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On what conditions is Greece ready to accept foreign tourists

Greece has announced the preliminary conditions on which it is ready to open the tourist season and receive foreign tourists. A "new reality" based on maximum epidemiological safety awaits both vacationers and hoteliers and carriers.


The Greek government has presented a preliminary tourism launch plan. The document, created by the Ministry of Tourism and the National Public Health Organization (EODY), provides for a gradual restart of the sector - with safe entry rules, social distancing, increased requirements for hotels, beaches and all modes of transport, including ferries.

So, all passengers arriving in Greece from abroad will have to provide a medical certificate ("freshness" at least 72 hours) that they are not carriers of COVID-19. Without this certificate, they will not be allowed to land. All passengers will have their temperature measured upon arrival.

Previously, the Greek authorities discussed the possibility of testing passengers upon arrival in the country, but later abandoned this idea.

All passengers arriving in Greece from abroad must provide a medical certificate ("freshness" of at least 72 hours) that they are not carriers of COVID-19. Without this certificate, they will not be allowed to land.

In an interview with the German media, the Minister of Tourism of Greece Haris Theocharis said that with such a medical certificate, travelers, going to Greece, will "feel safe when they board the plane."

“We have developed a plan to ensure security. This combination is important so that everyone can rest in peace, ”he said.

Alexander Tsandekidi, general director of the tour operator Mouzenidis Travel, agrees with this assessment of the proposed measures.

“The option of preliminary testing of a passenger is convenient for all participants in the process - the airline, the host country and tourists who are flying on vacation. In this case, the tourist receives more guarantees of safety, including already at the stage of the flight, ”says Mr. Tsandekidi.

According to the plans of the Greek authorities, flights to Greece will be loaded in the usual format: all seats on board will be filled, including the seats in the middle of the row. According to the Greek authorities, this will make flights to Greece cost-effective for airlines. On flights up to four hours in duration, only snacks and packaged snacks will be served to passengers.


Greece is a European country with a mild climate, attractive not only for tourism, but also for employment. In recent years, information about unemployment and the economic crisis in the state has often appeared in the media. Such news scares off potential job seekers. Is it really? Can a foreigner find a decent job in Greece?

Economic situation in Greece

In 2010, the financial and economic crisis began in Greece, which peaked in 2015. The economic situation has provoked an increase in unemployment. In 2015, it reached a record high of 25.68%. In January this year, this figure dropped to 24.39%. Unemployment among citizens aged 15-24 is about 65%.

Thanks to support from the World Monetary Fund and the European Union, the Greek government was able to stabilize the situation. The country has remained a member of the European Union, and the economic situation is improving. However, local residents still experience problems with finding a job. Foreign nationals can still find work here, but wages will be low. Requirements for applicants have become higher. To get a high-paying job, you need to know Greek and English at a conversational level, and have certificates confirming your qualifications.

Video: unemployment in Greece

Job search stage

Job search methods

In order to start looking for a job, it is necessary to correctly draw up a resume (in Greek it is called "viographic"), which should contain information about work experience, education, level of PC proficiency, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and contact information of the applicant ... You can compose it yourself. Also, assistance in writing a resume is provided by the Public Service Bureau, which is in every Greek city.

Job searches can be done in several ways. Vacancy announcements are published in local periodicals, among which are popular "Aggelioforos", "Chrysi Eucaria", "Elevferotypia", "Ergasia", and are also posted on the information stands of the City Hall (dimos). Assistance is also provided by employment agencies, which are in each city.

In addition, the Greek Employment Committee provides assistance in finding vacancies. The service specialists will offer the most suitable options, taking into account the education, professional skills, health status and personal qualities of the applicant. The Committee also provides subsidies to organizations to increase the number of jobs. Under annual government programs, employers are paid most of the salaries of new hires.

Retirement age - it's time to think about a tourist trip. In Russia, there are a number of programs enshrined at the legislative level that enable pensioners to relax on preferential terms.

