SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS: Pavel Kochkarev and his "Integra Tour"

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS: Pavel Kochkarev and his

There is a travel agency for disabled people in Kazan. Integra Tour creates tourist routes, taking into account the wishes and characteristics of customers. The agency team accompanies tourists throughout the tour.

The green light for affordable tourism was given at the Our Tatarstan forum in March 2016. Then the specialized travel company was appreciated by the President of Tatarstan and the Cabinet of Ministers. The project won first place at the forum, received government support and began to actively develop.

The founder of Integra Tour Pavel Kochkarev studied at the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University under the program "Project Management in the Field of Social Entrepreneurship" and at the School of Social Entrepreneurship of the Fund "Our Future" in Tatarstan. His studies helped him to finally decide on the business model of the project, to start energetically and confidently to develop and implement it.

“Inclusive tourism is an actual direction of social entrepreneurship, especially in the Republic of Tatarstan, whose thousand-year history is harmoniously combined with modern developed infrastructure,” says Pavel Kochkarev. - In St. Petersburg we got acquainted with a project similar to ours. And soon there was a specialized travel company for people with disabilities "Integra Tour".


Pavel Kochkarev quickly found a like-minded person - Andrey Savin. He is well versed in the sights of the Republic of Tatarstan and can make up an interesting, unusual and unconventional tour.

Andrey Savin became a partner of the founder of the company and curator of the project, as he shares his goals and mission: “... people with disabilities should become full members of society, self-actualize, get an education, find a job, start a family. Any urban facilities must be accessible to them. "

The team has developed the first three-day tourist route in the Republic of Tatarstan. Before its launch, excursion sites were surveyed for their accessibility for people with disabilities, a list of hotels, restaurants, museums and other public places suitable for the agency's clients was compiled.

After the first successful experience, the creators of "Integra Tour" officially registered it as a public organization - the Regional Public Organization "Integration". The NGO was registered in January 2016, and immediately began looking for partners willing to support the project at the start. It was presented at the Center for Innovation in the Social Sphere, the Tourism Committee and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan. We managed to find partners pretty quickly. “Many people were interested in the project, they appreciated it and received a warm welcome,” says Pavel Kochkarev.

During this period, the company's website was launched and groups were created on the VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram social networks. Social networks helped to promote the young project, the first clients appeared.

For whom it works

Marina Anisimova: how the center "Without Borders" works.

Over 500 tourists with disabilities in two years went on excursions around the Belgorod region together with the ANO "Without Borders". The center was founded by Marina Anisimova, an entrepreneur who became interested in social tourism. Anisimova told ASI how the experiment grew into a business, thanks to which 47 people become happier at a time.

"Come on, do it"

The idea of ​​creating it arose at the end of 2015. I studied at the school of social entrepreneurship, which took place on the basis of the Belgorod State University. Denis Bogatov, director of the Center for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship of the Russian State Social University, taught a number of disciplines with us. Once he asked me if I would like to do social tourism.

At that moment, I did not have enough experience and energy to take on this. It's hard, almost unrealistic, I thought. I want to, but I don’t know how yet. Yes, and I had other things to do with business, worked in the field of tourism. Basically, the tourist business is foreign tours, but trips around the country were also interesting to me.

End of 2018. My friend, who has a child with cerebral palsy, says: "Come on, do it!" And I agree. The center opened on March 5, 2019.

What prompted me? It became interesting to me in terms of professional development. When you realize that you are professionally hitting the ceiling and there is nowhere to grow further, then you are looking for where to move in a new direction. I believe that tourism gives a person the most valuable accumulations - these are positive emotions, new knowledge, vivid impressions and friendship with like-minded people.

So the idea arose - to make travel accessible to special tourists, to give them new emotions and impressions, to give them the opportunity to meet and make friends.

About the Center "Without Borders"

In 2020, the trips took place under the "Roads of Kindness" project, which won a presidential grant. I am grateful to the Presidential Grants Fund, because it is difficult to organize travel without resources. I am always looking for new partners and sponsors, because guys [people with disabilities] cannot pay for excursion trips themselves.

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