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When creating your image on a social network, you definitely need to aim and tune in to the fact that it will, in fact, be a personal brand. And it is customary to invest in brands - not materially, but morally. After all, a profile on a social network is what evokes a response from people, which many are guided by when they are going to make friendly or business contacts.

It is important to understand that the image on social networks is thought of by people who are going to use it for their own purposes, no matter what. The main thing is that he will personify you as a person (again, real or fictitious, it is not so important). So, it is worth thinking through everything to the smallest detail.

Eye contact

Social media is a product that is primarily focused on visual perception. After all, they unite people completely different - in upbringing, education, lifestyle, etc. And the first impression is traditionally received "by clothes." Therefore, it is important to think about what kind of person you can appear in front of the online community.

First of all, the visual image is selected depending on how the author wants to see himself. If the profile owner wants to appear as a competent specialist and a successful professional in his field, first of all, he will have high-quality photos on his page - both himself and any others. Ideally, if the photos will be related to the professional field. It is important to understand that a person who positions himself as a serious employee and businessman, wishing to move up the career ladder, will not post photos of cats and various low-quality videos in his profile. Everything must be verified to the smallest detail.

If the main purpose of a blog or profile on Facebook, Instagram and other sites is a travel story, then the author should also be appropriate to the stated - funny, interested in different countries and erudite.

Accordingly, you need to look in which particular area or area you would like to reveal yourself to others as a person. And then work for her. At the same time, a person by himself may not correspond to his online status in real life.

You will have to maintain your image regularly - if you have already started creating your personal brand online, you should tune in to regular updates of content, photos, videos. This will enable the audience to see how the person they follow is changing, to be motivated by him, etc. Beautiful and high-quality photos are the secret of success. And it is important not to use special programs for processing, especially beyond measure. Better to try to do a good job while shooting.

What to give up

Image is an image formed in the minds of people, a stereotype, a set of certain qualities that are associated with an individual. The concept of reputation is very close to this concept.

Initially, the concept of image was used in the business environment as the main means of influencing consumers. Later, the image came to be understood as the most important category in the socio-political sciences and in psychology.

For years, stereotypes have been created in the minds of people under the influence of what they read in newspapers, magazines, books, seen on TV and heard in the collective. The policy of the country's leadership, the intellectual level of the individual, and the general economic level of the country play a significant role in the formation of such stereotypical ideas.

For example, a large number of actors, having played one role, the most remembered by the audience, often complain that the image and reputation of the movie hero extended to the actor in life. That is, even close people, acquaintances and friends ceased to perceive the actor in isolation from the role he played. In fact, a comedic or tragic character in the minds of people became inseparable from the artist who performed it on stage or in the cinema. For many actors, it was not possible to change the image of a movie hero even until the end of their lives.

Another example of image and reputation is the idea of ​​expensive cars as prosperity in society, happiness and material wealth. The image of great opportunities and position in society is also provided by expensive real estate.

Recently, the topic of image formation (of a person, company, show business star, businessman, state or politician) has acquired significant importance in life. And this is understandable, because what each subject demonstrates and flaunts has a significant impact on most of his environment. Therefore, the correct approach to the formation of a personal image is the key to the success of many events.

Image is the same as a name, a concept inextricably linked with the concept of a person. This is a person's business card. This is the impression that other people create in their memory when they think of you.

Rules of image formation in the modern world

First of all, you need to define the image, what it is. The concept of image is not only appearance, the ability to look good, to choose a hat for shoes and lipstick to a handbag, it is also the adequacy of reasoning, competent speech, manner of communication. If it is important to attract the opposite sex, then image and reputation will play a critical role. Not only among friends, but also in the family, at work, in relation to older people, in love for the younger generation.

Each social class of society has its own idea of ​​the concept of image. It is important to understand that it may differ from your opinion. Dress, manner of speaking, demeanor, gesturing, intoning words and sentences are great ways for an employer or future spouse to form an opinion of you.

You need to start working on the formation of your image and reputation with an adequate analysis of yourself and your capabilities.

A stylist will help you to change your appearance, a make-up artist will tell you how to properly care for your skin and do the right makeup, a psychologist will help you in accepting yourself and your “I”, a dance teacher will teach you movements and proper gait. It's never too late to change your image; it is important to assess yourself and the situation correctly.

What else you need to know about image formation

Before buying this or that product, a person carefully studies the information about the product, looks for reviews and comments, do you agree?

It's very easy to type in a company name into a search engine and get everything you need.

Therefore, the creation of a positive image of the company today is a vital necessity for every organization, regardless of: what product the organization produces on what scale and how long has it been on the market.

Nobody wants to trust a faceless company with their money.

So how to form a positive image of the organization, how to build a strategy and what tools to use for implementation? Let's figure it out.

What is a company's image?

Image (from the English image - image, image, reflection) is an impression that a company makes on people and which remains in their minds in the form of certain thoughts, judgments, and representations.

In simple words, this is what your customers, partners, competitors, that is, the public, say about you.

For example, when talking about BMW, the thought of German quality and reliability immediately comes to mind, and Nestle is associated with joy and delicious bars.

Agree that positive words are much more pleasant to hear than negative ones. This is how we came up with a specific example to the question of why a company's image is needed.

  • Increased customer confidence and loyalty.
  • Attracting the attention of a potential target audience.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Detachment of competitors.
  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Positioning of the company in the market.
  • Increased attractiveness as an employer, hence the ability to hire more qualified personnel.
  • Attracting business investment.

Purpose of Image

  • Creating a favorable market impression consistent with the organization's positioning.
  • Increasing company awareness in any of its manifestations.

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