Social benefits and payments in the Russian Federation

What payments will the disabled and beneficiaries receive from February 1

Russians have the right to receive compensation for tourist holidays in the Russian Federation. In the spring of last year, the corresponding law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the law began to operate from the beginning of 2019.

Consider what the new law for tourists says, who can receive monetary compensation and in what amount, and also indicate how to issue a tax deduction for vacation.

Content of the article:

The essence of the new Law for tourists on compensation for recreation in Russia

The federal law was adopted on April 23, 2018. But for a whole year, few Russians remembered a new opportunity to receive compensation for their vacation. Now residents of Russia can rightfully count on monetary compensation for the costs of organizing recreation within our country.

You can get your tax deduction through your employer. He can reduce his profit by the amount of expenses associated with the organization of tourism, spa treatment and recreation of employees in our country.

Important: Only vouchers purchased from travel agencies will be taken into account!

Here are some of the main goals of this document:

According to Federal Law No. 113, a number of amendments were introduced to Articles 255 and 270 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. The law has been developed since 2013.

Who has the right to receive compensation for holidays in Russian resorts, and who will be denied?

In accordance with the new rules of the law and Article 255 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, compensation can be received by:

Beneficial categories of citizens, such as pensioners, disabled people, will also be able to receive compensation for holidays. The military will not be deprived, even of those who are retired.

What costs are being reimbursed under the new Law on Compensation for Vacations in Russia - how much money can be returned?

The key task of any state is to support its own population. Assistance measures can range from monthly cash payments to tax exemptions. However, such preferences are not available to all citizens. To receive social benefits, you will first need to prove your right to apply for such financial assistance measures. In order to issue the due social benefits without complications, you will need to familiarize yourself with the provisions of the legislation regarding state support instruments.

What are social benefits?

Certain categories of the population can count on a number of instruments of support from the state, based on their own needs. Such assistance measures are expressed in the form of special social benefits, which are paid from the federal or regional budget in order to improve the quality of life of vulnerable groups of citizens. The basis for obtaining eligible preferences can affect various aspects of a person's life, from the birth of a child to the death of a family member.

Attention! If you have any questions, you can consult for free in the chat with a lawyer at the bottom of the screen or call: +7 (499) 938-45-06 Moscow; +7 (812) 467-35-49 St. Petersburg; +7 (800) 350-10-92 Free call for all of Russia.

Normative base

There is no single legal act in Russian legislation, which reflects all social benefits available to the population. Therefore, the regulatory framework is built from documents substantiating the status and rights to assistance measures for each category of citizens:

  • RF Law No. 4301-1 of 1993 - for Heroes of the USSR/RF and full holders of the Order of Glory.
  • ФЗ №5 from 1995 - for veterans of the Great Patriotic War/military operations/military service.
  • Law of the Russian Federation No. 1244-1 of 1991 - for citizens affected by radiation in connection with the disaster that occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
  • Federal Law No. 5 of 1997 - for Heroes of Labor of the Russian Federation/Socialist Labor and full holders of the Order of Labor Glory.
  • Federal Law No. 181 of 1995 - for disabled people.
  • Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 431 of 1991 - for large families.
  • Federal Law No. 178 of 1999 - for low-income citizens.
  • RF Law No. 1032-1 of 1991 - for the unemployed.
  • Federal Law No. 159 of 1996 - for children left without the care of their mother and father.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the provisions of other regulations. As an example:

  • The list of persons entitled to tax benefits is defined in Art. 407 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation;
  • The procedure for filling out an application to the Federal Tax Service for the appointment of the required support measures was approved by Order of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. ММВ-7-21/897 @ of 2017;
  • The right of teachers to compensation the costs associated with paying for residential premises are enshrined in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 963 of 2013.

In addition, it is important to take into account the provisions of regional regulations. For example, the Law of the City of St. Petersburg No. 728-132 of 2011, which establishes the Social Code of the settlement and the specifics of the appointment of social benefits for certain categories of residents of the subject.

What are social benefits?

