Souvenir rejection and sharing economy: what is socially responsible tourism

Souvenir rejection and sharing economy: what is socially responsible tourism

A vacation with minimal damage to the planet is increasingly becoming a goal for many travelers. And this trend has arisen for a reason: travel is now much more accessible than before. And crowds of tourists may well cause irreparable damage to the ecology of many countries. Together with the online ticket service UFS. ravel, we decided to figure out how to become the right traveler and why it should be done right now.

Reasonable hotel choice

The first question that arises when planning a trip is where to live? Large chain hotels can be found in every major city on the planet, but they have a very serious impact on changing the ecology of the environment. However, if you cannot imagine a vacation without a large hotel, then think about whether you need to change linen, towels or take out an incomplete rubbish basket every day? This will help you cut down on water, electricity, and harmful laundry chemicals and plastic bags. As an alternative to hotels, we advise you to pay attention, for example, to guesthouses or eco-hotels. The latter have especially actively begun to gain their popularity in recent years, which is associated with the trend towards environmental friendliness. Moreover, more and more tourists began to choose apartments for the night, which they rent from local residents. One of the benefits of this placement is that you can keep track of your waste. Speaking of smart travel, some accommodation services like Airbnb donate a portion of the funds they receive to local travel or excursion businesses.

Glamorous camping is also popular. It differs from the usual one in that the guests stay not in ordinary tents, but in comfortable tents, which have all the amenities. Typically, these hotels are located in scenic locations.

Transport selection

Plane is definitely the best choice for those looking to save time. However, at the same time, it is one of the most dangerous modes of transport for nature: the amount of harmful substances in the emissions during takeoff and landing of the aircraft greatly pollutes the air in the airport area. Direct routes are a more sustainable option because you do less harm. In terms of pollution, only a car with a gasoline engine overtakes it. Exhaust gases of cars contain chemical compounds that are very dangerous for nature and humans. An alternative for them can be electric vehicles or cars with an alternative type of engine, for example, hydrogen. Still, the most nature-friendly modes of transport are trains, as well as sea transport. But if possible, we advise you to choose electric trains - this is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport that has a minimal impact on the global environment.


It is difficult to imagine a full-fledged journey without getting to know the national cuisine. However, here you should adhere to several rules. So, it is best to opt for small family restaurants or eateries, rather than large chain restaurants. It is in the first courses that they are more likely to be made from local products, which means that by doing so you can support the country's economy. Moreover, due to the absence of a long-term transportation stage, the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the environment during the delivery of products by various modes of transport will decrease. And don't worry about the taste - a traditional dish from an amateur chef from a small restaurant according to an old classic recipe will be no worse than the same dish from a renowned chef. If you want to cook dinner yourself, then it is better to buy products not in grocery stores, but in the markets. The prices are lower there, and the quality of the products is much higher.


Magnets, postcard figurines - everyone who has ever traveled abroad has all this. But what is the point in them? Instead, you can turn your attention to unique clothing or kitchen utensils. So, in flea markets in Spain you can find unusual wooden dishes, in Israel - jewelry made of real stones, not plastic, beautiful but versatile clothes should be sought in Morocco. All this will not only give pleasant memories of the trip, but also will not have any detrimental effect on nature.

Local food will also be a good gift from the trip: by bringing traditional delicacies, you can contribute to the development of the country's economy, as well as guaranteed to please your loved ones and friends with unusual snacks.

In many European countries, in recent years, the regulation of the use of plastic dishes has begun at the legislative level. Back in 2018, the EU approved a ban on the use and production of single-use plastic products starting in 2021. Finding an alternative to plastic containers, disposable tableware or cotton swabs is quite simple, but it will have an extremely positive impact on the environment. But if in Europe the law has not yet been adopted, then, for example, in Georgia, entrepreneurs can receive a fine for the production of non-degradable packages in the amount of € 165. Instead, authorities advise using biobags that break down into beneficial bacteria.

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