Overview of all grants 2020

Overview of all grants 2020

Today grants are a great opportunity for young scientists and students, NGOs and social formations to realize themselves in scientific activities, to develop their talents and benefit society. This is an opportunity to do something you love that is interesting for you, exchange experience with domestic and foreign colleagues, expand the boundaries of knowledge and leave your mark on history.

Modern grants are very different, covering different areas of scientific knowledge, and divided by target audience. But, invariably, as their goal, they set material support and the creation of all conditions for helping those who are capable of making the life of all of us better and more interesting in the very near future. Well, let's take a look at all the types of grants that are relevant in 2020, and also find out what is needed to receive them.

Presidential Grants

In Russia, all presidential grants are managed by a fund of the same name, created under the head of state with the aim of organizing competitions for assistance for research in the development of civil society. This fund was established in 2017, and in 2020 it will undertake such a selection for the third time. However, the very system of grants from the President of the Russian Federation has existed for a long time - since 2006. Previously, its providers in various projects were the League of Nation's Health, the Union of Women of Russia, the Pokrov Charitable Foundation, the Russian Union of Rectors, the Union of Pensioners of Russia, the Civil Dignity Movement and the National Charitable fund". However, now they have all become founders of a single Fund, which annually, usually from February 1 to March 15, from June 10 to July 31 and from October 14 to November 25, accepts applications for grants.

Contestants can propose their projects in the following areas:

  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle, health protection;
  • Promotion of youth projects;
  • Social protection, support and service of citizens;
  • Help to motherhood, fatherhood and childhood;
  • Historical memory;
  • Educational, scientific and educational projects;
  • Protection of prisoners' rights, rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation; <
  • Projects in the field of art and culture;
  • Support of interreligious and interethnic friendship;
  • Improvement of institutes of GO;
  • Environmental projects; <
  • Diplomatic projects;
  • Search for young talents in culture and art.

All legitimate NPOs that have been operating in the Russian Federation for more than a year, without debts on obligations of any kind, not formed with the participation of local municipalities and government agencies, can take part. First, applications are submitted directly to the FIG website, then they undergo an examination, receive a rating, after which the results are summed up and the winners are determined based on the previously accepted thresholds for passing points.

Total budget for the three-year period 2019 - 2021 on presidential grants amounted to 24 billion rubles.

Social Grants

The practice of social grants in Russia operates both at the federal and municipal levels. Their task is to provide targeted funding for socially useful projects of non-profit organizations, as well as private social initiatives. Grant funds are used to support the solution of social problems on a competitive transparent basis in order to identify the most important and priority ones with the help of independent experts.

Such funding programs are a long-standing and well-studied practice in our country. And in particular, the following socially oriented contests are selected annually for funding:

  • "Impulse of Good" (All-Russian, organized by the Fund "Our Future") - promotion of social entrepreneurship. Nominations "personal contribution", "leadership", "best youth project". Fund 1.6 million rubles.
  • "Social Entrepreneur" (All-Russian, the organizer is the same) - means for the development of a startup in the social sphere, innovative, capable of reaching the regions, sustainable. Loan of 10 million rubles, interest-free.
  • “Caring Neighbors” (regional, organizers: “KAF” Foundation, “DIXY” chain of stores) - local assistance to socially unprotected categories of people, civil initiatives.
  • “I am a citizen” (award, organized by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation) - for leadership in civic engagement among socially oriented NGOs. Fund 200 thousand rubles.
  • SAP UP (organizer of SAP CIS) is a competition among social enterprises working in multiculture, ecology, culture, equal opportunities, development of territories, in medicine and healthcare, new technologies, sports and healthy lifestyle, education. 1, 2, 3 places - a trip to Berlin Social Impact Lab, grand prix - 450 thousand ub.
  • Subsidies for NGOs in Moscow (organized by the Moscow Public Relations Committee) - subsidies for volunteering, activities in preserving historical and cultural heritage, improving the quality of life of Muscovites, environmental projects, helping those in need, working with children. Total fund> 200 million rubles.
  • Social Impact Award competition (organized by Impact Hub Moscow) - socially significant projects at the stage of early development or idea creation by young people. The winners of the primary selection will pass the 90 Days Challenge incubus, the 3 finalists of which claim a cash prize and a trip to Vienna to meet with the winners of this competition in other countries.

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research is perhaps the oldest and most serious fund for scientific grants of the Russian spill. It was created to support research initiatives in fundamental science on a competitive basis, so that the scientific thought of Russia and the world moves forward, solves the most important problems of human development in the future, and provides answers to fundamental questions.

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