Social tourism in Russia acquires a legal basis

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IA SakhaNews. Social tourism in Russia, about the problems and prospects of which politicians, entrepreneurs and legislators have argued a lot, is becoming legal and promising positive changes to Russians in terms of recreation and tourism. Changes in legislation allowing working Russians to relax at the expense of the organization were adopted at a plenary session of the Federation Council and come into force at the end of May.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the new regulations will come into effect next year, when companies will be able to buy travel vouchers for their employees and their families. Up to 20 million Russians will be able to relax on the social tourism system in Russia. Employers' expenses for travel expenses for their employees will be attributed to the wage bill and will not be subject to 20 percent income tax, like other social expenses of the organization. To do this, the company must conclude an agreement on the sale of a tourism product with a tour operator or travel agent.

Travel within Russia will be paid at the rate of no more than 50,000 rubles per person and not in high season. Even relatives of employees will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to relax in Russia at the expense of the employer: their spouses, parents, children under the age of 18 or under 24 years of age, if they study full-time. The new norms will help improve the health of the population, improve the quality of life, the initiators of the legislative changes believe.

In Russia, as in other countries, where the scheme of preferential taxation of employers in exchange for the purchase of vouchers for employees has been in effect for a long time, the development of social tourism will help increase the contribution of the tourism industry to the country's economy, experts say.

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