Organization of leisure and free time for the elderly

Organization of leisure and free time for the elderly

Social and cultural rehabilitation of the elderly and disabled, the development of their personal potential through the implementation of innovative technology for organizing leisure activities "Virtual tourism"

1) Increasing the level of social adaptation through the socio-cultural rehabilitation of the elderly and disabled.

2) Organization of leisure for elderly and disabled citizens within the framework of the "Virtual Tourism" project.

3. Implementation of the Center of Excellence in Social Services into practice based on the innovative (information and communication technology) "Virtual Tourism".

4. Development of the personal potential of the elderly and disabled:

assistance to cultural, cognitive and spiritual development of elderly and disabled citizens, namely: introduction to the regional and world cultural heritage, broadening their horizons;

prevention of negative age and personality manifestations in elderly and disabled citizens: development of cognitive and communication skills, memory training, development of imaginative thinking;

developing an interest in history, culture and the world around the elderly and disabled.

5) Improving the emotional state of the elderly and disabled

Target group

Senior Citizens

Brief description of the project

Elderly people, and especially disabled people, are limited in active movement for a number of objective reasons.

At a time when a person is active in his youth, he gets used to a certain way of life, which is filled with vivid impressions, many actions, meetings with different people, communication and other interesting activities.

During leisure time, a person tries to do things that bring him pleasure, that relieves stress, brings him closer to other people, and so on.

At this time, people go in for sports or watch sports competitions, artistic activities, walk with animals, reveal their capabilities in various games and hobbies.

Entertainment can be of a completely different kind, and most importantly, they are not constrained by any restrictions and everyone can realize their interests to the fullest. Otherwise, life begins to be considered inferior. After all, if a person cannot express himself properly and relax, spend his free time the way he wants, then there is a feeling of an oppressed personality.

Thanks to all of the above factors, we can conclude that leisure plays an important role in the life of the elderly. But thanks to the current economic and social situation, they cannot fully manifest all the necessary needs and subsequently, narrows their scope of life.

In order for people to be able to go through the transition period normally and return to a good state, they need to properly organize their leisure time.

Leisure methods and technologies

In recent years, many new technologies have been developed that are actively used in this area to improve the socio-cultural rehabilitation of the elderly. Some of them have government support, so after approval they are applied in various institutions.

Naturally, in some cases problems may arise during the organization of such leisure. They often manifest themselves in financial terms, in the complexity of the movement of the elderly.

Also, the atmosphere of the general cultural events is not always located for the participation of older people. Therefore, special socio-cultural programs are being created, designed for the rehabilitation of the elderly and disabled, which would correspond to their capabilities and needs. This term clearly shows two components that set the main direction:

  • "Social", which refers to a change in the situation in relationships between people, the mood of their lifestyle and adjust to the conditions in which they find themselves;
  • "Cultural »Presupposes the availability of means of realizing one's needs and creativity. After all, the restoration process must be filled with cultural content.

Leisure planning focuses on activities that develop skills. Also, people need to be involved in the process so that it piques interest. It can be applied, artistic or technical creativity, not to mention active physical actions. A very important point here is the analysis of the situation, which helps to characterize the lifestyle of the people for whom this is being done. After all, you need to determine their inherent norms of behavior, ideals, spiritual values, and so on. In many cases, you have to create and work out motivation, which would help to get involved in the process.

Motivational component

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