Top 10 Popular Social Networks for Promotion

Top 10 Popular Social Networks for Promotion

If you do not analyze the effectiveness of brand promotion in social networks, then it is difficult to identify your own mistakes and shortcomings. Analytics of social networks and monitoring the statistics of the service on which you promote your goods and services is an important component of the work of every SMM specialist. Today we are dealing with all the nuances of monitoring social networks. You will learn many useful things that will help in successful promotion.

So, if you read our material, it means that you lead communities on social networks and promote your own business there. Therefore, you need to track how effective your work is. How to do it? It is necessary to monitor the number of views, comments, reposts, unsubscriptions, and draw conclusions about which materials are interesting to users and which are not.

Social media analytics: where to start

Oddly enough, many people generally forget to track whether the work they spend a lot of time on social networks is effective. But, at the same time, there are those who simply do not know where to start and from which side to approach monitoring social networks. In fact, most of the statistical information for analysis is right before our eyes. You just need to correctly compose and explore it. We will now tell you how to do this.

So, first, remember the popular SMART technique. If you don't remember or don't know, we remind you:

These are five basic positions for setting goals correctly, which are also suitable for analyzing the effectiveness of promotion on social media.

What indicators to analyze in social networks

Now let's figure out which metrics should be analyzed.

1. The audience. Every businessman or SMM-manager wants to be sure that his potential consumers are aware of what the company is doing and what services it offers. How to understand that this is so? To do this, it is necessary to systematically analyze indicators such as:

  • Followers are the number of subscribers who constantly see your posts in their news feeds;
  • Target audience growth rate is the ratio of unsubscribed users to subscribers versus the total number of users.

The higher the level of awareness of potential buyers, the more trust in the company. These criteria allow you to assess the potential demand for services and products.

2. Involvement. Shows the reaction of users in social networks to the advertised brand. There are as many as four statistical positions of the service that are subject to analysis:

  • Likes are a basic check that helps you understand which type of content is popular with target users and which is not. Analyze and draw conclusions about which publications should be promoted further, including on a paid basis, and which posts are better off due to their ineffectiveness.
  • The number of comments - this indicator shows the effectiveness of social communication with users. It allows you to more effectively influence your audience with content.
  • The presence of reposts - the criterion demonstrates the relevance and usefulness of the posted content. In other words, if users repost your posts, this means that you are doing everything right and may interest users. A very worthy indicator that deserves attention. The posts that are shared deserve attention and further promotion.
  • Number of mentions. If your brand is being talked about, that's cool. If your company is referenced, that's great. This indicator clearly shows audience engagement.

Let's figure out how to analyze potential buyers and use this information to create engaging content and effective advertising.

What is the target audience

Target audience is people who may be interested in your product or services and to whom you will contact in your advertising messages. These people share some common characteristics (gender, age, education, place of life, interests, and so on).

For example, for USE preparation courses, the target audience will be both graduate students and their parents. A breastfeeding specialist from Moscow may target women living in Moscow or in the Moscow region with a child under one year old.

Author of articles on SMM, practicing targeting specialist, in the past - product manager of digital projects.

Why you need to know the target audience

The better the company knows its target audience, the more accurate the advertising, the lower the cost of promotion.

If you are not engaged in targeted advertising, but only run social networks, you still need to know what your subscribers are interested in, what problems they face and what they want.

We think we know our customers, but this is not always the case.

For example, it seemed to me obvious that businessmen who export goods from China should enroll in Chinese courses. But it turned out that most of the target audience for these courses are parents who enroll their children there, as they believe that Chinese is the language of the future.

Social networks help to unite the minds of people and take globalization to a qualitatively new level. So, one in four users will purchase the advertised product after a positive interaction with the brand.

Popularity ratings of certain social media are based on traffic generated on the Russian Internet. Its volumes are estimated by the largest Internet statistics services in our country. These include, for example, Yandex-Metrics.

We have compiled the top 10 sites that continue to be popular in 2019. It is worth dwelling on each of them in more detail.

Russian social networks

VKontakte Still the most popular network in Russia. There are a lot of opportunities for promotion here, the audience is the most diverse.

There is a misconception that the site is overcrowded with teenagers alone. In fact, the average age range of users is between 25 and 34 years old. Among which are both residents of megalopolises and settlements. The site is suitable for promoting businesses of various types and sizes.

Odnoklassniki The site has been actively "buried" lately. However, it continues to be one of the most popular in our country. True, in 2018, Instagram overtook this social media in terms of the number of subscribers. network.

Odnoklassniki's audience is the oldest, although the middle segment does not exceed the 34-year threshold. There is a lot of female audience here, so you should take this into account when selling. In addition, the products should not be expensive, most of the users are residents of medium-sized cities and towns.

Yandex-Zen This is a social news service and I must say that it is also growing rapidly. Today, more than 30 million active monthly audience.

There are a lot of free promotion opportunities here as well. That is, you can attract an audience, create large reach and start selling your services/products. After reaching 7000 views on recent publications, you can get a percentage of ad impressions in publications.

Foreign social networks

We will tell you what social media is, why it is important for businesses to analyze it, and how brands benefit from social media analytics. Inside are interesting cases from Brand Analytics.

By studying the opinions of people about your company, your products and competitors, you get valuable feedback: what to improve, what to leave as is, what to offer your customers new. Today it is one of the simplest ways to leverage customer experience to grow your business.

Marketing Director Brand Analytics

Social media analysis helps to solve many problems for top managers, marketers, PR specialists, civil servants, HR professionals and other specialists.

If you are a marketer or plan to become one, skills in working with a social media analysis system will be a competitive advantage and will help not only your company, but also open up interesting prospects for you.

What is Social Media

Social media is not synonymous with social media. VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and others are just a part of social media, albeit a significant one. And social media also includes forums, review sites, blogs, reviews on geoservices (, Google Maps) and in marketplaces (Wildberries, Banki. U, Ozon), public channels and messenger chats, and even comments on news in online publications.

Social media is all public user content, all platforms where people can express their opinion.

According to our research, there are 49 million active social media authors in Russia. That is, more than a third of Russians write at least one post or comment per month, and all together - 1.3 billion public messages: posts, reposts and comments.

This high level of penetration ensures that social media data contains a really large amount of useful information for business.

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