Rules for the operation of sanatoriums in Russia after self-isolation: disinfection of sun loungers and dinners alone

Features of spa treatment: the whole truth and misconceptions

Rosturizm managed to convince Rospotrebnadzor of the need to cancel certificates of the absence of coronavirus for those who come for sanatorium treatment. The onerous document was canceled. However, one mandatory certificate for settling in the sanatorium was left.


As a reminder, the sanatoriums were the first to open the tourist season in Russia: the health resorts were allowed to start working on June 1. However, the reception of vacationers in accordance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor was possible only upon presentation of two certificates - on the absence of "covid" (48 hours before arrival), on the epidemiological environment (for the last 14 days) - and a health resort card. Tourists in the regions have difficulty obtaining these certificates: not all cities can take coronavirus tests, and people have to bear additional costs (from 2,000 to 3,000 rubles per test). Unable to get tested or not wanting to incur new expenses, many tourists canceled or rescheduled their bookings at the sanatoriums. For example, the occupancy rate of Krasnodar health resorts in the first week of June was only 9%.

As the epidemiological situation improves in the regions, in particular, in the Krasnodar Territory, hotels started working. To check in to hotels, tourists no longer need to present any documents. Thus, sanatoriums and hotels found themselves in an unequal position. The Federal Tourism Agency called the requirements for certificates for coronavirus "excessive". The head of the department, Zarina Doguzova, in her speeches, repeatedly emphasized that there are ongoing consultations with Rospotrebnadzor on how to cancel all restrictions that prevent the sanatorium complex from working, and tourists - to plan travel comfortably.


As a result, Rospotrebnadzor canceled the requirement for vacationers in sanatoriums to present certificates of a negative coronavirus test. Instead, you will need a document confirming no contact with the infected within 14 days prior to arrival.

“Upon admission to a sanatorium-resort institution, vacationers, in addition to the required package of documents, must provide a certificate or a note in the package of documents about the absence of contact with COVID-19 patients during the previous 14 days, issued by a medical organization no later than, than three days before departure, "- said in a document published on the website of the department.

At the same time, the test for coronavirus will be carried out on vacationers and staff on the basis of epidemic indications based on the instructions of the territorial offices of Rospotrebnadzor.


There have been several other important indulgences. So, sanatoriums are allowed to settle in one room up to two people who do not live together and are not members of the same family.

In addition, masks in sanatoriums will have to be worn only in closed rooms where there are people. Group procedures are allowed, but only taking into account social distance.

According to the updated information, when organizing meals for vacationers, sanatoriums should be guided by the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor for the work of cafes and restaurants: in this case, the distance between the tables should be at least 1.5 m, but they do not require planting one at a time man. Previously, sanatoriums were recommended to deliver food to the room, food in canteens and cafes was allowed with a social distance - no more than one person at the table (except for members of the same family or those who live in the same room). In addition, tables should be placed at a distance of at least 2 meters.

Rospotrebnadzor has developed a procedure to be followed by health resorts

Since June 1, Russian sanatoriums may open - in any case, at the federal level, the ban is valid only until the first day of summer. Further, the decision is up to the regional authorities: give the go-ahead to the beginning of the vacation season (for a start, in sanatoriums) or extend the restrictions.

In the Krasnodar Territory, for example, from June 1, sanatoriums with medical licenses will begin to accept. In the Altai Territory, where the popular health resort Belokurikha is located, they decided to wait.

In any case, there are new rules for the operation of sanatoriums in Russia after self-isolation. The recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor will have to be followed by both employees and those who come to rest and improve their health.

The rules should be read before you buy a ticket to the sanatorium. It is possible that they will not coincide with your ideas about rest by the sea or in nature. Yes, people go to the sanatorium not only to have a rest, but also, for example, to rehabilitate after an operation - that's another story.

No coronavirus test will be accepted

The sanatorium will receive vacationers with coronavirus test results (negative, of course). Moreover, the certificate must be issued no later than two days before arrival. Also, there should be no contact with the sick within 14 days. The point is clear: to prevent the virus from being brought to the sanatorium. But if in Moscow many commercial laboratories do the test for Covid-19, the only question is in additional costs, then in many regions it is not so easy to pass the test. Especially if the person does not live in the regional center. And what about those who travel to the sanatorium by train - say, from the Urals to Sochi? While you are driving, the certificate will "go rotten".

Employees will check on Covid-19 at least once a week. And vacationers will have their temperature measured every day, and are isolated with signs of SARS.

Into numbers - one at a time

Rooms will only be accommodated one at a time or by family. You can also have an accompanying person. And if with a friend, with a friend - it is no longer possible to overpay for a single room? It is not clear yet.

Rooms must be cleaned every day, always using disinfectants. Ventilate every 2 hours. I wonder if someone will walk around the rooms at night and open the windows?

In front of the registration desk, you need to put a "transparent barrage structure", and mark on the floor to maintain social distance.

All common areas should have antiseptic dispensers.

Hello dear readers! I have been planning to write for a long time what features of spa treatment should be taken into account before choosing this type of rest. And finally, hands reached.

In this article I will try to detail all the pros and cons. This will dispel the misconceptions of people who have a poor idea of ​​the rules for such a vacation. I will tell you how to choose a sanatorium and with what documents you need to come there, I will give practical advice on arriving at a sanatorium, based on my experience and personal impressions.

I must say right away that I go to the sanatorium regularly, at least once a year (there are certain health problems), and I recommend this type of treatment to everyone suffering from chronic diseases.

This article will interest people who go to the sanatorium primarily for treatment, and consider rest as a pleasant addition.

I think it will be useful for them to have an idea of ​​the specifics of treatment in sanatoriums in advance, so that later there will be no such conversations:

"I paid a lot of money, but they did not cure anything, they fed them boiled food, they prescribed few procedures, although there is a whole mountain of them on the site, I could not get enough sleep, I was tired of such a rest, etc."

Have you heard such speeches from friends, relatives and acquaintances? I think yes. And after all, people do not lie, everything was so. However, they are wrong. Why - in the process of reading you will understand this.


This article was inspired by the example of a close friend of mine who has back problems. Before that, she used the services of a competent manual operator, but doctors are people too, they can get sick, which happened in her case.

A friend, not finding a suitable replacement, urgently bought a ten-day voucher to a sanatorium and with the joy of a person who had successfully found a solution to the problem, she told me about it. Oh, how I did not want to disappoint her, but I had to tell her about the peculiarities of the spa treatment.

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