Themes for school social projects

Social design at school: step-by-step instructions and examples of successful student projects

Today, schools need to carry out a variety of social projects. This is due to the fact that love for the world around us must be instilled not only in students, but also in teachers.

After reading this article, you will learn more about social projects at school - topics, examples will be presented below. They will help you inspire and grab attention. It is likely that you will want to bring some of the topics to life.

A good skill lesson for schoolchildren will be the ability to cook for themselves, their loved ones and those in need. Everyone needs to learn how to cook in life. For example, everyone can cook pasta or potatoes, but not everyone can cook something more serious. A school social project of such a plan is quite relevant and it is worth taking a closer look at it.

Idea overview

For society

Maslenitsa (pancakes are baked) or May 9 (veterans are treated to guests) can be a reason for it. You can also try doing such a project in the school cafeteria, so that all the necessary items for cooking are at hand.

When cooking, sanitary and hygienic rules must be observed, namely, before cooking, wash your hands with soap and water, put a kerchief on your hair, and an apron on your clothes so that nothing unnecessary can get into food. You should be careful with school utensils. Students need to be sure to tell in advance the cooking rules, menus, and a list of necessary products. It is best to have each student do one thing. For example, someone will bring milk, someone will bring flour, someone will bring a whisk, and so on.

HELP! After finishing cooking, the room and all the furniture must be put in order. Ready meals should be placed in containers or wrapped in plastic wrap.

Helping families

A social project that helps families in need is quite often implemented. Typically, class teachers get to know all the parents of their students at parent-teacher meetings. It is there that you can understand which of the families may need help. For example, some family may have many children, and some have recently had another child, and people do not even have money to buy clothes for the baby. And you may have good things at home that can be very useful to someone. By donating these things, you will do a good deed.

May 9 Holiday

Themes for school social projects

In most school "educational" activities, children act as an object: "stand here, read a poem, sing this song." Often only a select few go on stage. All this greatly devalues ​​the efforts of teachers. Project activity, in my opinion, can become an excellent basis for educational work instead of dull events and a real alternative to formalism.

Every child can find something in a social project within their abilities and feel their importance. As a result, students do not prepare for life, but live it to the fullest. Activity comes from a task that is not descended from above, but is found jointly by students and teachers, often with the involvement of parents.

Starting to engage in project activities, you will really get carried away, and this, I warn you, is a very contagious business! Let's explain where to start.

Project Learning

We start from the zero stage, which is called "project learning" or "project thinking training".

To make the model work, first of all, you need a team of adults who are ready to broadcast it, go through all stages of the project together with the guys. The teacher should not lead the students, come running first and command. His job is to be a mentor.

A project is always about uniqueness. It is important to identify a problem that has not been addressed previously. An example, of course, can be found in a neighboring city or in the whole world, but for a specific educational institution it must be new. In no case is it a repeatable action, event or action from year to year.

At this stage it is necessary to explain to the children what is the difference between the project and the usual current activities and how important it is that everyone is included in the process.

Problem field creation

First, you need to understand what the problems are, look for situations that do not suit not only the individual, but also the people around. Those who are just getting started in social design should not aim at something global. It is easier to start by solving intra-school problems.

If you start looking for problems in the life of younger students, for example, it is important to first figure out how to do it. You can conduct a survey of parents or simply observe what is called “in the field” - in classes, at breaks.

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