the Ilim Group in Ust-Ilimsk and Bratsk, branches of Ilim Timber, TM Baikal, Rusforest Magistralny and others. .

"The Irkutsk region is one of the richest regions of Russia in mineral resources. The balance of minerals in the region includes 71 types of mineral raw materials. The main mineral resources are hydrocarbons, gold, mica, iron, brown coal and coal , table salt, "- said the press service of the government of the Angara region in response to an inquiry.

The Irkutsk Region has 2.4 million hectares of agricultural land, including 1.6 million hectares of arable land. Of these, 926.3 thousand hectares are used in agricultural circulation. In 2020, the entire sown area was 703.4 thousand hectares.

Agriculture. Photo: Vitaliy Grechanyuk, IA PrimaMedia

The Irkutsk Region carries out foreign trade operations with partners from 100 countries of the near and far abroad. In 2019, China, Japan, Ukraine, Korea and the United States became the region's leading trading partners.

The main problematic issues of the development of the region

Despite the developed industries in the Irkutsk region, there are problematic issues that restrain the socio-economic indicators of the region. In the Angara region, the population is declining annually due to the migration outflow. Due to the peculiarities of the region's road infrastructure (in some cases, there is a clear lack of high-quality traffic), a significant transport component is being laid, which affects the final cost of products and, as a result, reduces its competitiveness. In addition, the port infrastructure in the region is worn out. And on the territory of Baikalsk, Usolye-Sibirskiy and Svirsk, high environmental damage has been accumulated.

"The Irkutsk region is a very interesting, economically powerful region. There is industry, oil, gas, mechanical engineering, aviation, chemistry, and agriculture, and, of course, there are great opportunities for tourism enterprises. Baikal is a world heritage. There are many issues and tasks related to the development of tourism, because at the moment, environmental regimes are quite rigidly established, which do not always allow the development of infrastructure, "said the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maxim Reshetnikov.

Usoliekhimprom. Summer. Photo: Natalia Ratkevich, IA IrkutskMedia

Which industries does the Irkutsk region stake on?

In the near future, the authorities of the Irkutsk region are planning to develop the oil and gas chemical cluster with the prospect of creating large gas chemical complexes, to provide support to enterprises of deep wood processing, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, and other industries. There are plans for the further creation of new PSEDA, the development of infrastructure projects (primarily transport and energy projects in the north of the region).

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