Social tourism in India

Social tourism in India

The photo on the right is the most popular landmark in India

"A wonderful day," writes a tourist who has visited a tour of the Dharavi slum in the Indian city of Mumbai in his review.

"Almost everyone was friendly. Nobody begged," he adds.

Thousands of people from all over the world come to see the narrow streets of Asia's largest slum. The so-called "slum tourism" or "poverty tourism" is gaining in popularity. Such tourists are looking for areas whose people live in extreme poverty in order to truly understand how such people live.

TripAdvisor recently named the Dharavi Slum Tour the Most Popular Tourist Route in India, putting it even above visiting the Taj Mahal.

"Most of them come from the US, UK and Australia," says Krishna Pujari, who founded Reality Tours and Travel in 2005, which runs slum tours.

It was one of the first local companies to focus exclusively on slum tourism in Dharavi.

"When my British friend Christ Way suggested doing slum tours, I was confused. Who might be interested in walking through the slums? But then I realized that there is so much to see and learn," says Pujari.

Dharavi is the largest slum in Asia

Dharavi is located on expensive land in the heart of Mumbai. Its endless narrow streets, workshops and cramped shacks huddle about a million people.

Mysterious and distant India is not one of the most developed and prosperous countries in the world. Nevertheless, the number of labor migrants to the country is growing from year to year. Despite the fact that in most of the world rankings compiled by leading statistical agencies, the country is at best somewhere in the middle of the list, there is a tendency for the state to increase its position on most indicators annually. So, over the past few years, India has improved statistics on such criteria for assessing the state of the economy as the ease of doing business in the country, the human development index, the rating of the perception of the level of corruption, and the international rating of competitiveness. The developing Indian economy requires skilled professionals who cannot always be found in the domestic labor market. So how can foreigners find work in colorful India?

India's labor market and ways to find a job in the country

India is one of the most controversial countries in terms of employment for foreigners. The labor market in the state is overflowing with its own applicants for vacancies that do not require high qualifications, so foreign candidates for such positions, as a rule, cannot withstand competition with local residents. The exception is the service sector, in which there is a certain shortage of specialists, but among the requirements for the applicant there will certainly be a specialized education and work experience in the specialty. Highly qualified professionals can apply for one of the vacancies in areas such as:

  • IT-technologies ;
  • industrial construction;
  • processing industry;
  • energy-saving technologies;
  • pedagogy;
  • biotechnology;
  • pharmacology;
  • healthcare;
  • finance.

In some cases, in addition to the required knowledge of English, a skilled worker may be required to speak Hindi. Considering the fact that a highly qualified specialist can find a job in a more prosperous country, then there should be quite good reasons for finding a job in India.

There is a surplus of unskilled workers in the domestic labor market

I work as a Russian language teacher at the Russian Center for Culture and Science in Delhi. I found a job by chance, when I was at a meeting of compatriots, where I met the director of the institute, who later offered me a job. The work schedule is flexible. The salary is issued once a month, and is not divided into two parts, as in Russia. There are no special differences from working in Russia. But there is still something Indian - we rest on the holidays of both countries, so there is an opportunity to celebrate not only the usual and beloved holidays, but also new ones for us - Indian. In general, I really like the work, because it is associated with people of different nationalities. Most of them are Indians, so there is an opportunity to learn more about India and local traditions. Also, work in the Russian Center helps to keep abreast of cultural events and attend various events. Here I go to work with pleasure.

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Ways to find a job in India

One of the most accessible ways of finding a job in India today, as well as in the whole world, is through the Internet. Some of the most popular job sites in the country are:

When looking for work in India, it can be helpful to communicate on social networks and on specialized forums. Many people use the services of the HeadHunter resource . h. u /, where you can send out current vacancies. Some people successfully use such a search method as directly contacting one of the companies offering vacancies and submitting their resume for consideration.

The country is rich in cultural attractions, entertainment and interesting excursions. The capital of Delhi, which is called the "Mausoleum of the East", deserves attention - so many memorial structures of legendary rulers and statesmen of many eras are concentrated here. Or the state of Goa, which lies north of Mumbai and is considered the best seaside resort area in the country, along with endless beaches of white sand, here you can find many ancient monasteries and fortresses, villas and trading posts in the colonial Portuguese style.

Be Vigilant

In India, you should follow standard security measures: keep money, documents, and so on in a safe and always remember the commandment “do not tempt”, leaving valuables in plain sight or in easily accessible places. Ladies for walks outside the hotel should dress more modestly, without bare shoulders and miniskirts.

No special vaccinations are required before travel. It is worth noting that the most common ailment in India is a banal indigestion. To avoid it, it is enough for the first time not to eat "authentic" Indian food, never drink raw tap water and thoroughly wash both hands and purchased fruits and vegetables with soap and water. And to heighten peace of mind, consume only heat-treated vegetables inside. Another useful tip for tourists in India: always have sanitary napkins with you, especially when traveling.

The "White Sahib" in Indian cities must always be ready for an "attack" by extremely annoying sellers of all sorts of rubbish, pipers, fakirs and just beggars.

What to ride

Traveling around the country is most comfortable and fastest by plane, cheaper - by train (long distances) or bus (short). Since a first class train ticket sometimes costs a little less than a plane ticket to the same destination, it is wiser to travel in second class with air conditioning. There are two types of such cars: 4 and 6 people per compartment.

The bus network in India is well developed: there are state-owned transport companies and many private ones in every state. All types of public buses are quite suitable for travel: the only difference is in the level of comfort and cost.

There will be no problems with a taxi either, the only thing worth paying attention to is that cars that have a license to serve tourists have yellow numbers. It is imperative to bargain with the driver, and before departure. If you are going on a long trip, it is better to find out in advance its approximate cost from the hotel administration.

