After three months of self-isolation, Petersburgers are returning to normal life. Again, you can sit in a cafe, go to the park and even have a wedding. However, some of the joys are still inaccessible. In particular - overseas sea rest.

No one to ride?

The northern capital has entered the second phase of lifting restrictions imposed in the city at the end of March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Starting from June 28, you can visit parks, gardens and squares, as well as playgrounds, sports grounds and even a zoo (subject to the use of masks and gloves). The only exception were the parks of the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve, which will open this Friday, July 3.

The owners of motor ships, organizing excursions along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, also went to work without optimism. Navigation within the administrative boundaries of the city opened on June 28, but so far there is no one to transport around them. You can't throw a party on the ship, as before - food on board is prohibited.

Although, as Sergei Korneev, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee, noted, the city is preparing to receive guests and restart the tourism industry in new conditions. In particular, for this purpose, the Safe Travel program (safe travel) is being developed, which implies voluntary certification of the safety of services.

Sochi instead of Europe

Epidemiological criteria did not allow Russia to become one of the countries with which the European Union intends to open its borders from today. As the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) said, there is no hope for the resumption of international tourism in the coming month, tour operators do not want to risk it and will cancel tours with departures this month.

On the other hand, sales of tours to the Krasnodar Territory have grown exponentially. Having lost hope for an overseas vacation, Russians book trips to domestic resorts both in July and in August. At the same time, luxury hotels are popular: if earlier tourists more often chose Sochi 3 * hotels, now the demand has shifted to higher 4-5 * hotels. Obviously, a certain audience of Russians, accustomed to luxury rest, did not wait for the opening of foreign resorts and went to Sochi, - noted in ATOR.

However, the most desperate optimists hope to penetrate at least Turkey. As a reminder, back in May, the government of this country announced its readiness to accept flights from Russia from 15 July. But so far there is still no clarity on the timing of the resumption of tourism between the states.

Photo: AiF/Veronika Takmovtseva

Where do Russians most often go now?

Travel analysts Tutu. Have compiled a list of the most popular summer vacation destinations. The leaders are Crimea and Krasnodar Territory.

  • 1st place - Simferopol (not losing ground since last year)
  • 2nd place - Anapa
  • 3rd place - Sochi
  • 6th place - St. Petersburg (compared to 2019, it went down 2 positions in the rating)
  • 8th place - Makhachkala
  • 9th place - Ufa (up from 12th place ).

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Record of the th number of the VISION radio journal

February Action Plan

Registration for events is carried out by prior agreement with the head of the department.

Remote Services

Our achievements

Social and rehabilitation tourism

Today, when one of the most important forms of rehabilitation for people with disabilities is socio-cultural rehabilitation, it is impossible to professionally engage in this activity without regard to the fact that, in our case, it takes place in St. Petersburg - the largest center of the world and Russian culture, which contains a unique cultural and historical heritage. St. Petersburg ranks eighth in the list of the most popular and attractive cities in the world (according to UNESCO).

It is also worth noting the indisputable "phenomenon of St. Petersburg", which was noted in his works by D. S. Likhachev. It is no coincidence that in 1999-2004 the city regularly hosted international conferences “The Phenomenon of St. Petersburg”. Turning to the classics, we will see confirmation of the uniqueness of St. Petersburg in their works. For example, VG Belinsky saw in St. Petersburg "a model for all of Russia in everything that concerns forms of life, ranging from fashion to secular tone, from the manner of laying bricks to the highest mysteries of architectural art ...". St. Petersburg is the cradle of classical Russian culture, because it is here that the synthesis of cultural trends took place. St. Petersburg was originally multi-ethnic and multi-confessional, which is what reveals the phenomenon of the city on the Neva.

Social and cultural rehabilitation of disabled people today is inextricably linked with the cultural life of the city. Visiting museums, exhibition halls, theaters, concerts has become a part of the life of a St. Petersburg "special" person, and this, of course, cannot but rejoice. One can endlessly talk about the peculiarities of this type of activity, but today we would like to dwell on such a form of socio-cultural events as local tourism. Analyzing the experience of the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution "TsSRiDI Kirovsky District", we could highlight several key areas of local tourism.

Firstly, I would like to note the excursions, which are the "calling cards" of both travel agencies and the city itself. A night bus tour of St. Petersburg, a walk along rivers and canals are events mainly aimed at guests of the city, but it is safe to say that every citizen of St. Petersburg attended them. This type of local tourism should also be provided for people with disabilities. Our institution has experience in organizing this type of leisure, and each such event caused a flurry of enthusiastic reviews and vivid impressions.

Secondly, excursions in the Leningrad region. Needless to say, Vyborg, Staraya Ladoga, Pavlovsk, Oranienbaum are the pearls of the North-West of Russia. Excursion programs have been developed, are in demand among residents and guests of St. Petersburg, tourist organizations offer different programs, vary the number of days and the educational focus of these events.

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