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Social media

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Basic concepts

Social media is essentially social media. But a little in a broader sense of the word, since they represent any platform on which people can exchange information and communicate. A couple of years ago, these were really just communication networks, such as chats, forums, blogs, etc. But with the appreciation of social media from the marketing side, new forms of their existence have come.

At the moment, most people actively use social networks to promote, communicate, sell and broadcast information.

A key feature of social media is that the user within this space is both the audience and the source of information. This means that communication with the audience is greatly simplified, and getting feedback from a reader or customer is just a matter of two minutes.

Despite the fact that a large number of people view social media negatively, considering it a waste of time, social media has done a major thing since the invention of the Internet. They made the dystopian idea of ​​technology taking over the world impossible. That is, social media has directed and continues to direct the latest technologies to adapt to human interests, psychology and gaze. At the moment of communication or publication of information, it is not technology that controls the person, but the person controls the technology.

Social media can be classified according to the following features:

  • Self-correction of published information by the author
  • Interactivity
  • Available application popularity statistics
  • Saving and quick access to the database old materials
  • Incomplete control over content

Initially, one could add to this entire list the lack of confirmation for the publication of materials, but at the moment this is no longer the case.

The most popular social networks have a very strong and broad administration system due to their incredible popularity. Social media has long been a form of control and communication with the public.

The purpose of the discipline is to form a systematic understanding of social media in future media workers and prepare them for the effective use of Web 2. platforms in their professional activities.

Objectives of the discipline

1. Introduce students to the phenomenon of social media, demonstrate their potential for journalistic practice;

2. Consider social platforms that are relevant for Belarus, features of their audience, functionality and development trends;

3. Demonstrate the degree of impact of Web 2. technologies on socio-political and socio-cultural processes;

4. To comprehend in the context of journalism the phenomena of the information space of social media (blogging, UGC projects);

5. Teach students to use social services to find information and verify it;

6. To instill in students the skills of creating and promoting content in social media, administering an editorial account.


Topic Social Media & Web

The concept of social media, their key characteristics and features.

Social media play a big role in promoting business. In addition, promotion in social media today is an obvious optimization of the company's marketing promotion costs.

They provide ample opportunities to increase brand awareness, search for new customers, allow you to build a dialogue with an existing consumer, track the dynamics of his requests, promptly identify questions and problems of potential customers.

Maxim Gorbunov and Ulyana Pavlova, the organizers of the annual conference SMM Siberia, founders of the MAKS internet research agency, will tell you how to competently build your communication with the user and turn social networks into an effective sales channel.

What issues do brands solve on social media

In the modern information space for any company or organization, regardless of its size and field of activity, it is very important to create a media image. Social media is a great opportunity for this, as it is a live dialogue with an interested audience in real time. Social media is the best way to reflect the opinion of users about the brand of the company, about its activities, about its changes, etc. By properly building your communication with users and the network as a whole, you can get a very effective, inexpensive, stable and manageable sales channel. For this, the tasks of attracting customers are set, communications with consumers are built in order to provide customer support and, as a result, increase loyalty. Let's turn to SMM (socialmediamarketing) tools, a way to attract traffic or attention to a company's brand and products through social networks, blogs, forums, communities.

Today, almost every company has its own group in social networks "VKontakte" and Facebook. But even if this site has been used for a long time, a lot of resources and funds are invested in it, company news is updated in it, achievements are told, various promotions are announced, this does not guarantee an increase in sales or a tangible influx of customers.

Perhaps the company operates only in its own accounts and does not interact with the target audience on other sites? If the tasks are not being solved, you need to pay attention to such parameters as engagement, providing thematic content that matches the interests of the target audience and building a dialogue with customers.

SMM specialist - who is this?

We suggest defining the competencies of specialists who will work with the company's brand.

After defining the competencies and tasks of a specialist, the company makes a choice between outsourcing (agency or freelancer) or a full-time highly qualified specialist.

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