Sample project social tourism for retirees

Social tourism

Social and cultural rehabilitation of the elderly and disabled, the development of their personal potential through the implementation of innovative technology for organizing leisure activities "Virtual tourism"

1) Increasing the level of social adaptation through the socio-cultural rehabilitation of the elderly and disabled.

2) Organization of leisure for elderly and disabled citizens within the framework of the "Virtual Tourism" project.

3. Implementation of the Center of Excellence in Social Services into practice based on the innovative (information and communication technology) "Virtual Tourism".

4. Development of the personal potential of the elderly and disabled:

assistance to cultural, cognitive and spiritual development of elderly and disabled citizens, namely: introduction to the regional and world cultural heritage, broadening their horizons;

prevention of negative age and personality manifestations in elderly and disabled citizens: development of cognitive and communication skills, memory training, development of imaginative thinking;

developing an interest in history, culture and the world around the elderly and disabled.

5) Improving the emotional state of the elderly and disabled

Target group

Senior Citizens

Brief description of the project

The project "Social tourism as a means of active life" has been implemented in the Odintsovo region for several years. My work as the head of the daytime department of the State Budgetary Institution of the Siberian Branch of the Moscow Region "Odintsovo Integrated Center for Social Services for the Population" made it possible, in the process of communicating with people of the older generation and conducting monitoring, to reveal their great interest in travel. Tourism is a very interesting and promising direction for improving the quality of life of the older generation. Today, not every Russian pensioner can afford to travel to interesting historical places in the Moscow region and beyond. And participation in the program will help to realize these dreams, and at the same time get a powerful charge of positive and cheerfulness. Indeed, among retirees there are many people who are energetic and curious, eager for vivid impressions and new discoveries, and tourism for them is one of the best ways to prolong active longevity. Social tourism for elderly citizens and disabled people is a new form of service aimed at maintaining health, organizing proper and useful rest, expanding the circle of communication according to interests, and increasing the efficiency of the body. Tourism creates an environment of full-fledged communication in which a person with problems interacts with different people, establishes social contacts and has the opportunity to fulfill various social roles. Tourism is a unique means of rehabilitation, it makes it possible for older people to fully communicate. Travel, new acquaintances, vivid unforgettable impressions - all this raises the mood and tone of a person, allows him to feel the fullness of life, tunes in a positive mood, gives strength in the fight against ailments. In the Odintsovo complex there is a 9-seater Ford passenger car, on which a cycle of excursion programs is carried out in the Moscow region and other nearby regions. Excursion programs operate in several directions. Educational tourism, which includes visiting historical and cultural attractions. The cultural and local history direction allows you to admire the natural monuments of your native land, to get acquainted with ancient folk songs and dances performed by folk groups. The Orthodox and ethnographic direction offers to get acquainted with the history, architecture, icon painting, craft traditions of Moscow and other regions; gives the opportunity to touch the origins of Orthodox culture, get acquainted with its traditions, values, heritage, take part in religious ceremonies. When planning excursion routes, I try to prepare and during the trip tell my wards about the history of this or that region to which we are heading.

Tourism in the Khabarovsk Territory needs to be developed - this includes investments, jobs, and income to the treasury. But there is a group of people who cannot afford tourism in the usual sense. We are talking about the elderly and the disabled, who are locked in the four walls of their homes due to old age and illness. It is difficult for us, strong and healthy, to imagine such a thing, but many of these people did not see either the bridge over the Amur, or the new look of the station square of Khabarovsk, or the renewed city ponds. Although these have long been operating facilities. The organization of tourism for such people was thought of at the Center for Social Services for the Population of Khabarovsk.

A similar experience exists in Barnaul, where a regional social tourism program for the elderly and disabled is operating. Khabarovsk social workers from time to time also organized excursions for their wards. But so far in our city this type of tourism is based on the enthusiasm of social workers, and we need a program for which it is possible to allocate funding from the regional treasury.

Vera Fedeevna Ganich, head of the organizational and methodological department of the Khabarovsk complex center of social services for the population, spoke about how it originated and is developing in our city. In 2011, this regional state institution was declared an experimental site. As part of the experiment, several programs have been developed, one of them is social tourism for the elderly and disabled.