Climatic conditions

It's difficult to adapt to a drastic climate change, so you shouldn't take risks and choose tours to very hot countries or regions with extreme weather conditions. This kind of load will not add health, but rather harm. It is better to pay attention to resorts with a climate that is only slightly different from the usual environment.

In this case, the rest will not be spent on the treatment of exacerbated diseases. Throughout his life, a person develops "internal time" the habit of waking up and falling asleep at the same time, eating, staying awake and resting. The choice of a tourist route involving the change of several time zones is a great stress for the body.

It is difficult to change quickly to the local time, and if the rest is not long, it is almost impossible. Therefore, in order not to oversleep interesting, exciting moments of relaxation, you should pay attention to the time zone of the resort.

Duration of flights and transfers

Time spent on the road brings pleasure to few people, and for older people, in addition to discomfort, it can also be harmful to health. Sitting in the same position on a bus and an airplane is fraught with leg edema, varicose inflammation, exacerbation of osteochondrosis and arthrosis. The optimal travel time is less than 4 hours.

Train travel is more recommended for retirees, there is an opportunity to warm up, move around, and rest assumes the opportunity to lie down and sleep. The duration of such a trip, without harm to health, can increase up to 20 - 24 hours.

Trip cost

Pensioners, choosing the time for a tourist trip, are more free than working. This means they can take advantage of the discounts offered by almost all resorts in the off-season.

Greece is one of the countries you want to return to. Shrouded in a halo of ancient history, sunny and hospitable, it attracts not only tourists, but also those who dream of living on the seashore, admiring unsurpassed landscapes and feeling part of the European community. But the life of a tourist and a migrant in Greece is two sides of the same coin.

State of the Greek Economy

Problems in the state's economy began in 2001, when Greece joined the Eurozone. From that moment on, the Greek authorities provided falsified data on the financial situation, showing a budget deficit of 3%, which made it possible to receive cash loans at low interest rates. The truthful data was released only in 2009.

All this happened against the backdrop of the raging global economic crisis (2007), which led to the following events:

  • in April 2021, the Greek government officially asked for EU support to prevent bankruptcy;
  • The European Union provided three packages of loans - in 2021, 2021, 2021 - in exchange for austerity, a decrease in the public sector and budget cuts;
  • in 2021, the country was on the verge of default.

At the end of 2021, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced that the country had successfully withdrawn from the program of assistance from creditors and the economy in Greece was heading for a new model. According to the budget adopted for 2021, the new macroeconomic scenario should bring economic growth to 2.5% (in 2021 it was 2.1%) and a decrease in unemployment to 16.7% (in August 2021 - 18.9%).

The government has budgeted a reduction in taxes on real estate, insurance premiums for private entrepreneurs and farmers, and a reduction in income tax for legal entities from 29 to 25%.

Life in Greece

Holidays in Greece are chosen by both representatives of wealthy circles of society and ordinary tourists. And although for a trip here you will have to plan a larger budget than in the same Turkey, there are more and more people wishing to visit local resorts every year.

Given the difficult economic situation, the authorities first of all care about citizens, and therefore it will not be easy for foreign immigrants to settle in the country.

The standard of living in Greece today remains lower than in Europe. Over the past decade, the situation of local residents has deteriorated significantly, and there are certain difficulties in finding a job.

Work and compensation

There are many hotels, campgrounds, rooms in Greece, so you can go without worrying about accommodation: everywhere you will find a roof over your head - if not a hotel room, then a room in a private or apartment building (a usual shelter tourist in Greece). Difficulties are possible only in the high season - from late July to early September, plus Easter and a couple of days before and after the holiday. At this time, if you have not taken the trouble to book a hotel room in advance, it is better to choose a route away from the well-known resorts, spending every next night in a new place and especially not being picky about the proposed refuge.

