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You can't get away from yourself

The beauty of Kamchatka is known all over the world - the peninsula in the Pacific Ocean amazes tourists with the greatness of nature. Paradoxically, many locals are not familiar with this beauty.

"Free/Call of Kamchatka" is a project of Vladislav Tarasenko, General Director of the "Volunteer" Multidisciplinary Training Center, an experienced hiker, climber. Together with a team of colleagues - qualified specialists, he leads everyone on tourist routes. Everyone is guaranteed safety and good mood. The name of the project speaks for itself - no money is taken for travel.

Commerce instead of culture

Pass Cherelchik, Mount Sedlo, Khalaktyrsky beach, Vilyuchinsky volcano, Mount Vachkazhets - an incomplete list of natural attractions that the "Freebies" tourists have already seen. Big companies gather - up to 50 hikers.

- We are fighting social tourist illiteracy, says Vladislav.

Ekaterina Dovgaleva, kamchatka. if. u: Are you saying that tourism is underdeveloped today?

The essence of tourism is not just going on a hike - for some it arouses sports interest, someone puts the beauty of nature at the head. However, the core of this culture is almost always the same - a person goes on a hike in order to get out of the comfort zone and feel real. Figuratively speaking, you do not go into the forest, but into yourself. Not everyone understands this, thinking that they are simply changing the environment and acquiring new acquaintances. But in reality, there is something more behind it - a disconnection from old attachments and a better understanding of life.

- Freebie has a lot of fans - your groups on social networks are filled with positive reviews, photos and videos from the hikes. Nevertheless, many Kamchatka residents have not visited a single volcano for many years. What do you think is the reason?

- Yes, it would seem paradoxical that many people on the mainland know our land better. But this happens because Kamchatka residents are content with the fact that they can see mountains and volcanoes every day - while walking or even from the window of their own apartment, and they don't need anything else. In a good scenario, a person may have gone to Malki or once visited the Avachinsky volcano - that's all.

I think this is terrible. Indeed, in fact, local residents practically do not need anything for hiking - their own food, a hotel, as a nonresident or foreign tourist, does not need to be booked. In fact, it is possible to drive and show the edge for free. What we are actually doing.

I am glad that the situation is gradually changing. As far as we know, the population of Kamchatka began to grow steadily in the 1970s and 1980s, mostly people came for a long Soviet ruble, and then settled down here and stayed. But after all, to take root does not mean to change yourself and your approach to life - to enrich yourself spiritually, and not materially, people did not strive. This is how we have formed something similar to the Wild West, when the priority is only "gold mining", that is, earnings. And there are still echoes of the consumer attitude towards nature - people walk along the routes for some time, and then they want to work as guides. Sincere hikes for the sake of hikes are rare.

Money is not happiness

- You drive people on various routes for free. How much do such trips cost from travel agencies?

Tourism news in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and the Kamchatka Territory

Residents of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky would show tourists Mishennaya and Nikolskaya Sopki

The activists of the All-Russian Popular Front conducted a survey among the residents of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - the townspeople were asked about the people, events, sights and symbols of the regional center.

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Young athletes from Kamchatka took a social tour to the foot of Avachinsky volcano

On August 11, a social tour took place in Kamchatka, in which 18 winners and prize-winners of regional and interregional biathlon competitions from the school of the Olympic reserve in winter sports took part.

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Kamchatka is the second in the list of the Far Eastern regions in terms of tourist attraction

Sociologists asked the Far East - which region of the Far Eastern Federal District they would choose for recreation, regardless of the season.

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Regular Kamchatka social tours: by helicopter, on horseback and on foot ...

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