The employees of the Center conducted monitoring among their wards, found out their interests. And since 2012, they began to organize and conduct excursions for them. For those who do not know, we will explain that the Social Service Center is a staff of social workers who serve single elderly and disabled people who have partially lost the ability to self-service. Most of the services are free, but some are provided for money, according to the price list. These paid services helped to implement the project.

We decided this way: the organization has its own minibus with a capacity of ten people. This means that groups should not be more than ten people. This decision turned out to be correct, also because the tourists are special, they need help, and often they cannot go outside on their own.

For the same reason, groups are recruited by city districts. There are four of them in Khabarovsk: North, South, Central and Zheleznodorozhny. Therefore, each excursion is planned, so to speak, in four copies, one per district.

For example, an excursion to the Philharmonic is currently being developed, if everything grows together, it is planned to be held approximately on March 20, 21, 23 and 24.

Social workers will find out in advance from their wards who wants to take part, and will discuss the meeting places. Usually people from nearby houses are gathered at one entrance, the bus arrives and picks up.

But sometimes you need a big bus. For example, last year they conducted excursions to the temples, there were many who wanted to, they took a big bus. And when we went to the active Peter and Paul monastery located in the Khabarovsk region, we even took two buses. There are wonderful places, lakes. So everyone really liked it.

Since the Center does not have its own bus, sponsors are attracted in such cases. The bus was singled out by the Khabarovsk businessman Vasiliev Yuri Petrovich, the firm "Five Stars". Then twice a bus was given by the company "Asia BAS-tour", the head is Oleg Viktorovich Dortman.

In 2012, the Center for Social Services was invited to the regional seminar of travel companies in the Khabarovsk Territory.

Today, not every pensioner can afford to travel, not to mention those who, due to their age and health, do not even leave their homes. In August-September of this year, within the framework of social tourism, social workers of the department of social services at home held a fascinating event called: "A virtual trip to the corners of Russia." The event was attended by 10 elderly citizens. Each of them made a fascinating journey without leaving home. For this, the social workers of the department prepared a multimedia presentation of the sights of the ancient Russian cities that are part of the Golden Ring of Russia.

Virtual tourists were able to make their old dreams come true, and at the same time received a powerful charge of positive and cheerfulness. Indeed, among our wards there are many energetic and inquisitive people, thirsting for vivid impressions and new discoveries, and virtual tourism for them is one of the best ways to maintain psychological health. Travel, albeit virtual, carries vivid unforgettable impressions - all this raises the mood and tone of an elderly person, allows him to feel the fullness of life, sets him in a positive mood, and gives strength in the fight against ailments.

Project "Social tourism for senior citizens and disabled people"

The main areas of work with the elderly were: improvement of the elderly, socio-cultural rehabilitation and cultural and leisure activities. Specialists of the social rehabilitation department for elderly citizens and disabled people used various methods and technologies to work with the elderly and disabled. Due to the fact that there are no museums on the territory of the municipality of the city of Polyarnye Zori with its subordinate territory, and the territory itself is very small, trips outside the city are very popular among older people: to the museum of history of the city. Kandalaksha, Kola NPP trout farm. Walking tours around the city, thematic exits to the KNPP Information Center, and the city library are also used.

In order for recreation to ensure the integration of elderly citizens into the general socio-cultural environment, the department's specialists interacted with cultural institutions, the Kola NPP, other institutions and organizations of the city and region.

During 2013, 9 excursions were held, in which 144 people took part.

Within the framework of cooperation, various activities were carried out, including, which have become very popular, bus and walking excursions to the memorable places of the city and the adjacent territory (N. Zasheek and Afrikanda). The excursionists visited familiar places with a rich historical past, learned a lot of new things, unknown even to old-timers. Specialists from other institutions were involved in the excursions.

In 2013, elderly people repeatedly went on excursions to the Historical Museum, the Museum-Reserve and the Yunnat Station of Kandalaksha, to the Botanical Garden of Kirovsk.

In the first half of 2014, 16 excursions and excursions were held, in which 152 people took part:

  • 1 field excursion - to the workshop "Bagryanitsa" - 10 people took part;
  • 10 exits to the city library - 95 people,
  • 1 excursion to the Children's Art School - 8 people,
  • 2 exits to the City Palace of Culture - 16 people;
  • 2 excursions to the KNPP Information Center - 23 people.

The organization of large-scale events and trips outside the city became possible due to the involvement of sponsorship from the Kola NPP and the participation of volunteers from the city group "Kind Heart".

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