State social insurance

State social insurance

All working citizens are subject to compulsory state social insurance, which was created in order to provide financial assistance to insured persons in the event of insurance events.

The essence of state insurance

The main purpose of state social insurance is the social security of working people. When calculating salaries, insurance premiums are withheld, which are deducted to the settlement accounts of social insurance funds within the time limits established by law.

Able-bodied citizens of the Russian Federation can count on the help of Social Insurance Funds in the event of insured events established by the Federal Law. In the Russian Federation, state insurance is represented by the following organizations:

  • Employment Fund;
  • Pension Fund;
  • Social Insurance Fund;
  • Mandatory Health Insurance Fund (MHI) ...

Legislative framework

The procedure for withholding and deducting insurance premiums, making payments to insured citizens is determined by the current Federal legislation of the Russian Federation, namely the following laws:

  • FZ - No. dated 19.5.995;
  • FZ - No. 121 dated 24.7.998;
  • FZ - No. 165 of 16.7.999;
  • FZ - No. 167 of 15.2.001;
  • FZ - No. 173 of 17.2 001;
  • FZ - No. 255 of 29.2.006;
  • FZ - No. 184 of 21.7.007
  • State Social Insurance Policy

    The state social insurance forms its policy in such a way that partnership relations exist between the state, insured citizens and policyholders. To this end, the state:

    • Forms and uses various trust funds.
    • Prevents social risks.
    • Finances foundations from which cash covers recurrent costs in the form of benefits.
    • Carries out work to improve the living standards of all categories of Russian citizens.
    • Carries out activities in the field of reproduction of labor resources, etc.

    Types of social insurance

    Today the following types of state social insurance operate in Russia:

    The state is obliged to provide insurance payments to all officially employed citizens in the cases specified in the Federal Law. Payments are made at the expense of compulsory social insurance funds. At the same time, there is also voluntary social insurance (VSS). What is its essence? Further all about it.

    What is DSS?

    In countries where social policy is developing within the framework of a market economy, an operating system of social insurance has been created, which ensures the protection of working citizens from social risks in the field of professional activity. In Russia, it has become one of the forms of social security, which the state has provided for financial support of citizens upon the arrival of old age, disability (temporary or permanent), and health protection. An employee's occupational risks include:

    • disability ;
    • illness ;
    • unemployment ;
    • old ;
    • loss breadwinner due to industrial accidents.

    Social risks include:

    • accidents;
    • intractable diseases;
    • road traffic accidents;
    • fires;
    • car theft;
    • robbery of money, property;
    • flooding, etc.

    Social insurance operates today in 2 forms: mandatory and voluntary.

    DSS is carried out exclusively at the request of the policyholder, thanks to his free will. The policyholder consciously chooses the option of protection against unforeseen expenses in situations with negative or tragic consequences. This can be, for example, the conclusion of an insurance contract in case of loss of work within the framework of specific conditions with the insurer. The procedure and conditions of insurance are established by the insurer in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation on the organization of insurance and the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The insurer offers services in the form of specially designed insurance programs approved for specific types of property.


    The main types of LTA include:

    • Personal insurance. Its objects include property interests related to a person's life, damage caused to him (loss of ability to work, harm to health, industrial accidents).
    • Movable and immovable property owned by a person, securities, material values.
    • Insurance of animals, mostly agricultural, for example, thoroughbred horses, exotic pets.
    • Mortgage insurance.
    • Medical insurance, which allows you to cover the costs required for various types of treatment, as well as for rehabilitation in the postoperative period, antenatal care for women, dental services.
    • Insurance of personal vehicles against various risks.
    • Third party liability insurance.

    Functions and purposes of voluntary insurance

    • minimizing the impact of social risks;
    • increasing the responsibility of persons entering labor relations.

    When traveling to a foreign country, you should take care of your safety. This is primarily due to the fact that getting into a new environment, faced with unfamiliar food and an unusual climate, various unforeseen situations may occur. Insurance in tourism helps to avoid negative consequences from this.

    Tourism insurance - what is it

    In accordance with Federal Law No. 132-FZ, tourism insurance is used to ensure the safety of tourists traveling temporarily abroad. It helps protect the property interests of travelers while traveling.

    Most often, those traveling abroad are asked to issue a policy in case they need to seek medical help and receive injuries in accidents. But there are other situations that you can insure against.

    Services under such policies are provided by an assistance company operating in another country, and with which the insurance company has an agreement. The quality of the provided service depends on the action of the assistance.

    Main types and forms

    There are different types and forms of insurance used in tourism. The main types of travel insurance include:

    • Medical. In this case, the life and health of the traveler is insured.
    • Property. Covered travel risks associated with the loss of luggage, damage to it, trouble with the car. This group also includes travel agency property insurance.
    • Responsibility. This type allows you to compensate for the harm done to other people. This policy is used by tourists, travel agencies, vehicle owners, etc.

    The main forms of insurance coverage for tourists are:

    • compensation ;
    • service.

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