Social technologies change society and people

Social technologies change society and people

Social innovation is the introduction of something new into the social sphere of society in order to successfully promote technological discoveries, resolve social conflicts and improve the lives of citizens.

Time and world practice have shown that the potential of social innovation cannot be overestimated.

History of the term

This expression was used in the second half of the XX century by famous scientists and public figures Michael Young, Peter Drucker and other researchers of social processes. Muhammad Yunus, the founder of the microfinance and microcredit mechanism and the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, is considered the author of the term "social innovation" as applied to modernity.

But examples of such innovations have been known much earlier. Since 1774, I. G. Pestalozzi worked on the idea of ​​raising and educating children from the lower strata of society with an accustoming to productive work in order to ensure their future.

In 1799, Robert Owen began an experiment to reform industrial relations. He set out to prove that caring for wage workers is beneficial to the employer.

Since the twentieth century, social innovation has come to be seen in the light of industrial success in new ways. The study and change of all aspects of the hostel affect the success of the introduction of advanced technologies.

Innovative technologies in the social sphere

  • Modernizing public services in health, education and democracy.
  • Treating the human body as a complex adaptive system.
  • Engaging businesses in creating new ways to interact with consumers.
  • Open access to intellectual property.
  • A collective approach of competent organizations to the solution of important state issues, up to a nationwide discussion.
  • Create an enabling environment for local innovation.
  • Support of the social assistance sector by state and charitable organizations of all levels.

Classification of social innovation

By investment objects:

  • Demography;
  • Healthcare ;
  • Education;
  • Improving the living conditions of the population;
  • Raising the cultural level;
  • Social security.

By investment subjects:

Social technologies are processes taking place in society, as well as a body of knowledge about the methods and means of organizing them. They are aimed at achieving the set goals. Studying this issue allows for a better understanding of how society and its individual members should behave in order to solve problems more quickly and efficiently. This article will focus on the types of social technologies and their application by an ordinary person.

The essence, emergence, development and use of social technologies

Social technology became known long before the definition itself was formed. If the concept appeared relatively recently, then the foundations of social management, political structure, social culture have been formed and used for centuries. Now in different sources you can find several definitions of social technologies, but the essence is the same: these are methods, methods and techniques, the application of which is aimed at achieving the goals of society, effective social planning and development of communications, decision-making in various situations. Understanding social technologies changes the consciousness of people and allows you to understand the issues of behavior in society and self-realization in it to meet personal and general needs. Modern social technologies are a necessary tool for managing society as a whole, specific organizations and groups of people.

Previously, the ways of organizing social processes were simple and passed down from generation to generation. Now they are being studied much deeper in an effort to gain as much knowledge as possible about how to shape a healthy, productive and functional society.

Social management strategies are formed on the basis of knowledge from psychology, sociology and cognitive science. At the same time, it has been proven that the use of social technologies, which allows to reveal and develop the creative and intellectual abilities of a person, contributes to an increase in productivity in the work of enterprises, companies and organizations.

Classification of social technologies

What is it based on? First of all, to determine the scope of application of techniques and methods of organizing activities.

Several types of basic social technologies are used today:

  • Innovative methods aim at rationalizing the use of resources. With their help, innovations are created and innovations are implemented.
  • Information methods are designed to optimize the process of receiving and transmitting information.
  • Intellectual technologies ensure the correct development and stimulation of thinking and human creativity.
  • Historical technologies represent the transfer of experience from the past to the future. The study and analysis of historical events makes it possible to draw conclusions and, on their basis, develop methods and techniques for social development in the present and in the future.
  • Political technologies have been formed for political management - a set of methods that allow creating and developing successful programs.
  • There are also social technologies of consent, with the help of which a certain opinion of the majority of people is obtained on some issue.

Global and private application of ways of organizing activities

Social technologies have been successfully applied in practice for a long time. Interesting examples can be cited today. Thus, the Japanese economic miracle, when a significant economic leap took place in Japan as a result of the introduction of a series of thoughtful reforms, is an illustrative example of the fact that research in this area is necessary for the successful development of society.

Global processes on the example of large societies, states - what is often understood as social technologies. But this is far from being a wrong judgment. This also includes the ways of organizing activities in specific teams. World experience shows that companies and enterprises perform better if they competently apply proven incentive programs, methods of effective team management, principles of education and team building.

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