Outside the season, you will face difficulties of the opposite, perhaps, properties: private traders rent rooms only from the end of April or the beginning of May to October, so that only hotels are left to your share. In winter, the choice becomes very scarce and you only have to stop in the main cities or ports. And not to say that life is in full swing outside the large villages: all the bars and restaurants that work in summer in resort areas are closed off-season. On smaller islands, it even happens that only one hotel and one tavern is open all year round.

Please also keep in mind that in every resort or port hotel, especially one that is open all year long without vacation, in winter a certain number of women of easy virtue can settle - and usually for a long time: such services in Greece are considered legal work and the managers of many venerable establishments do not consider it shameful to improve their financial affairs at the expense of such guests.

Hotels in Greece

Hotels and self-service complexes in large resorts are often rented for the whole season by foreign companies that sell complex travel packages ("packages" of services), although there are still free places in the hotel (especially in summer and autumn), in a word feel free to ask and bargain. The Tourist Police assigns each hotel an official category ranging from L for luxury hotels to the rare E class. All but the most luxurious hotels are subject to government-established rates.

It is supposed to replace the letter codes with the system adopted in other countries, but the changes, having barely begun, are slowed down, but know: L is five stars, E is not a single star, and so on. The letter system itself is conceived in order to reflect the level of facilities available in the hotel, although in fact the category is assigned taking into account the location, in particular, within the resort, the number of rooms and "influence", that is, the connections of the owners with the tourist authorities - there are establishments E-class, in which even a dozen rooms cannot be typed, but there is much more velvet, plush and gilding than in the neighboring C-class hotel.

What is required: class D has bathrooms, and C also has a bar or a place that is used as a buffet during breakfast hours. The presence of a swimming pool and/or tennis court draws on the assignment of category B, and class A hotels must have a restaurant, bar, conference room, communications and office equipment for business people, as well as extensive halls, corridors and other places that all guests can use ... Often, A and L class hotels (in fact, complexes that have everything you need) overlook the beach assigned to them.

In cities on the mainland, hotels, almost without exception, are designed for businessmen, so the owners keep prices the same - and equally high - all year round. At ski resorts and other places with a clear influx of tourists from October to April - such are Galaxidi, Nafplion and Mount Pilion - prices on weekends and holidays are significantly higher, and in winter it is also the same - when looking at the bill, your head is spinning. The exception is the low-lying Peloponnese, where there are so many tourists that healthy competition arises, and, to some extent, Athens.

About food: in a C-class hotel, the guest is fed to a minimum - only European breakfast in the simplest version, and you may refuse to use this service, let alone pay for it. Class B and above hotels usually offer breakfast in the buffet: cheeses, cold cuts, cold meats, eggs, and so on. With a few notable exceptions, hotel restaurants are rarely remembered for anything special.

Private rooms in Greece

In island and mainland resorts, tourists most often rent rooms from private homeowners (home). These temporary shelters, like hotels, are controlled by the state, and officials divide the rooms for rent into three categories - from A to C, according to the level of amenities. By now, for the most part, new low-rise buildings are specially built for tourists, but some of the rooms for rent still fall on real people's dwellings, and, having managed to get settled in such a house, you will find out what it is - sincere and disarming hospitality.

Rented rooms are almost always incredibly clean, whatever the decor and amenities. You can be offered rooms with chic furnishings and a modern bathroom with luxurious fixtures, plus a well-equipped kitchen that can be shared by all guests, and very simple rooms that have everything you need. Between these poles lies the whole range of prices and amenities - the most expensive option is usually offered first. In other cheap dwellings, there are more expensive rooms with a full range of amenities - and vice versa, and single rooms are a rarity. Prices and quality are not directly dependent on each other, so do not settle for a room before they show you it.

Places to look for housing and advice on preferred options can be found later in this article in context. And the rooms, by the way, are often looking for you: the owners besiege arriving buses and ferries, often waving photographs of the proposed shelters. City councils on the islands often try to outlaw this customer hunt and issue regulations or send police and punish for lack of official permission. In smaller villages, it is not uncommon to advertise rooms for rent, sometimes in German: "Zimmer", or written in Greek (rooms for rent).

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