The European Union presented a plan to save summer vacations during a pandemic

The European Union presented a plan to save summer vacations during a pandemic

The countries of Europe have finally agreed to launch a traffic light system for cross-border movement within the EU. How this measure will affect Russian tourism, experts said.


The EU has ended the unilateral closure of borders within the Union. The traffic light scheme proposed by Brussels in September was supported by all EU member states.

According to the European Commission, depending on the prevalence of COVID-19, all regions of Europe are divided into four color zones: red (the highest incidence of COVID-19), orange, green (the lowest) and gray ( if there is not enough information for the assessment).

Information on the spread of COVID-19 in the EU is presented on a special map on the reopen website. uropa. u. The map is updated weekly based on the same criteria for the whole EU. In particular, it compares the number of new infections per 100 thousand people for 7 and 14 days, as well as the percentage of positive tests (of their total number) conducted over the last 7 days.

No restrictions should be imposed on the movement of people between green areas in any part of Europe. When people move from the orange or red zones, EU countries have the right to require them to undergo quarantine (from 7 to 14 days) and testing for coronavirus.

In any case, regardless of destination, 14 categories of citizens have the right to enter without compulsory quarantine, including sailors, employees of transport companies, patients in need of urgent treatment, etc.


As stated in the EU materials, the adopted recommendations apply only to travel within the EU. With regard to travel from outside the EU, the temporary restriction on unnecessary travel remains in effect for most third countries, including Russia.

At the same time, the EC recommends that European countries "immediately allow entry to people from third countries" who are in an official or civil marriage with EU citizens.

The European Commission has prepared measures and criteria for the safe conduct of the summer vacation season during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was proposed to open the internal borders of the EU, while the external ones are not yet discussed.

The first bars and restaurants open in Mallorca

Will it be possible this summer to go on vacation from one EU country to another? So far, the borders between many states belonging to the Schengen zone are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But calls are still growing louder to ensure that the holiday season continues. In response, the European Commission (EC) on Wednesday, May 13, presented a package of recommendations related to tourism and transport. They should allow easing of restrictions on movement within the EU and the resumption of tourist travel this summer.

Why is summer tourism being saved in the EU?

The package of announced measures is aimed primarily at making it possible to spend the summer vacation season. "The coming months could give people the chance for much-needed rest, relaxation and fresh air, as well as meeting friends and family - whether in their own EU member state or abroad," the European Commission said. At the same time, they stressed that this is possible only if all safety and hygiene measures are observed, as well as if the EU states act in a coordinated manner.

Europe's largest Turkish concern TUI will lay off 8,000 of its employees

We are not least talking about the economy. After all, tourism accounts for about 10% of the EU's GDP, this sector of the economy creates 12% of jobs in the EU. "Europe is the largest travel destination in the world," one EU official told DW in an interview.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has cost restaurant and hotel owners half of their revenue, airlines and cruise lines lose 80%, and long-distance rail companies 85%. This is reflected in the employment sector as well. In particular, the largest tourism concern in Europe TUI, a few hours before the presentation of the package to the European Commission, announced the reduction of 8000 of its employees.

Criteria for Safe Tourism

The EU cannot prohibit or permit travel. Such powers are in the hands of nation states. Moreover, governments have a better knowledge of the situation on the ground. Therefore, the EC package contains criteria by which the authorities of the EU member states will be able to determine where and when to weaken the quarantine regime.

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