The main social problems of Russians

The main social problems of Russians

Economic problems are not the only difficulties faced by the state. Another area is social problems.

These factors are closely interconnected, and to one degree or another are found in any country. Below IQReview has prepared an analysis highlighting and describing current social problems in Russia and their impact on the lives of citizens.

What are social issues?

According to Wikipedia, social problems are situations, events and conditions that directly or indirectly negatively affect a citizen from the point of view of society. At first, this term ("social problem") concerned only the uneven distribution of wealth. It began to be used at the beginning of the 19th (19th) century, in Western Europe.

The list of problems has changed and continues to change over time along with:

change of circumstances (economic, social, political);

and changes in the standard of living of citizens;

change in the mood of citizens.

Species and classification

Well, all problems can be divided into:

Socio-economic. This includes all factors related to finances and material conditions.

Social and household. They include factors related to providing citizens with affordable housing, living conditions, material difficulties of young and large families.

Socio-psychological. Includes factors related to family and internal relations between relatives. This also includes family conflicts, domestic violence, betrayal, divorce.

What are social problems, what are they, and how are they related

Modern social problems of Russians are practically no different from global ones - it turns out, no matter how different the economic situation in countries, mentality, and so on, the main problems of citizens remain impoverishment, rising prices, social inequality and corruption.

What are social problems of society?

Before considering the social problems of society, it is necessary to determine what is meant by them. Previously, they spoke about only one problem - social inequality due to the fact that wealth is distributed, alas, unevenly, in connection with which there is a stratification of society (from the very rich to the poor). Now this term unites all factors, events or problems that have a negative impact on citizens and their lives from the point of view of society. Both the problems affecting directly and indirectly are taken into account.

In essence, social problems are divided into the following types:

So, what worries Russians the most right now?

Nobody knows about the problems of society better than the citizens of Russia themselves. According to the Levada Center research, the most important social problems in Russia are the rise in prices, poverty and corruption. Citizens are also worried about the unemployment rate, the stratification of society into rich and poor, as well as the crisis, the inaccessibility of many types of medical care and education.

By the way, a couple of years ago, citizens did not mention ecology as a serious problem, but now we can note a more conscious attitude to this issue. The survey was conducted among 1,600 citizens over 18 years old, living both in cities and in rural areas, and environmental problems were included in the top 10 acute social problems. Traditionally, unfortunately, the growth of drug addiction among the population also fell into it.

The majority of citizens voted for these problems, however, among other problems of society, they also noted alcoholism, an increase in the number of criminal offenses, arbitrariness of officials of various ranks, corrupt courts, an influx of migrants, as well as the threat of terrorist attacks.

How serious is this? On the main problems in numbers

Price increase

What are social problems, what are they, from what develop? Actual statistics of social problems in Russia, possible measures of control and prevention.

The problems of modern society are mostly caused by the consumer attitude of a person to the environment and a change in life priorities. Once a person fought for survival, hunting wild animals and growing bread, today his goal is to obtain wealth and power.

Characteristics of modern society

Sociologists studying the problems of modern society called it post-industrial, having not found a more suitable word to describe the existing model of relations. The post-industrial form of uniting people was preceded by an agrarian and industrial system.

The first has existed since the moment when homo sapiens began to cultivate the land, trying to secure food and a minimum livelihood. The second appeared with the development of production, when agriculture faded into the background, and industry came to the fore.

The transition to a service society marked the emergence of a post-industrial formation, in which informatization and technological innovation are in the first place.

The characteristic features of modern society are the globalization of the economy and the predominance of the service sector over industry and agriculture. When we talk about the service sector, we mean, first of all, informatization. In other words, in modern society, the main source of income is not production, but information resources.

Global problems of modern society

It would seem that progress and a shift in emphasis towards information technology should have a positive effect on the state of society. However, the result was mixed.

Information is not able to feed and provide for basic human needs - this is the prerogative of the agricultural sector and industry, and they have not gone anywhere, they have just moved from one country to another.

Have you noticed that there are practically no goods made in the USA on sale, but the mass of products imported from China? Developed countries, in pursuit of the goal of reducing the cost of their products at the expense of inexpensive labor and reducing the environmental burden on their territories, moved most of their production to the countries of the "second" and "third" world.

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