Rickshaws and motorcycles can be hired in the same way as taxis. Rickshaws - although exotic, but quite fast and convenient way to get around the city. But cycle rickshaws are suitable only for small trips: the speed is low, there is no convenience, and they do not pull obese passengers uphill.

Embassies of foreign states in the Russian Federation

Consulate General in St. Petersburg address: St. Petersburg, st. Ryleeva 35, telephone/fax: (812) 272-17-31, 272-19-88, 272-24-73e-mail: cg @ congendia. pb. u.

"Ayurveda" translates as "knowledge of life" or even "science of life". Dhanvantari, the avatar of Vishnu, is considered her progenitor. He is credited with possessing knowledge of surgery and treatment.

Who invented hypnosis

The golden age of Ayurveda falls on the heyday of Buddhism in India (327 BC - 750 AD) - even then the locals had extraordinary knowledge of the structure of the human body and methods of treating diseases ... In the XVIII-XIX centuries. Ayurveda experienced a decline, unable to withstand the competition with European medicine, which the colonialists brought with them along with their traditions and religion.

One of the monuments in Old Goa, which I searched for a long time, but still found, testifies to how much India was included at that time in the global development process. At first glance, it looks somewhat ominous: a man in a cassock seems to hover with outstretched hands over the lifeless body of a woman. Who does not know that this is a monument to the founder of the doctrine of hypnosis, the Indian physician Abbot Faria, is very surprised. Nevertheless, this man not only managed to conquer Paris with his art, but also became the prototype of one of the characters of the "Count of Monte Cristo" (only he was named there for some reason by an Italian). Abbot Faria made a significant contribution to the development of modern psychology. He is the author of the world's first monograph on hypnosis, published by a sad coincidence on the day of his death in 1819. In it, Faria proved that hypnosis is not associated with any supernatural phenomena, but only with the impact on the human psyche.


Paradoxically, only the 20th century, along with brilliant discoveries, incredible development of medical technologies and amazing achievements in pharmacy, became a time of returning to the forgotten traditions of medicine.

In the 60s, thanks to the hippies who took a fancy to it, India seemed to be rediscovered by the Western world. At the same time, Ayurveda gained immense popularity in the West and came to us later, around the end of the last century. Now it is being studied in different countries in special educational institutions, but an internship in India is required to obtain a specialist diploma.

I must say that basic Ayurveda procedures (breathing and pulse diagnostics, therapeutic diets, cleansing enemas, baths and douches) have become part of the medical practice of all countries. As well as some of its directions and methods, such as pharmacology and ophthalmology, massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, dietetics. Agree, we are already so accustomed to many of these areas that we do not even think about their origin.

In India there is a whole network of research institutes, there are two government research centers and a university that trains specialists - scientists and practitioners in this field. Ayurvedic medicines are produced by a number of pharmaceutical companies under government control.

In harmony with the world

how to live happily

Leisure and independent travel in India

India, and especially the state of Goa, attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world. It is not difficult to fly or get to India very inexpensively. And the country is famous for its originality. India can be called the world cradle of culture and civilization, the country is so old and spiritual that sooner or later everyone wants to come here to cleanse their karma.

India is a country of contrasts, bright colors of people's lives, wealth and poverty, chess, Kamasutra and Mahabharata, Islam and Hinduism are intertwined here. A country that has everything from desert to jungle, and beautiful palaces stand next to reed shacks. This place is mesmerizing and leaves a lasting impression that is difficult to get rid of. Some people will never come back, once scared. Others want to come to India for rest, wintering or vacations over and over again.

Reviews of tourists on vacation in Goa

Goa is one of the richest tourist states. First of all, it is he who attracts tourists and travelers from all over the world. You don't have to be an experienced traveler to dive into India a bit - there are plenty of cheap Goa tours that will be enough to make a decision to return to the country. Why tourists love to stay in Goa, let's try to figure it out:

  • India is one of the cheapest countries in Asia, even tourist Goa, will seem affordable compared to the resorts of our country, read more: How much did a vacation in India cost in 2016 (as amended in 2018)
  • Delicious and inexpensive, familiar and exotic vegetables and fruits - India is an ideal country for raw foodists and vegans, however, for lovers of fresh juices and just healthy food, the state of Goa is perfect. The food here is not as spicy as in the rest of India and is quite varied, even for an electoral European cousin
  • Ease of obtaining a visa to India, especially for Russian citizens, for more details: How to get a visa to India on your own 2018 and 2019 and e-Visa to India 2018 & 2019
  • Cheap and affordable flights to Goa and other states from all over the world. For example, tickets from Moscow to India cost less than 20t. ... more details can be found in the article: Cheap tickets from Moscow to India and back from 17,500 rubles
  • Goa has long and wide sandy beaches, warm sea all year round. Beach parties all winter and an abundance of nightclubs with your favorite artists. Many prominent DJs drop in to Goa to relax a bit and soak up the warm sun. More about beaches in the article: The best beaches of northern Goa (part 1)

Things to remember when going to India

Traveling to India is something that every person must do. If the distinctive and so different India scares you, then at least you can visit its relaxed tourist option - the state of Goa. Tens of thousands of people fall in love with him every year. Tours to Goa have become a good alternative to cheap Turkey. But do not forget that in this country it is worth complying with the laws of travelers, be sure to read the tips for visiting the country:

And remember, India greets you with what a load on your heart you eat. If you go on a trip to India or on vacation in Goa in a great mood, expecting miracles and discoveries, then you will definitely be satisfied with the trip. If you go in search of yourself, you will definitely find it. And the laws of karma and the wheel of samsara will quickly catch up with evil and impure people.

We wish you a wonderful and unforgettable holiday, may you like India as much as we do

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