  • Housing Subsidies. The state partially or fully covers the family's expenses related to real estate. As an example: a discount on utility bills, a low interest rate when registering a mortgage.
  • Tax breaks. This type of preference may imply: exemption from transport tax, deduction after payment of mandatory payments, reduction of the base by which the amount of funds to be transferred to the budget is determined.
  • Transport benefits. A citizen is exempt from the need to pay for public transport. Another example: a person in need can get a car at a discount.
  • Medical assistance. This type of benefit can be expressed in: exemption from payment for necessary drugs, free prosthetics in state clinics, additional support measures for disabled people. Also, people with health problems can count on free vouchers for a course of treatment and rehabilitation measures in a sanatorium.
  • Pension benefits. In Russia, citizens who have retired are one of the least protected categories of the population. Often, payments from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation are not enough to satisfy even the most urgent needs. Therefore, pensioners with a certain status can apply for allowances (preferential payments for military personnel).
  • Land preferences. As an example: the authorities of certain regions give out land plots to large families.
  • Cash payments. Assistance can be one-time or monthly - depending on the basis of receipt. For example, the funeral allowance paid upon the death of a family member.

Beneficiaries can receive both material assistance (benefits, compensation, etc.) and non-material types of support (free provision of services, exemption from various obligations and contributions).

Legislative framework

Absolutely all types of benefits, categories of citizens who can count on state and municipal benefits, as well as the procedure for granting privileges are established in the current regulatory documents.

Since preferential benefits affect almost all areas of activity, they are defined in all federal legislative acts:

  • Labor Code;
  • Tax Code;
  • Housing Code, etc.;
  • A number of Federal Laws and Government Resolutions;
  • As well as regional regulatory documents.

All social benefits are provided only after submitting an application and relevant documents to a state institution.

Each application is considered individually, which makes it possible to provide citizens in need with the necessary benefits.

For what purposes are benefits allocated?

The system of preferential provision is based on the principle of equalization, which means that first of all benefits are assigned to the people who most need support from the state.

This is due to the large number of candidates for assistance and the limited amount of state budget funds.

When developing the project for the provision of social benefits, the Government of the country clearly defined the goals to be achieved with the help of state support.

These are:

"AiF" found out how much disabled people and other privileged categories of citizens will receive from February 1.

On February 1, monthly cash payments (MAP) to federal beneficiaries were indexed by 4.9%.

These include veterans of various wars, disabled people, former prisoners of fascism, residents of besieged Leningrad who suffered from the effects of radiation - there are only 72 categories of beneficiaries, or more than 15 million people. Last year, by presidential decree, the list was replenished with new participants (this has not happened for a long time), and now military personnel and members of the families of the dead servicemen of the 6th paratrooper company, which participated in the battle in the Argun gorge on March 1, 2000, also receive the EDV. payment of 65,620 rubles, which from February 1 increased to 68,835 rubles. per month (if the deceased has several family members, the payment is divided among all). Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, full holders of the Order of Glory and family members of deceased (perished) Heroes receive the same maximum EDV.

The Heroes of Socialist Labor, Heroes of Labor of the Russian Federation and full holders of the Order of Labor Glory are in second place in terms of payment - they will receive 50,756 rubles. per month. The rest of the beneficiaries have much more modest EDV. For example, disabled people of the III group will receive 2337 rubles. - 109 rubles. more. And the most modest payment is received by one of the categories of "Chernobyl victims" - their payment has grown by only 27 rubles. and now amounts to 584 rubles. per month.

By the way, the majority of beneficiaries also have a set of social services (NSO), which from February 1, began to cost 1211.66 rubles. per month. Of these, 933.25 rubles. - these are medicines and medical devices, 134.04 rubles. - spa treatment and 144.37 rubles. - free travel before this treatment.

By law, this kit may be provided in kind or in cash. If the beneficiary agrees to receive benefits in kind, the amount of his payment is reduced by 1211.66 rubles. (or less if you give up one thing).

“Free drugs are very difficult to obtain, so I refused them in favor of payment. And I decided to leave the sanatorium for now. I do not lose hope of going to get medical treatment someday. Although I have had a disability since 2006, I have never been to a sanatorium, ”Elizaveta Godlina from Slantsy, Leningrad Region, told AiF. (the woman lost her eyesight due to a complication after the disease). - Many of my friends with disabilities refuse all benefits. They say that it is better to receive the full amount of the cash payment than to engage in knocking out free medicines and vouchers. "

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